Why RPGs Are Not Dead- 10 Awesome RPGs To Look Forward To This Year

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With the first person shooter taking over the gaming industry, a lot of people have started believing that the RPG genre is either dead or casualized to the core. However, 2012 seems to be a year that’ll be nothing short of paradise for all RPG fans. So many Role Playing Games have been announced for this year, and they all look awesome. So here’s a list of 10 upcoming RPGs to look forward to this year.

Diablo III

The game has been in development for a long time now, and recently Blizzard has sent over 100,000 keys for the beta. It’s a no-brainer that the game will be released soon for the PC, and if you haven’t played the previous Diablo games – you are in store for an amazing ride. It’s not clear whether this game will end up on the consoles or not, although, it’s looking pretty likely. But PC gamers definitely have to look forward to this, as it contains a lot more improvements, and Blizzard has added plenty of new features. Diablo games suck you in with their amazing atmosphere and riveting gameplay – which is the ultimate standard for clickfest games. Also, featuring terrific art design and powerful bosses, the main campaign is sure to titillate your senses.

Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 is a game that, for now, is exclusive to the 3DS. You can imagine the shockwaves that sent when it was announced. So if you own a 3DS, then it’s a no-brainer that this game needs to be in your collection. There is something about Monster Hunter games that makes it so enjoyable to play, and considering the 3DS can offer much better visuals than the PSP, surely the experience will be enhanced with this game? We don’t have many details on this game, because Capcom hasn’t shared much, but you can be sure of one thing – it’s a mainline Monster Hunter game, which means – it’ll be awesome. It will also support the circle pad pro accessory, so if you crave for a two analogue based action, the 3DS will provide you that. So there isn’t really any secret here, this is going to be one of the biggest releases of this year,  and you need to show up at this party… with a 3DS.

Game of Thrones

The world that R.R. Martin has created over the years with the A Song of Ice and Fire books he’s written so far is exceptional, politically charged and rich in every way possible. It’s representation in the TV show is absolutely phenomenal. but having that same game world in a fully fledged RPG would be nothing short of legendary. We can’t wait to see how the story of this game pans out, how well it represents the beautiful world of The Seven Kingdoms.

Guild Wars 2

AreaNet is developing the new Guild Wars game and it is shaping up to be phenomenal. In case you don’t know, it’s a MMORPG, which means prepare to spend hours playing this game, as it looks much more addictive than the first game. The premise looks really promising, and so does the setting – it also features a persistent world, which many MMORPG players will be comfortable with. Visually AreaNet has improved the game a lot, and it also runs on a heavily modified engine which powered the first game. Havok makes it in as well to take care of the physics needs. If you have played the first game, you should know how it works. Guild Wars 2 features eight classes, all with their unique strengths and weaknesses, and mastering them will take some time. It’s shaping up to be one of the best MMORPGs ever made.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Amalur has been receiving so much hype for the past few weeks, and reviews and previews have been praising the game with no bounds. The combat of the game looks absolutely fantastic, the game world looks rich and deep, the story looks fantastic, and it just looks like a dream for any RPG fanatic. This, my friends, is a must buy, maybe even the first actual AAA title of 2012.

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