WILD HEARTS Guide – How to Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

The action RPG has lots of stuff to unlock in the short and long term. Here's how to get all the Achievements/Trophies.

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WILD HEARTS - Karakuri

Koei Tecmo’s WILD HEARTS is now available worldwide for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. As you’d expect from a hunting-style RPG, it’s massive in the number of things you can do. When you’re not hunting down Kemono or collecting Tsukumo, there are buildings to restore in Minato, Karakuri to unlock and gear to craft.

How to Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

Here are all the Trophies/Achievements in WILD HEARTS and how to get them all.

Kemono Hunter

Finish off 30 Kemono. This you will unlock as you play through the story, though some side quests will be necessary. A Kemono must be fully defeated before you initiate the finishing blow.

Relentless Kemono Hunter

Unlocked by finishing off 300 Kemono, which is a longer-term grind. If you’re committed to getting it faster, then finish the story first and go back to take down lower-level Kemono. These hunts should proceed at a far brisker pace than usual.

Left Arm Leverager

Activate the Hunter’s Arm 30 times. First, you damage a Kemono enough to create a glowing spot. Then you climb onto them (usually by jumping) and, when near the spot, press L2/Left Trigger to activate the Hunter’s Arm. You’ll know it’s done when your Karakuri count overflows past the usual limit. If it’s tough doing this against Kemono while they’re moving, knock them down first.

Single Minded

Using a single weapon type, finish off 50 Kemono. It goes hand-in-hand with the Trophy/Achievement to finish off 300 Kemono. All you need to do is stick to a single weapon type throughout.

Volatile Vocation

Unlocked by defeating the first deeply Volatile Kemono, which is part of the end-game. You’ll need to finish the story before undertaking hunts against deeply Volatile Kemono.

Vanquisher of the Volatile

Same as above, except you need to take down a deeply Volatile Kemono in every area.

Mighty Marmelizer

Unlocked when defeating a Mighty Kemono within five minutes. The best way to accomplish this is during the end game when you’ve got some strong gear. Find a weak Mighty Kemono and assail them with the Pounder (for those weak to stun damage) or the Star Bomb before laying into them with your weapon.

Flawless Crystal

Defeat a Kemono before it can hit you. Only one hit is necessary to fail this Trophy/Achievement, so long-range weapons and the Bulwark – which provides excellent defense – are great to complete this. Of course, you could also power through and destroy a weaker Kemono before it even has time to react.

Fair Means or Foul

Unlocked upon afflicting a status ailment on a Kemono 20 times. You’ll need weapons with statuses to achieve this, so craft that before hunting.

Hidden History

Throughout each area, there are various collectibles to find, like documents. This Trophy/Achievement is unlocked upon locating your first document.

Snare Specialist

Catch 100 creatures in the wild. You can’t capture Giant Kemono, but other creatures are fair play. To do this, run up to them and press L2/Left Trigger. Some creatures require sneaking, lest they run away quickly.

Tender Touch

Unlocked by petting a Small Kemono 30 times. To do this, crouch and get close to them until the option to pet them appears.

Tsukumo Whisperer

The Tsukumo are another form of collectible and will assist during hunts against monsters. To unlock this Trophy/Achievement, you need to befriend 200. Check out the locations of them in Natsukodachi Isle, Harugasumi Way, and Akikure Canyon in the videos below.

Quintessence of Form

As you collect more Tsukumo, their form will become more enhanced. Fully enhancing a Tsukumo’s form leads to this Achievement/Trophy.

Charmed by the Hunt

Unlocked by earning your first Talisman. These are earned by exploring shrine areas and hunting Giant Kemono.

Budding Conjuror

Conjure Basic Karakuri like Crates, Bounce Pads, Torches, Gliders, and so on 200 times.

Man-Machine Master

Use a Karakuri attack 100 times, which can be done by jumping off Crates or springing off the Bounce Pad and then executing an attack.

Memory Rouser

Awaken 20 different types of Karakuri. Again, something you’ll unlock throughout the story.

Expert Conjuror

Conjure Basic Karakuri 1000 times.

Fusion Conjuror

Conjure a Fusion Karakuri like Bulwark, Pounder, Star Bomb, and so on 50 times. These become available as you progress through the story.

Counter Specialist

With Fusion Karakuri, deflect attacks from Kemono 20 times.

Master of the Skies

Fly 150 meters with a Glider, which is unlocked fairly early on. Since this will be one of your main means of transport, it should be easy to rack up those frequent flyer meters.

Distance Devourer

Travel 10,000 meters by Karakuri. Use the Roller, Glider, and Flying Vine to achieve this.

Karakuri Trail

In Harugasumi Way, conjure 30 Dragon Karakuri. Campfires, Paddle Scoops, Rollers, Hunting Towers and more apply. You’ll need to unlock and enlarge Dragon Pits to achieve this, but there should be more than enough available without having to go out of your way.

Karakuri Minato

Conjure 15 Dragon Karakuri in Minato.

Karakuri Isle

On Natsukodachi Isle, conjure 30 Dragon Karakuri.

Canyon of Karakuri

In Akikure Canyon, conjure 30 Dragon Karakuri.

Karakuri Fortress

In Fuyufusagi Fort, conjure 30 Dragon Karakuri.

Subsistence Skills

Process food for the first time. To do this, you need to unlock the Drying Racks and place them in your camp. Dry food on them, which increases the buff provided, and when done, collect the food afterwards. You can have multiple Drying Racks and process batches of food at a time.

Commencing of Quests

Complete your first quest for a Minato resident.

Bewitched by Bathing

In Minato, there are Restorative Baths that increase your maximum health when using them. You won’t be able to get them working until after defeating the Lavaback and Earthbreaker. Once done, you can take a bath or give materials to unlock more restorative bath types by collecting materials. Unlocking all bath types will grant this Achievement/Trophy.

Superlative View

Complete all the building extensions and restorations in Minato.

Big Spender

Spend 30,000 on items from the store.

Jack of All Trades

Nobumitsu is a fisherman in Minato, though he’s more about doling out bounties which grant materials and currency when completing small tasks. Up to five bounties can be active at once, and you must return to Nobumitsu to turn them in. Completing one grants Seals, though the cap is 30 until you progress to the next Chapter. Once you’ve obtained 90 Seals in total, this Achievement/Trophy will unlock.

Threaded Harmony

Enlarge one Dragon Pit to its maximum capacity. Every time you unlock a Dragon Pit, you’re given options to increase its capacity, though you’ll need other materials. There are four subsequent upgrades to enlarging it.

Haven Hunter

Open all possible camps in an area.

Style Seeker

Unlocked by using dye on armor for the first time. You’ll need to complete the initial part of the story, which involves meeting Natsume and unlocking the Forge. Create it in the opening camp, then access it after crafting your first weapon, and there should be an option to dye armor.

Human Believer

There are five Paths in WILD HEARTS, and depending on the ones you choose, different armor skills activate. To activate a specific Path’s skills, you need to craft and equip armor of that alignment (or modify another armor which doesn’t have a Path).

When equipping armor pieces that are only of the Human-Path, you’ll unlock this Achievement/Trophy. Keep in mind that Human-Path or Kemono-Path upgraded armor needs rare materials from the monster in question.

Kemono at Heart

Same as above, except you need to craft and equip armor pieces of the Kemono-Path (or modify a Path-less gear piece with the same).

Unrivaled in Arms

Unlocked by gaining an “extremely valuable weapon.”

Team Hunter

Complete 20 quests online. You can matchmake with other players at the campfire or through specific portals in an area.

Artful Assister

Assist other hunters five times, which again requires playing online.

Helpful Heart

Unlocked by reviving an allied hunter for the first time. It unlocks naturally throughout your quests, but if you want to speed the process up, hang back and let another hunter take the brunt of the damage. Not the most sporting behavior, but it may work.

Land of the Rising Sun

Reach Azuma, which should unlock after the conversation with Mujina and the encounter with Deathstalker. It’s at the very start, so should be relatively easy to unlock.

Mountain Splitter

Unlocks after defeating Earthbreaker when it appears on Harugasumi Way.

Bonds of Enmity

Hunt the “fateful” Kemono, aka Deathstalker, at Fuyufusagi Fort.

Axer of Auspice

Save Minato by defeating Amaterasu.

Reincarnation Cycle Stopper

Defeat the final story boss, located in the sacred mountain, to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.


Obtain all Trophies.

For more details on WILD HEARTS, check out our review here. You can also check out even more tips and tricks here.

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