Witcher 3’s story campaign will last 50 hours, will have VATS like mechanics

Geralt can also jump and climb.

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We have new details for the upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe information comes from a German website and we have it translated  for you below.

If you are a hardcore role playing game fan, you will find some gameplay mechanics similar to Skyrim. Dynamic elements like people calling out guards when you steal stuff or buy horses have already been implemented in Skyrim. Obviously this comes as no surprise as CD Projekt plans to better Skyrim.

Check out the full feature list below:

  • 36 final states of the world and 3 epilogues (each 1 hour long)
  • You can import your save game, but it’s not going to change back story of the game. However, it will  still affect characters. Not sure how though.
  • You can buy horses or tame a wild ones by using Axii.
  • Geralt will be much more agile. Now he can jump and climb wherever he want.
  • Geralt may hunt animals and take their furs, claws etc.
  • Main storyline is 50 hours long
  • People can call the guards when they see Geralt stealing their stuff
  • There is a new mechanic, which is similar to VATS from Fallout 3. You can aim at the specific parts of monsters bodies in slow-motion.
  • No more QTE
  • The maximum level that players can achieve is 60
  • PC and console versions have completely different UI
  • You gain experience points only by completing quests, hunting will provide you money and crafting materials
  • Economy depends from the area. In some places you can buy something for a lesser price, or sell it for higher price.

Some of the features like VATS sounds exciting and I hope hunting is similar to what we had in Far Cry 3. Looks like Witcher 3 is going to borrow the best elements from other popular games. But will it sum up to be a better game?

We will know soon enough.

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