World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Guide – How to Level Up Quickly, and How Flying Works

Level up quickly and see what’s changed with flying in the new expansion.

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So you’ve just landed in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and want to level up as fast as possible, either with or for the new Shadowlands expansion. Whether you’re going from level 1 to 50 or from level 50 to 60, there are some pretty straightforward strategies for quick leveling. First off, focus only on the main quests which can be differentiated by a new shield icon.

Exclamation marks represent side quests but you should only take them if they provide decent XP rewards and work alongside the main quests. You also might want to turn on War Mode, which provides an extra 10 percent of experience earned. This does enable PvP against other players in the world so be careful.

If possible, try to get some mount equipment like the Light-Step Hoofplates, which provides an additional 20 percent speed for mounts. The Comfortable Rider’s Barding is also recommended – enemies won’t be able to dismount you so easily with it equipped. Some free add-ons, like AutoTurnIn, are also recommended. It will automatically turn in quests after completion, saving you valuable time. Zygor’s Guide, which is a paid add-on, recommends which quests to do and gear to upgrade, further maximizing your time spent.

For more details on leveling from 1 to 50, check out HazelNuttyGames’ guide below. For getting to level 60, check out BellularGaming’s guide.

How Flying Works Now

Flying, like many other things, has undergone some significant changes following the release of Shadowlands. You still need to hit the level cap (which is now 60) and flying to the new zones isn’t possible from the outset. It seems players will need to earn Renown for their Covenant to unlock the Pathfinder achievement for this expansion, as per executive producer John Hight when speaking to HazelNuttyGames. However, nothing has been confirmed thus far.

The good news is that Pathfinder achievements for flying in Draenor and the Broken Isles are no longer necessary. You can still pursue them and receive mounts though. Battle of Azeroth zones still require completing their own Pathfinder achievements before flying in them though. It’s also worth noting that the Riding skill has seen some changes.

You now earn Apprentice Riding and Journeyman Riding, which increase ground speed for mounts by 60 percent and 100 percent, at level 10 and 20 respectively. Expert Riding and Master Riding, which provide 150 percent and 310 percent increased flight speed for mounts, are unlocked at level 30 and 40 respectively. Artisan Riding has been removed entirely.

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