WWE 2K23 – A Complete Guide to the Universe Mode

Everything you need to know about WWE 2K23's Universe Mode.

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The Universe mode has been a staple in WWE 2K for quite a while and once again makes its appearance in 2K23. This year brings with it several new features that’ll surely take you for a joyride. However, wrapping your head around everything is also quite challenging, especially for newer players. Fortunately, for you, we’ve put together a guide that breaks down everything new about the Universe mode. Let’s begin!

New Features in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

PLEs – In order to make the game more realistic 2K Games have introduced PLEs (previously known as PPVs). This is a naming change and while not having any tangible impact, it’s in line with today’s WWE product, for those who appreciate the added realism.

Rivalry System Improvements – Rivalry actions received a massive change in WWE 2K23. Unlike the previous versions of the game, you can now choose your actions before, after and even during a match. Only Rivalry actions got this new update and the rest remains the same.

The rivalry rework also comes with over 100 new rivalry actions. Now, every time you create a new rivalry, you’ll be able to divide it into Low, Medium, High and Very High subcategories, each with a unique cutscene and modifiers.

Introduction of Wargames – Wargames has finally entered WWE 2K23 and it’s about time! WWE fans have been asking for this feature for quite a long time and 2K Games gave in.

The rules are quite simple. WarGames is a multiplayer battle mode where two teams (3v3 or 4v4) will be facing each other. Each team will be placed in separate cages, and they will gradually enter the ring one by one.

The game mode consists of two separate rings joined together and then surrounded by a steel cage. One member of each team starts the match. Next, one member is periodically and alternately released from each team to join the match.

The advantaged team gets to send their first member to join the match, and the WarGame officially begins once all the competitors have entered the ring.

In order to win, you’ll have to defeat at least one member of the opposing team using a submission or a pinfall. You can also throw them out of the cage to score a victory.

Note that the match is forfeited if a member voluntarily leaves the cage. As of now, there will be three Wargames Arenas available in the game, namely:

  • NXT Takeover Wargames
  • Survivor Series ‘22
  • Wargames – MyRise (MyRise Exclusive)

Momentum – Momentum is a new resource that’ll be debuting in WWE 2K23 and you’ll earn it as you go through Rivalries. It’s discussed in detail in the next section.

What is Momentum and How to Earn it

  • The amount of Momentum you earn is decided by the match results and the overall performance throughout the same match. The more vicious a superstar is, the more points he will earn after the match.
  • The winner also gets more Momentum compared to the loser. Once you’ve earned enough momentum, you can spend some of it, to perform the numerous rival actions that are also newly introduced in WWE
  • If you simulate matches you can also decide the outcome by using momentum.
  • You can spend momentum editing matches before the shows in Universe mode. Simply press the right stick (R3) to view the list of available rival actions for your superstar. Depending on your selection, the actions will take place either before, during or after the match.

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode Tips and Tricks

Playing the Universe mode is entertaining, fun, and challenging all at the same time. There are several hurdles that will come your way when you first enter the game mode, especially if this is your first time playing the game. Here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to ensure you have a better time throughout the campaign.

Bring back the Classics, with a twist – The more creative you are, the more success you’ll have during the Universe mode. If you have an old wrestler in mind, bringing them back will surely earn you a good standing with the crowd. You can even add new tricks and with the Rivalry system, you can spice things up even further. For instance, Cactus Jack isn’t usually a bad character. However, by introducing a bit of evil in his nature, you’ll be able to create a whole new dynamic that’s never been seen before.

Bring some anarchy to the established order – Almost everything in WWE 2K23 is scripted. The rivalries, alliances, attacking the opposite brand directly, every aspect of the sport is pre-written to squeeze the most entertainment out of every bit of entertainment. Seeing your favorite tag team enter the ring once again is nice and all, but don’t you wonder what would have happened if that weren’t the case? What if one of your favorite tag team superstars allied with someone from the opposing team forming a new stable duo? What if someone backstabbed their teammate and went the other way?

Drafting wrestlers is one of the key advantages of this year’s Universe mode and opens the gate to a whole new world of possibilities, especially in the case of tag team matches. Spread your wings and explore new paths like never before.

Construct the perfect storyline – While it’s nice to see your favorite wrestlers like Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa going to a 60 minute time limit draw in an Iron Man Match for the Universal Title, it’s ultimately pointless without a good story.

Universe Mode gives you so many tools to craft interesting stories that it’s a waste not to use them. Spice up your stories with interconnected plots and characters. Look for ways to sow the seeds for rivalries and maybe revisit some old feuds to liven them up in new ways, like multi-man matches and special stipulations.

Remember that everyone knows it’s scripted. What kind of story you tell with that script is ultimately what keeps the audience coming back for more.

Know your limits, take baby steps – The role of General Manager can be quite taxing. Therefore, it’s best to pick a shorter season as it helps you understand the new mechanics and features of WWE 2K23. Picking the longest season locks you in a specific route until you finish the campaign. And starting a new campaign without a firm grasp on the basics will end up in an overall bad experience.

Remember to have a good time – The one thing that makes the Universe mode enjoyable is that no two campaigns are the same. Everything from picking wrestlers to choosing their encounters is now customizable with even more options in WWE 2K23. The fun ceiling just hit new heights. Don’t always go for the win. Experiment with unique never-seen-before team combinations, rivalries and storylines. Live out your fantasies any way you like. Good luck!

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