Xbox One OS Architecture Explained, Is Essentially Windows 8

Runs on Windows 8… and Windows 8. Yeah.

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The Xbox One’s operating system has often been a mysterious point of discussion, as no one really knows yet just what the system’s OS architecture is, with several theories running around. However, Microsoft’s Frank Savage recently took to the stage in Build 2014, and talked about it, revealing a whole lot.

It has now been revealed that the Xbox One runs on three operating systems- one is a full fledged version of Windows 8, one is a stripped down version of Windows 8 and the third one is a real time operating system.

The ROTS, in Savage’s words, “owns where everything and how everything works…. owns CPU…GPU.” Basically, this is the foundation layer of the XBone OS architecture, hosting the other two operating systems as well.

The second tier is Windows 8, a full fledged version, making it “almost indistinguishable” from the operating system as we know it. This tier handles basic functions of the Xbox One, including networking and some parts of audio in video games. Shared apps also run here.

The third tier is, according to Savage, “Windows 8 that has gone on a massive massive diet… Lean and mean Windows 8.” It’s basic function is to remove any and all bottlenecks as well as bloatware, but this is more of a “partition.”

So, in essence, Frank Savage claims that any game one can make would run equally well on the Xbox One and Windows 8. That’s a bold claim, but one that, in theory, might well be true.

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