Zelda Breath of The Wild Guide: How To Get The Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Green Tunic And Much More

Some important tips to get you on your way in Nintendo’s newest masterpiece.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most interactive game ever created. This doesn’t just limit itself to combat or the open world- it means there is so much you can do in the game that you might not even think of. At the same time, this is also a Zelda game through and through, which means many iconic series traditions make a return in this game.

When you are playing the game, you can choose to engage in all the new activities in the game, or try to recreate the glory of Zelda games past. No matter what route you take, you’ll find yourself rewarded. This guide will cover how you can get the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Green Tunic, buying a house, Epona, dyeing your armor and cooking tips and tricks.

How To Get The Master Sword:

Link’s legendary weapon and the bane of all evil is available in Breath of the Wild– and it has a special status among all weapons, too, because it alone cannot and does not degrade, and cannot break. This makes the Master Sword a hell of a find- and naturally, at some point or the other, you’re going to want to find it for yourself and pull it from its pedestal. I mean, it’s only tradition after all.

The video below will show you where to find it, and how to get to it. Keep some pointers in mind:

  • Start from Woodland Tower (this is directly north of Hyrule Castle). Paragliding off north of the tower leads you directly into the Lost Woods
  • Make sure you have 13 hearts before attempting to pull the Sword from the pedestal

How To Get The Hylian Shield:

If Link’s legendary sword made it into the game, it’s only fair that his shield would, too. If you want the Hylian Shield, follow the directions in the video below.

How To Get The Green Tunic:

The Green Tunic is Link’s iconic outfit- which he does not wear in the game. Sadly enough, it looks like there is no way to get it in the game, either- at least, not without dying your clothes. Not, that is, unless you are willing to let your wallet do some talking…

That’s right, use the Classic NES Zelda Amiibos, and you’ll find yourself some Green Tunics. There are also green colored tunics found in some of the game’s 120 shrines. So- dying your clothes. Using your Amiibos. Finding gear in shrines. These are your three options. If you need help with dying, the video below cal help you out:

How To Get Epona:

Link’s trusty steed is also not in the game- well, not unless you catch some random horse, tame it, take it to the stable, and name it Epona. Short of this, the only option you have is you guessed it, using an Amiibo. In this case, the Super Smash Bros. series Link amiibo will unlock her for you.

How To Buy A House:

One of the best side quests in the game involves you buying a house in one of the many settlements in the game, and then developing the town that you live in further. For a warrior like Link, having a place to call home can be strangely comforting…

Watch the video below to get a full walkthrough of this quest:

How To Cook:

Cooking is arguably the single most important mechanic in this game- outside of maybe climbing and stamina? Look, if you don’t cook, you will die. Without fail. Without exception. Cooking is necessary to do anything in this game. From recovering health (you won’t find hearts by cutting grass or breaking pots anymore, so you need to eat), to surviving extreme climates, to getting buffs, cooking is your most important ability.

  • Let’s start with the basics: to cook, go into your inventory, go to the desired ingredient, and select hold. You can hold up to five ingredients at once.
  • Put these ingredients into a pot with a fire under it. You cannot cook without a lit pot.
  • Remember, food can only have one buff or bonus ability at a time. You can’t throw in an ingredient to enhance stamina, increase cold resistance, and make you stealthier all into the same dish, hoping to get all three effects from one meal- if you do that, you get none of those effects. So never add more than one buff/bonus awarding ingredient to a meal at a time.
  • Experiment. Even at worst, you end up with dubious food, which… recovers health, and nothing else. You have nothing to lose. Okay, except precious ingredients. Don’t experiment with ingredients you only have one of.

How To Change Your Build:

You can sort of ‘level up’ Link in Breath of the Wild– and each time you do, you pick whether to increase his health, or his stamina. However, there may come a point where you realize you maybe made a mistake, and you want to ‘respect’- Breath of the Wild allows for this. The video below will show you how.

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