10 Franchises With Great Potential That Microsoft Is Neglecting

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People often complaint that Microsoft has a very poor first party exclusives lineup, with franchises such as Fable, Forza, Halo and Gears of War being recycled over and over. However, contrary to popular belief, Microsoft does have a lot first party IPs which, unfortunately, they completely ignore.

These IPs have great potential, and is utilized properly, they can turn into big, blockbuster franchises. So listen below are ten franchises that we believe have a lot of potential, which Microsoft bafflingly neglects.

BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT this list will cover not just Xbox 360 franchises, but Microsoft franchises on the PC too. So enjoy the list, tell us what you think of our compilation, and which franchises you would like to see more of!


Kameo: Elements of Power, one of the first Xbox 360 launch titles, did have a few issues, but otherwise, it was a great game. The variety of play styles involved was astounding, as I was surprised by just how much fun I had with the game. It was a big shocker, then, to see that Microsoft did not even follow the game up with a sequel, which it completely deserved. It’d have been much better to have Rare working on Kameo 2 rather than stupid Kinect-only titles.


Yes, Crackdown 2 was kind of a broken game, with tons of glitches and bugs ruining the experience more frequently than was tolerable. But you have to admit, both the Crackdown games were also very enjoyable. And with the drought of first party exclusives that Microsoft has right now, most of us are shocked that they’re not making use of what they’ve got. If handled properly, and if all the bugs and glitches in the next game are squatted out before release, Crackdown 3 could really be the start of something new. Here’s hoping the guys at MS are reading this.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake was an absolutely wonderful game, despite the minor niggles that it had. And while there have been talks of Alan Wake 2 these days, we’ve not really seen anything solid so far. Alan Wake has the potential to turn into one of the biggest franchises of the industry, if handled right by Microsoft. Just don’t milk it as much as Halo, but don’t just let it sit and gather dust in a corner either.

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  • JT

    Mechwarrior. Pity that Microsoft completely abandoned this.

  • dox

    Yea we need a new MechAssault and some more Crimson Skies. MS actually has a great IP portfolio between Xbox and 360 they just don’t exploit it. That’s really IMO their only weakness

  • I agree that MS abandoned some franchises I would like to see return(e.g.Conker!), but your list isn’t right.
    A couple of those franchises had a game come out less than 2-3 years ago and others had Arcade games in the franchise.
    I mean what are you expecting? For them to push out senseless empty sequels?

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      Agreed that games like Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 got released only 1-3 years ago, and some others on the list 5-6 years ago, and no, I don’t expect MS to start putting out annual installments for those franchises. But they haven’t even mentioned any sequels for the franchises mentioned above, much less start development. They’ve been publishing games for Kinect, and recycling a few of their first party franchises, and all we want is more variety and more IPs to be utilized, and the ten listed above are, according to me, the ten franchises that have the most potential given the current scenario and everything. But yes, there are several other franchises, like Age of Empires/Mythology, Crimson Skies, Conker, Mechwarrior, Motocross Madness and others that should get sequels soon.

  • I remember an old game released in 1995 by Microsoft (which had 4 CDs!) called Deadly Tide. It was a rail shooter, but it was really fun.

  • Why is there no love for Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. That game was absolutely amazing, I’d go as far as saying it blew the mediocre originals out of the water.
    I think the answer to all of these is they just didn’t sell as well as they deserved to the first time round, even if all these franchises are great

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