10 Game Design Choices That Need To Change For The PS4/Xbox 720

Some things needs to go.

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Game design is a bizarre beast; a profession that mixes art and science in equal measure. With its plethora of complex intricacies, it is not a job to be tackled without the appropriate skill or ability. That said, there are plenty of shoddy game designers and developers who ruin it for the rest of us, infecting cultural expectations of normality with their rubbish games. Whether its due to these slackers or some other kind of technical limitations, there are plenty of design flaws that have just become accepted as standard within recent years. With next generation consoles looming on the horizon, developers have the chance to return to the drawing board and correct such firmly cemented issues. Here are ten of the most frustrating design choices that need to change.

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What ever happened to the instruction manual? It seems like barely five years ago I was frantically reading through instruction booklets on the way back home from buying a new game, a series of memories lost to our current generation of online FAQs and in-game tutorials. The opening tutorial level can be tastefully done, but far too many offences have been seen in this console generation. Unskippable tutorials, teaching sections entirely reliant on flat dialogue and needless handholding are but some variations of the shite tutorial. Let's just hope designers work out how to make their games intuitive enough next generation that we can be rid of the rubbish tutorial.

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  • Ludakriss

    Really easy-to-read concise list. Well done.

    I especially liked the parts about the DLC, XP for Shooters and the Cut Scene Skips.


  • EpicNameMindEyes

    most of these are complaints about problems with games not the console
    the people that are making the PS4 and 720 can’t force game makers to change the way stories is told, Make Quick Time Events more relevant, or make all game have Cut-scenes You can skip you need to change the title of this article by having the part that says
    for the PS4/Xbox 720 make it sound like this would be about problems about the consoles not the games

    • The title says “game design”. He doesn’t mention anything about the actual hardware being a problem. He just says that, leading into the next generation(of Ps4/720/WiiU) game designers need to rethink how they approach some game mechanics.

  • I agree with every single thing in this article. I hate that publishers are, many times, the thorn in your side regarding a great game, trying to make the most amount of money.

  • You know what I hate…articles with ten “parts” which could be out on one page. All that clicking and re-scrolling. Ffs

    • Anonymous

      I was about to comment the very same thing. Hah!

  • Samuel

    One of the handy things about purchasing all my games now through Origin or Steam is that I can use the Shift+F1 command to bring up the console, which pauses unpausable cut scenes.

  • Augh, complaining about locked content, I saw this exact quote translated in a Polish magazine 4 years ago. I just don’t understand you. You have problems with having to unlock a track in Mario Kart Wii (Which I myself find very amusing), but you don’t have ANY problems with doing a trade sequence in Zelda to get a single, nearly useless sword in Zelda!?

  • John

    10 should be 1

  • Joe

    YES to the first slide. I miss the detailed instruction manuals so much, and hate in-game tutorials. I would love to have been the guy writing next-gen video game manuals but it looks like companies have opted for cost-cutting measures instead.

  • its sad really

    trying to make money off the shitty adds

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