10 Mistakes That Microsoft Are Already Making With The Next Xbox

Have Microsoft already got their next gen strategy off to a bad start?

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You’d think that Microsoft were safe from making any major missteps with their next gen hardware effort, what with the company disclosing no information on the Xbox 720 whatsoever.

Things don’t always work out that way though, with mere rumours being enough to draw a serious amount of heat over the Xbox brand. Here are ten mistakes that Microsoft are already making regarding their handling of the Xbox 720.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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So many rumours have surrounded the online focus of the next console, with none of them being good. Plenty of trusted sources have claimed the new console must always be online to be used, a potential feature that has raised vocal alarm from fans and industry professionals alike. The problem is doubled by how very little concrete rumours support why this may be the case. A few examples are being speculated but, until someone comes up with a truly necessary feature that justifies this “always on” aspect of the console, no one is impressed.

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  • mehrad

    new rumors say the next xbox is not an always-on console. the even say microsoft is not thinking of that.

    • JuicieJ

      Except the latest ones have practically confirmed it.

  • dirkradke

    The article of this title and list is misleading. Microsoft hasn’t made 10 mistakes they have made 1. The 1 mistake is not providing any information to counter any of the 10 rumors listed as mistakes. 2 additional points — (1): If the next X-Box comes out within 1-2 months after the PS4 it probably will not matter. Sony’s PS3 didn’t come out until 10 months later. That would be a negative in terms of momentum for Microsoft it it happened. (2): 6 months from now no one will care about all the negative publicity currently being heaped on Microsoft’s box. If it has the goods all will be forgiven.

  • Oh boy…I thought gamingbold has real journalists and no fanboys….sounds like Sony fan collected all negative about Microsoft skipping all positive

  • This article is just terrible! 9/10 of this “bad Points2 are all based on rumors! I don’t understand how you can post a list of bad points of something that hasn’t even be announced yet!

  • dox

    What a stupid article. Microsoft as announced NOTHING! They are under zero pressure to do so. The longer they wait the better because every day people post articles about them with negative rumors so when the truth hits it will be huge. Leave this crap alone and just wait for actual info before you start bashing.

    • Vono

      You, Sir, deserve a medal.

    • Delta

      Ya ok you hit the nail on the head Microsoft hasn’t announced anything That’s number fucking 1

  • Nathan O

    Always online positives = potential for cloud processing capabilities built directly into their dev kits, background updates happen seamlessly, developers could gather in-depth data of how gamers are playing their games in effort to make better games. Social features like sharing your gameplay or having someone jump in to take over a level (as Sony has announced)

    All of this being said there is no way MSFT will not allow you to play local content without having an internet connection which is really all anyone has been concerned about.
    This one rumor (which has dominated the internet for the last week) has been debunked by 5 other rumors, so quit picking and chosen what rumors serve your agenda best.

  • Nathan O

    Most of your points are way off base. Particularly “coming late to the party” and “Being secretive” Coming late to the party would be releasing the console a year after Sony launches theirs (kinda like the PS3) not to mention that everyone is taking about Xbox, not playstation right now simply because we know nothing about it. They have gained an incredible amount of mindshare without ever doing anything at all. The reason people are responding so loudly to these negative rumors is because they love their current Xbox and want to buy the new one but the rumors are turning them off. And “being secretive”? You expect MSFT to dispel rumors for a product that hasn’t been announced and therefore doesn’t exist? You haven’t been following MS very long have you?

  • Daniel Boiani

    One issue with “always on” is that, for many users, internet subscription is based on gigabytes used. An “always on” system will inevitably increase the GB count for internet, and increase costs for the customer. That is definitely not a good way to build consumer confidence.

    • Saitaina

      Not to mention, not everyone can keep up with their internet, where as a gaming console can easily be given as a gift (It’s how I got mine). Sorta ruins the party for those of us struggling to make ends meet and want to have some fun with a few games your family was nice enough to toss your way at Christmas.

  • mives01

    Microsoft saw what Sony did at their big reveal and decided ‘Fuck it! We’ll actually reveal the CONSOLE” So, they will keep the juicer points of the 720 under wraps until they are ready to go because the console will be ready to go. Not “Hey believe us, PS4 is real, see look!? we have shiny new controllers to prove it!” OK, maybe it’s nit picking but why have half an event with no money shot at the end? At the end of the day, the console that gives the greatest freedom to the consumer Backwards compatibility, Used Games etc will come out on top. Fanboi’sm aside, investing in consoles these days can be a very expensive venture.

  • McGygas
  • Anonymous

    XBox is fucking terrible and Microsoft fanboys should fucking kill themselves.

    • Saitaina

      Wow…that’s some rage there over a fucking computer company (and a game console). Perhaps you need a cookie?

    • shizzaT

      @ anonymous
      Yeah keep yourself anonymous loser!!! These are gaming consoles not Terrorist plots. If you can seriously come on here as a Sony fanboy and tell MS fans to go kill themselves you my friend need help and I hope somehow someone can trace who you are and straight up lock you to a bed you mental asshole. Its a gaming console not a fight over sacred land. You like your playstation and some like xbox, No need for death. Your a fucking loser. Keep yourself anonymous because if you had any balls you could have at least stated your screen name.

  • Michael Connolly

    NICE! I just Microsoft points for free from this site! 😀 freemspointsforever com

  • JC

    Terrible and lazy article. 3 “mistakes” are about the Kinect, 2 about Microsoft being the last of the game console developers to release its system (despite Sony hasn’t officially released PS4, they’ve only announced it).

  • James

    it Xbox One not 720 who ever wrote this article should be fired for posting lies and false information way before microsoft even said that it was going to be xbox one not 720.

    • ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠

      This article was written before the name was announced and they were spot on with at least 8 out of the 10 predictions. Based on what Microsoft presented, the xbox one is going to be a massive flop.

    • shizzaT

      Thats not true.

  • Derp

    CoD and Xbox are gonna die next gen.

  • Chris

    it called xbox one and microsoft hasent relesed anything

  • shizzaT

    Being late to the party wont hurt MS. Theyve established a big enough fan base to sell there console even if it was announced and released within a months time. The guy who wrote this article is a loser who should have written this after the reveal or BETTER yet after E3. The funny thing is he gets paid to do this shit. Damn Im in the wrong industry

  • Kaiyl_kariashi

    Quite Prophetic….most of this ended up being true. Except it’s X-box ONE these days….which pretty accurate lists most of the (non-european) gaming communities opinion of the system. 1/10.


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