10 Most Difficult PlayStation 3 Trophies That Aren’t Worth It

Sometimes giving up is the sensible option.

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In the great bildungsroman that is life, we are defined by adversity and the ways in which we overcome it. People often see themselves as an amalgamation of their achievements, whether it be in work, sport or other such social or political ingenuity. It seems gaming has been playing catch up in this domain over the past console generation, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 being well served by the achievements and trophies systems respectively.

After endless achievement related features, we’re going to be focused on the PS3 alternative; specifically on when attaining gaming excellence on Sony’s console is not worth it. Read on for ten truly monstrous trophies that are not worth the time or effort required to achieve them. We haven’t included Platinum trophies in order to focus on specific challenges.

If you have something else in mind please let us know in the comments section below. Take a look here for more exciting features. Do you agree with the list above?

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The Play trophy in the masterful LittleBigPlanet has a simple directive; complete every single player level without dying at all. You don't have to do this in one sitting or anything, but that doesn't diminish the skill required to master this platforming exclusive. The reason it really isn't worth the bother is, aside from being only a silver trophy, Play totally diminishes the fun factor that LittleBigPlanet so subscribes to in its patchwork aesthetics and accessible mechanics.

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  • You bitch about Ninja Gaiden games. Well try and beat the Original Ninja Gaiden trilogy on NES. Then come back and you’ll realize that the trophy for Ninja Gaiden II, and Sigma 2 is nothing compared as a whole to beating the NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy.

  • Shagohod

    No trophies are worth it as they are lame achievement rip-offs anyway. And I agree with Christopher. If you can’t beat the pussified PS3 versions, you’re pathetic. The originals on the xbox are 10 times harder and the NES games are the real tough nut to crack.

    • Dr_Monsngod

      lol the crashbox fanboy couldnt hold it in xD

    • QwietStorm

      Oh what an original Internet act. You feel better now?

    • Zeus

      Considering XBox is a very late gen console and Sony was way back when N64 hit the stores I’d consider the Playstation and sony Consoles harder and more OG then any old shitbox. Know your facts child.

    • James Stephenson

      Achievment rip-offs? Did you ever play Star Ocean 3 on the PS2? This was out before the 360 was released and had battle trophies, which were pretty much what achievments and trophies are these days.

  • QwietStorm

    Killzone 2 and Demon ‘s Souls platinum trophies were definitely worth the “effort” for me.

  • When I finished Wipeout HD trophies, a tear went off my cheek… It’s worth it.

  • Kody

    I plat SotC hard time attack without glitchs. Just took me 20+ tries on half them. Lol

  • Jake

    You left out Max Payne 3: New York Minute Hardcore! Now thats a trophy to die for.

  • Reaching rank 10 on Grand Theft Auto 4’s online is not worth the time it takes either….

  • Sudarsan Ragavan

    Where the hell is Tactical challenger from vanquish
    that single trophy alone ruined the platinum for 95% of us

  • Amando O.S

    Odd that Star Ocean The last Hope International wasn’t on the list, to plat the game you need a ridiculously amount of time, and it’s hard as hell. A minimum of 500 hours are needed.

  • Bjoernsen

    I have the Pain, Super Stardust, Battle-Cars and LBP ones.
    Have also tried to beat Zico. Hard. Hard. Hard.
    Battle-Cars is easy when you’re this pro 🙂

  • Janelle

    Demon’s Souls platinum was a pain, but so worth it.

  • Master Keeper

    Ultimate Alliance 2 and Final Fantasy XIII got the hardest platinum

  • BloodAddict

    Dodging 200 lightning strikes from ffx hd would’ve been there if it was released before this article lol

    • Alejandro Cano Manríquez

      Well, that’s a trophy now in FFX HD and is not as hard as it seems, you just need to find a place to dodge the lightning easy. In the other hand stupid stupid chocobo race!

  • Zeus

    Payday 2 Guessing Game Trophy should be number 9 I’d say considered it’s completely out of your power and based on random game luck with no rhythm or reason except hundreds of trial and error. Demon Souls is not hard to get at all except due to the fact they made the Pure Sharpstone drop so insanely low that you could spend a few hundred hours trying to farm it and never get it. Thank the developers for that one.


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