10 of the Most Underrated Games of this Generation

Here’s some quality games you may have missed.

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Despite the sheer volume of top ten lists I’ve written over the years, I’m well aware of the criticisms surrounding the practice. My main beef with the format is how it sensationalises a small microcosm of the big AAA games everyone already knows about. How’s an indie title ever going to stand toe to toe with the big boys in a generic “best visuals” type of list?

Instead of celebrating the usual stuff you’ve all heard of before then, we thought we’d look back at the unsung heroes of the seventh generation of gaming. Read on for the ten most underrated games of this generation. Whether they were just never heard of, unfairly reviewed or need a second look, we’ve got them here for you.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Made by the minds behind prolific JRPG series Shin Megami Tensei, Catherine was the company's first offering on a current gen home console. It was also very different to their previous games. Taking control of a man who is unhappily informed that his girlfriend is pregnant, you control protagonist Vincent as he cheats on his girlfriend and is thrust into a world of nightmares accordingly. The block puzzling elements that made up the bulk of the gameplay were more unique and gripping than most critics gave credit for, but the main appeal was in the story. Catherine is one of the only games to ever truly capture some of the awkwardness implicit in adult relationships, and it deserves more credit for achieving this. Try it out today, and I can guarantee you a unique experience you won't find elsewhere.

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  • dakan45

    A load of crap.

    Saboteur was better than gta iv.

    Also kingdoms of amalaur was better than gta iv

    Darksiders 2 was better than gta iv

    these are the real underatted games.

    • What’s with the GTA4 obsession? You’ll be saying strawberry ice cream is better than GTA4 next 🙂

    • dakan45

      yeah it is.

    • turrble

      darksiders sucked dick

    • Dakan45

      Compared to what?

  • MWHSsucks8alls

    Starhawk is a very underrated game. Starhawk is the best multiplayer shooter i have ever played. This game is not known, but should be because its just fukn awesome. only $20 too.

    • Travis Janot

      I only played through the offline campaign (which was free on PSN+) and even that was awesome – melded all these different gameplay elements together very seamlessly. Awesome soundtrack too!

    • Kaiyl_kariashi

      Basically the same as Battlezone 2 as far as mechanics go (Which was a pretty sweet game in it’s own right). I especially like the melding of RTS into a 1st/3rd person shooter, it adds a whole nother level of strategy since one person can’t carry the team, you LITERALLY have to work together to keep the resources flowing to supply your weapons, respawns, and vehicles.

  • Kamille

    underrated lists become irrelevant by default if there is no Valkyria Chronicles in it.

    • themuIe

      I came here to say exactly the same.

    • But that wasn’t underrated at all. It got terrific reviews.

  • merwanor

    I could not finish Lost Odyssey as the acting in that game was just terrible, plain terrible. Especially those damn children, even with the Japanese track it was terrible, that one “sad” scene early in the game was more funny because of the horrible acting.

    Binary Domain is one underrated game in my opinion, I had a blast playing through that game, had not even heard of it and just bought it on a steam sale.

  • Smlmatrix

    Shen mue…….

    • Travis Janot

      Shenmue and Shenmue II are sixth generation titles, not seventh.

  • Socom Mobile Recon! Tetris Attack! (aka Panel de Pon)

  • JuicieJ

    No Darksiders II?

  • Guest

    Catherine! Excellent game and well thought of. I never really bought it but I still play the demo from time to time.

  • Orgem

    Lost Odyssey is the most underrated game with difference. Is better than ALL of last Final Fantasy and conserves the classic turned battle system. Its developed for the creators of first 10 Final Fantasy games and no one fucking cares because its not named Final Fantasy and only is playable for XBox. Too sad…

  • ricky

    i like how spec ops isnt on this list.
    oh wait, no i dont.
    fuck you list
    fuck you

    • deadlysin687

      I wouldn’t call it overlooked, by the general public maybe but that game was ALL over reddit and gaming sites.

  • ethan_fitz01

    The original Darksiders should be on this list. Definitely agree about the condemned games. Very fun and also scary in certain parts.

  • SMac53

    I am SO happy to see Silent Hill Shattered Memories get some love. That was an AWESOME game!!!

    Also, Condemned was excellent in terms of creating an atmosphere. Very well done.

    Lastly, Zack and Wiki was very fresh and unique, while being very polished as well.

  • sedna

    Games without trophy/achievement support are not underrated imo

  • Penumbra Series …

    • Mike Cirka

      YES!… And also OH GOD NO! Most terrifying horror games I’ve ever played. In fact, a few of the only actual scary horror games I’ve ever played (these and the original Clock Tower). Even Silent Hill, which despite it’s weaker titles, I love with a fiery passion, was mostly just jump scares (Exept 4… Dear god, the Room had me near pissing myself beginning to end). These games are legitimately terrifying.

  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and DmC.

  • Brandon Roberts

    what about the dmc reboot i get it he had black hair get over it babies

    • Megan Payette

      For some reason I find reboot Dante kinda cute. : 3

  • Mcirony

    I know poor sales were the reason condemned 3 never happened,but I would love to at least see a spiritual successor to the series even if it was a digital or even porable title.

  • Silux


  • eric_s07

    I haven’t played most of the games on the list, since I missed most of them back in the day. Nevertheless, now that a new generation of consoles is available, I’m having a great time checking out a lot of games I missed from the previous generation (I mean Xbox 360 and PS3,) so I’ll try to track down some copies of the games mentioned above. One that keeps coming back on lists of underrated games is Deadly Premonition and since everyone compares it to Twin Peaks, that game in particular is high on my list.

    Also, I posted a similar list on my website a long time ago. Here’s the link in case someone would like to read it http://gamesretrospect.com/2011/03/top-5-the-most-underrated-games/


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