10 PC Games That Had Great Voice Acting

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7. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Without any kind of patching or modding, Vampire the Masquerade is full of problems. It is indicative of the quality of the game that the community have tirelessly patched out all of the game’s various glitches and inconsistencies. One thing that didn’t really need changing was the game’s audio. With a unique game world and narrative, Bloodlines was brought to life by some solid voice acting.

6. Sam and Max: Hit the Road

Lucas Arts have dished out some classic adventure games in their time, and any one of them could have made this list. Sam and Max holds a special place in my heart though. Back in the days when CD-Roms were only just becoming the popular medium for game distribution, getting the CD version with voice acting on it felt like a real treat. We take it for granted nowadays, but it felt like a privilege in Sam and Max.

5. Thief: The Dark Project

Thief had some pretty impressive voice acting if only because of the main protagonist, Garrett’s, casting. The slick and gruff tones of Stephen Russell certainly have their detractors, but he manages to put the brooding element of Garrett’s character across fantastically. It all helped to conjure the unique atmosphere that the Thief games are so renowned for.

4. The Secret of Monkey Island

I have virtually no bad words for the voicing of Guybrush Threepwood. Able to convey the nerdy and meek elements of Guybrush without it ever becoming annoying, Dominic Armato deserves a medal for his work. Of all the Lucas Arts adventure games, the original Monkey Island is one of the most beloved. This is certainly aided by its solid voice work.

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  • I have played a few only.

  • Baldurs gate 2

  • Portal 2 had fantastic voice acting also. Steven Merchant gives Wheatly more personality than just about any NPC character in any other game. Even Martin Sheen with his distinctive voice in Mass Effect 2 can’t come close to Steven’s performance.

    As for all the listed games, I have to agree on HL2 ep2, it was great (Magnusson device [snigger]). The rest seem pretty old and/or obscure. Guess I’ll have to pick some of these up, nice list.

  • How Portal 1 and 2 (Whitley and Glados) are not in the list is beyond me.

    Mafia was quite too.

  • Maybe i’m a little biased, but one of the first games to ‘wow’ me with voice acting was FFX.

    • Wait, are you kidding me? Maybe if they did not get the shittiest voice actor possible to do Tidus it may have been alright, but when the main character is just annoying you know you did something wrong.

  • Baldur’s Gate 2! Between Minsc and Jon Irenicus, the voice acting made that game.

  • Dan

    Glad Vampire made it on the list. The game was astounding and I loved the community. Voice acting was really the best I had ever seen.

    Sucks that big budget games like Fallout 3 have to go and use recycled voices -.-

    FFX was really fun, but I think its soundtrack eclipsed its voice work, maybe if it wasn’t a foreign game…

  • ck

    Under a Killing Moon needs to be on this list.

  • I always thought that Starcraft had great voice acting.

  • Oh thanks for remembering Grim Fandango!

  • No Sacrifice? It’s practically a who’s who of voice acting greats.

  • no Mass Effect!?! it had phenomenal voic acting.

    • nvm i see you said PC exclusives.

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  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – many unforgettable voices and performances. Kreia, Visas, Bao-Dur, …

  • Where is Jon St John? The Duke Nukem voice is a classic!

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