10 Reasons Killzone 3 Was the Awesome Game It Was [Gallery]

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As you guys already know that we reviewed Killzone 3 yesterday and even though it has its own shortcomings we still think it is an awesome game and is well worth your money.

Today we give you 10 reasons why Killzone 3 should be in your library. So without any delays let’s get started.
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Insane Visuals

Insane Visuals

Admit it or not, Killzone 3 perhaps has the best visuals for a console game. When Uncharted 2 was released over a year ago, we were all wondering: “Man, nothing can beat this!” Well we are glad to report that we were wrong and Killzone 3 is one of the most amazing looking console games this generation. Guerrilla Games have done a great job of making the world of Helghan a colourful yet so fearful place.

Also check out one of the latest trailers from Killzone 3.

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  • Can’t wait until March 22nd when articles rise up titled ‘Crysis 2 vs Killzone 3’. Admit it, they’re coming!

    • Thatruth86

      Itll be to late i dnt think they need a comparison it would be pointless .. So yea but other then that crysis does look pretty good sp that is

  • dh4645

    thank you so much for the eye candy! all the reviews, screenshots, demo and beta have me so hyped for killzone 3 next week. so much so, that i am getting my version at midnight and taking the 22nd off from work. i think this is the most excited i’ve been for a game since rock band or uncharted 2.

  • lukepc92

    You had me at eye gouge.

  • The best thing about killzone 3 has to be the playstation move. It just fills so great to have accurate control in a console shooter!!!.

  • Pixolator

    Great article and sum it up well, it’s going to be a great game and even with just 1 map beta is giving me and my clan buddies lots of fun, can’t wait the release.

  • yodathe3rd

    awesome list for killzone 3 i can’t wait for this game it keeps looking better and better the last one that gun you showed that will be awesome. a new gun is always needed in the game to spice things up. And the added support with the sharpshooter will really make this game stand out from the pack.

  • noxtics

    I am excited about the changes to multiplayer and see what they have done with the single player. This year the ps3 has my attention for two games …this and twisted metal …I hope all the reviews i have read about this game are accurate.

  • aquaman22

    well now, 10 reasons why Killzone 3 was awesome……KILLZONE 2. That’s why Killzone 3 is awesome. KZ2 paved the way to what we’re about to experience next week. Gamingbolt I have a question, are you guys going to review the Sharp Shooter peripheral?? I’m dying to know how that baby works man, it looks fantastic. Because let me tell you although i appreciate what Hulst and his team over at guerilla have accomplished with the move, i just think with the peripheral will be better. Great screen shots people!!!

  • Lately I’ve been playing Killzone 3 Beta with the Move sharpshooter gun and I have to agree I’ll never go back to the norma l controller for this game. Playing with the Move is a whole new experience that cannot be had anywhere else. It literally puts you inside the game as if you are holding a real gun – it’s that good. It is also faster than using the normal controller. No doubt I will be playing Killzone 3 non-stop with my Move controller. I highly recommend everyone to try it out.

  • Thatruth86

    Funny news why is there a surprise obviously it can only be done on a ps3 disregarding the pc.. Best consol graphics ps3 n sony will always be best to me .. Great ten reasons but im sure theres plenty more .. Sighs dnt even think ill b able to buy the game since i havent pre ordered it money is tight but hey im excited i get to watch youtube videos lol

    • aquaman22

      YEs but PC will ALWAYS be better because of the hardware. Otherwise every game that comes out will look as sick as crysis did when it first came out. Does anyone remember that?? you needed like a SUPER computer to be able to run the game or else the game was demanded so much that if you’re computer wasn’t up to par it probably just caught fire trying to load the game lol. But yes i know how you feel dude i’m a sony fanboy for LIFE! as far as KZ3 goes, this is why we’re all here because the cheddar is tight these days lol. Aqua Out!!!

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  • kold

    ^^yea great 10 reasons
    but they’ve made some changes in the clan system….so the multiplayer still has hope for awesome clan matches
    and man meleeing the heghans is so satisfying in this game 😀

  • Thatruth86

    This game only onr reason to be awesome!! Ps3 exclusive lol get with it or Kill ur self “0

  • Shame the pic of the Helghast gouging out the ISA Marksman’s eyes never made it into the final release. Along with the KZ2 squad system shown in that pic.

  • jbg0623

    agreed, this game is one of the most visually stunning works of art I’ve seen……………..still nothing beats God of War 3. Sorry.

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