10 Videogame Franchises That Could Do With A Reboot

Sadly, in this world, all things must come to an end. Whether its your shift at work finally climaxing towards your inevitable freedom, or a truly life-changing cup of tea being slowly sipped away, all things must pass. The same can be said of certain game franchises to an extent, with the things we love about the first game in a series quickly losing their lustre three or four games down the line. Plenty of popular game series are getting to this point where things are just getting a bit stale.

Tomb Raider is but one example, a situation where the decision was made to reboot the franchise in the hope of reviving it. Whether this will pay off is yet to be seen, but there are plenty of other franchises that could do with a similar treatment in order to shake things up. Here’s ten that we reckon could do with a reboot.

Take a look here for more exciting features. Do you agree with the list above? Which video game franchises you think requires a reboot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • lwohead

    Totally agree with your assessment on all of these titles, Especially Final Fantasy. It has been a “steaming pile” since 7. While 7 was a ground breaking game with it’s visuals and scope, Square’s earlier entries had a certain magic that they’ve not been able to emulate since.

  • dakan45

    I dont get it.

    AssCreed 3 was more like skyrim than the previous games. Black ops 2 is a reboot as its one. Arguably you could sell it as a diffirent game since it has diffirent stlye and campaign and lets be honest most shooters just copy cod, moh mp, far cry 3 mp, crysis 2 mp, etc etc.

    Medal of honor and resident evil 6 are both reboots.

  • austin

    Uhh…you guys do know that Dead Space and Dead Space 2 are from the same developer right? They changed their name from EA Redwood Shores to Visceral.

  • http://twitter.com/IMojammer MattW

    Call of Duty is the only one I can comment on:

    I think a reboot on next gen consoles would be great for the Modern Warfare side of the series. A dream for me would be if they updated and expanded every level in CoD4, MW2 and MW3, and added some new missions to make a game with a single player that has 30+ hours of gameplay with only regular enemies (longer with hardened or veteran enemies). Add in survival on all the multiplayer maps from all three games, all the spec ops missions from MW2 and MW3, arcade mode for all campaign missions, chaos mode for a bunch of the maps… There are lots of possibilities.

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