10 Well Known Franchises That Went Down Hill

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If life has taught me anything, it’s that all things must pass. You can’t live the high life forever, and you can’t subsequently sit in a slump the whole time either. This particular lesson sadly applies to gaming franchises as well, with certain classic game series seeing a sad decline over the years. Join us as we set out to poke fun at ten well known franchises that have gone down hill over the years.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk put skateboarding on the map back when I was a kid for putting his name to the best skating franchise around. I guess he was a pretty good skater as well, but that became secondary to the powerhouse that was the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. The second game in particular is still revered as one of the best extreme sports titles ever, making the mediocrity of later Tony Hawk titles all the more painful. Whether it be the slightly misguided “comedy” of Underground 2 or the festering scatology that was the motion controlled Tony Hawk’s Ride, this series is well past its prime.

Sonic the Hedgehog

It’s easy to be damning of Sega’s ever persistent mascot, but I’m not going to sell Sonic too short. Though he’s had his ups and downs, he’s beginning to make a comeback with the surprising Sonic Colours last year and the recently rejuvenating experience of Sonic Generations. The numbers tell a different story though, with barely a handful of decent titles in the past decade being buried under a mountain of Hedgehog shaped turd. How can you really come back from 2006’s Sonic the Hedgehog?

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero spent what feels like decades at the precipice of popular culture. Fast Forward a few years though, and add a seemingly endless tide of games in the franchise, and interest just seems to have waned entirely. Without any additions to the core formula, the series had been taking a nose dive since 2007’s Guitar Hero 3. So many games were released in such a short space of time that the series seemed to cave in under its own weight, leading to its inevitable demise.

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  • I might have to disagree with Star Wars. While the force unleashed was not too good, the Lego ones are pretty popular and well rated. They may not be my cup of tea, but it is appealing to more than just kids as well. Not to mention TOR is coming out and the storyline(s) are pretty solid (did trooper and agent).
    I still play Empire at War because of the awesome modding community with mods like Thrawns Revenge, Republic at War, Clone Wars, etc.
    I would absolutely love the glory days of Tie Fighter and X-wing to return, as well as a good jedi game to come out again like Jedi Knight III as well as another Battlefront.

  • MB

    Uh, Square haven’t made a good Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy 6. ALL of the Final Fantasy games after that absolutely fucking SUCKED.

  • Finally someone that agrees that FF10 was the beginning of the end and not the last hoorah. FF10 introduced dog shit voiceover acting and protagonists that the player could not care less about. Conflicted mercenary? No. Mysterious lone wolf? No. Escaped slave? No. Tidus was a whiny entitled boy band reject playing on a semi-pro soccer team. That series derailed so hard since the ps2 and people act like it’s a classic. Please. If anyone needs me I’ll be playing a game that isn’t a hallway walking simulator.

    Also, Gaming Bolt? I wouldn’t be posting comments too quickly if the site would function.

  • Ich

    I fail to see how FFX was a plague, in fact, I think FFX did everything right. Compelling world and story, the endless level grind for weapons and levels that we come to expect from a FF game, and not to mention blitzball. Say what you will about it, but I found it to be a very good mini-game that they did not have to include, but I am glad they did. Not to mention the sphere-grid, probably one of the best systems in FF games. Much better then materia mashing, or, the broken magic system in 8.
    And if we want to attack characters, let’s take a look at one of the most ‘beloved’ FF games. and lets show their lackluster characters. First off, you want to talk whiny, let’s look at cloud. This guy is a constant pit of sorrow, that no one can fix. He’s like that annoying depressed friend, who just constantly sits in depression, even though he really has no reason. Tidus may seem whiny, but he had an actual reason to be. I would not be too fond of finding out I wasn’t (spoiler!) real either. And yet, unlike cloud, he accepts his fate at the end, and revels in it. Sorry, I could not get into playing eeyore for 70 hours.
    Then we got Barret, and what do we remember him for? Because they jumbled characters together, to make us titter like school girls and think to ourselves that he’s swearing. Oh boy. Then Cat sith.. mmm, a guy controlling robots, compelling. And then tifa, the girl that can’t get over the depressed guy. Wow, some worthwhile characters here.
    Now, I will agree since, Square has fucked up FF, and really, their whole business agenda. With all these spin-offs, and stumbling around, they have lost sight of what made their fans happy. Worthwhile FF games, and solid Kingdom Heart games. These spin-offs are driving everyone insane. Do we really need 3 different 13? Even after the fact everyone hated 13? Believe me, I am not a fan of playing a 35 hour tutorial either.
    Alls im saying, is that FFX was not the downfall, nor am I saying it was the last hooray. I just think that after FFX and Kingdom Hearts 2… Square Enix has no clue what the fuck it was doing.


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