13 Exclusive Xbox One Games To Look Forward To In 2014

There are plenty of great titles coming to the Xbox One in 2014. If you’re planning on getting one there’s a lot to took forward to.

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November is a big month for Microsoft. In about two weeks we’ll be seeing the release of the Xbox One. The highly anticipated, yet controversial console has met with it’s share of roadblocks in the months before it’s release, but with most of those issues fading quickly in the memories of gamers there isn’t much more to do but wait.

Even though the console is hitting the shelves with some good titles, unfortunately Xbox fans may have to wait until sometime in the new year to get some of the games that they’ve been waiting for; in some cases even before E3. 2014 is going to be a busy year for the new console as it starts to build an all new and impressive library of games for itself. While there are plenty of games coming out on launch, there may be a few games listed below that you’re interested in pre-ordering, or maybe just checking into.

Note: This list consists of console, timed and Xbox platform exclusives. 

1. Project Spark

Project Spark seems to be the LittleBigPlanet of the next generation and is one of the most important titles for Microsoft in 2014. Using a digital canvas, players can create games and movies, features which play a central element in the experience provided by the Xbox One. Project Spark will allow players to design even the most miniature objects in the game, distinguishing itself from the likes of LittleBigPlanet.

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  • Slay

    Xbox one is godly.

    • Guest

      its on pc

  • Mrteapot

    I been debating heavily on PS or xbox back and forth, when it came down to it i love halo and gears. Killzone looks awesome but I’ll regret missing out on these games. Titanfall also being a great clincher.
    Great single player games on Sony but fps is all xbox

    • Sam “Squid” Dullard


    • Replace fps with “Multiplayer”

  • merwanor

    Some of these games are not really Xbox exclusive though, as some of them is also coming to PC… For instance Titanfall.

    • LegendaryH1tman

      Yes and no merwanor. Xbox One is a media device that plays games created by Microsoft. One of Americas biggest software and computer companies. So are some of these games exclusive to the console itself? for some yes and others no. But one thing remains they are exclusive to Microsoft. And that in its self is a WIN for Xbox.

    • LupineMP3j

      I’m afraid you’re wrong. The fact that Microsoft makes Windows is not relevant here, because Windows is an OS for personal computers, and not a gaming platform. Microsoft has no contract with Respawn or EA for Windows, and gains nothing by having Titanfall on Windows, except another tally on a vast list of compatible software–and the fact that there are rumblings suggesting a possible future launch on Mac OS X supports that.

    • Failz

      Respawn has a deal with MS so only MS products can have Titanfall, explains why its not on Mac etc. Having a game like Titanfall on Windows promotes the software even more and leads to more sales. Win for MS not matter how you try to twist it.

    • TotallyNotGlenn

      Most games are not on Mac, etc. No one buys Windows just because it has a particular game on it. It’s an operating system for a personal computer, the most popular operating system in the world at that, and even comes preinstalled on most computers. None of this has a thing to do with Windows software sales.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Xbone has no games.

    • you are an idiot

      PS-bore has no games.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Silly billy, you mean Xbone.

    • William Woodall

      you mean nintendo boneDs

  • Jdnevs

    You forget dead rising 3

    • Demon

      That was a launch title so it wouldn’t have been on this list.

  • timothytripp

    I really hate to say it but there is nothing exclusive coming for XB1 that I want to play other than Titanfall and Halo (the latter not coming until 2015 I think). That’s terrible. I already bought a PS4 and have been really happy with both cross-platform (AC4, Battlefield 4, CoD:Ghosts) and exclusive (Killzone, Resogun, Contrast) games so far, but I’m thinking of getting an XB1 for Titanfall in March and it’s really difficult since that’s the ONLY game I can only play on XB1 that I care about in 2014. I don’t like Ryse or Dead Rising 3, and Forza looks great but I’m not a huge racing fan. Fable has been SO hit or miss the last few releases… Microsoft really needs more releases from companies like 343 Studios. They just need to pump billions into new studios and fix this problem. I’ve always been an XBox and XBox 360 fan but it’s still a $500 purchase and especially considering there’s an Alienware Steambox coming later this year that’ll probably cost somewhere around that amount (that will also presumably play Titanfall, possibly better than the XB1) it’s not an easy decision…

    • Andrew Damion Stibor

      don’t do it man. I bought xbox1 for the same reason. titan fall. not im looking at their library of games wondering how i could be so stupid. I basically paid over five hundred bucks to play one game. Because there are no more. exclusives anyways. I already have a ps4 and have the big third party games for it. plus, ps4 releases free to play games every couple weeks. and not just rinky dink games like pac man or whatever. like real games. I have about 8 on my console I got completely free. that plus the fact that the kinect sucks, (unresponsive and klunky) it’s made the decision to return it pretty easy for me. save your money and get an ps4 or if you already have one put it towards a new sick tv or something. xbox1 fails.

    • timothytripp

      Since my post I decided to pick up an XB1 and got Titanfall. I REALLY wanted to play Titanfall and upgrading my PC would have cost more than the XB1 so I went ahead. Yes it was a lot of money but I haven’t had this much fun playin a shooter since Halo 3. I rented Forza 5 from Gamefly and ended up loving it too. I’m still disappointed in Microsoft’s lineup for the next several months but they hit a gold mine making Titanfall exclusive (EA made a huge mistake but it’s a great deal for Microsoft whatever they paid). I’m more impressed with the new Kinnect than I expected, although they need to make an updated “Hole In The Wall” game for it and give it to everyone digitally so people start loving it instead of bashing it (that was the only Kinnect 360 game everyone that played it at our house loved.

      I’d buy it again, especially now that the bundle w/free Titanfall is available.

    • havocsvu

      I decided to get both systems. I had a lot of trades but it worked out. I love the xb1,. So far as I see sony has a lot exclusive coming out within this this and multi plats is a must. But u made the right decision so don’t let no one messed that up for you. congratz

  • Munky

    Project Spark, Quantim Break, Sunset Overdrive ane D4 all look very promising. Then you got the usual 3 heavy hitters. Halo, Gears of War, and Fable. As it stands right now, Xbone has more of I’m looking for as far as games go but time will tell. I love Resistance and Uncharted and would love to play next gen versions of those games. I’m not upgrading anytime soon, im just going to see how the first year unfolds.

  • Halit Erdogan

    Quantum- sunset- Halo so Excited!!!

  • JBrown

    All these games are booty

  • Guest

    Hmm, XBOX ONE has more games than PS4 or Wii U. Yet, PS4 sells more and XBOX ONE sells worse than Wii U. PS4 has less games than Wii U and $100 more expensive, yet PS4 sells more. What? This Generation is just weird. I will just stick to my PC/3DS for now and wait some more, not really missing much.


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