13 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Final Fantasy 15

Is Square-Enix back on top after a few back steps from past entries in this beloved series?

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Square-Enix is at it again with Final Fantasy XV. Set in a world based on the realities of our own, Square have set out to define this generation’s RPG standard. With stunning graphics, gameplay, massive monsters, towering Summons and fantastical sites to behold, Final Fantasy XV is readying up to take the world by storm. Or so they hope.

With past Final Fantasy games such as XIII being a back step to many fans around the world, will XV be any different? Will it set the bar higher like Square-Enix intends for it to? The demo/beta was a first step that proved they had at least learned something from past mistakes in XIII. Let’s take a look at 13 awesome things about Final Fantasy XV that many gamers may not know yet.

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Renting Chocobos

This isn’t too strange of a concept as it’s been done in past Final Fantasy games. Chocobos, those cute, yellow (mostly), fluffy, tall, chick-birds that are often used to span large distances in a matter of moments will be rentable in Final Fantasy XV. So start saving up those Gil! My next question is: Why!!? Why, does Square-Enix insist on making all their creatures adorable and fluffy!? I know why! To get me to buy all the over priced merchandise. Well played, Square-Enix.

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  • lulzprime

    Stopped on the first page. Gamingbolt is here with a jolt of idiocy again. Moogles were just confirmed for FFXV.

    You idiots are killing journalism.

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  • Them

    On top? Sounds like from behind :/

  • Christopher Sharpe

    Everything about this game looks awful to me. I’ve never been so bored gaming as I was playing episode duscae. Awful and frustrating battle sytem, dull characters, bland environments despite what everyone else is saying. SE seem desperate to make a western RPG so have gutted everything that made final fantasy great in an effort to chase the western market. Final fantasy is truly dead at this point

  • mph23

    Honestly, I’d probably like it better if the series returned to its turn-based roots, but (of course) had updated visuals for current gen consoles. There’s PLENTY of ARPGs to play.

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