15 Gameplay Features The Last Guardian Can Borrow From Popular Games

What can The Last Guardian learn to leap from last gen game to current gen phenomenon?

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A lot has changed since The Last Guardian was announced way back in 2007 for PlayStation 3. Games have made leaps and bounds over simplified old-school mechanics we see in early PS3/Xbox 360 games. That leaves worry in some peoples eyes when it comes to one of the most anticipated games (reintroduced) at E3.

Questions regarding gameplay, style, controller mechanics, and so much more have often been asked when bringing a game like The Last Guardian into a generation of gaming it was never met to reach. How will Team Ico and Sony brave together to create another master piece in this beloved series dating back to Ico on Playstaion 2 in 2001?

Here is our list of 15 gameplay features The Last Guardian can borrow from popular games to keep it up to date with current gen mechanics. Allowing it to be forever indented into our lives.

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Many popular games utilize co-op as a form of social interaction. A way to enjoy a game with friends and family to experience a whole new world together. The Last Guardian is about a boy and a very large dog-bird-animal– does that not sound natural to have one player as the boy and the other as the animal? This could make for perfect couch co-op or even with friends from around the world online.

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  • Chet Wilson

    The genius of Ico and SotC came from their simplicity and art design.

    You are confusing gimmicks with innovations.

    Just about every idea you posted is exactly what went wrong with gaming the last 10 years. The game really doesn’t need multiplayer, leaderboards, hidden collectibles, ‘side’ quests, ‘crafting’, dialogue wheels, stealth mechanics, random ancient history puzzles, parkour/animal talent trees, inventory, or starvation.

    If a game doesn’t have those features that you see a lot in games these days, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it, nor does it imply in anyway that it would be improved by their addition. I personally would feel the entire experience cheapened.

  • Chris Chan

    I can’t help but agree with previous poster to some extent. In particular I found issue with the mention of “isolation” being a bad thing. Both previous titles depended on that motif. Now within the article are several explicit mentions and qualifications concerning the speculative nature of the content here which was appreciated. That said, to say Last Guardian is going to be slow paced is maybe overdoing it. We just don’t know! Also, the 2009ish trailer did make stealth seem a possibility, but if it requires extra buttons or items on the HUD, no thanks. No need to worry about puzzles either, it’s kinda what they do!

    I too hope to see, as stated, a reason to explore the woods or the beach or what have you. The sheer beauty of sotc worked for a good long while and several playthroughs, but I would like some gear and customization opportunities while maintaining a low key interface. That said, str8 f@&# a bunch of coins.
    Mechanics, visuals and general atmosphere seemed the main focus of shadow, and I’d imagine the new title will be similar in its finite focus. However, let us not start underestimating these guys and gals just yet. They did sorta change the game industry at least once now.

  • Joachim Hoff


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