15 Most Annoying Video Game Voices That Will Make You Break Your TV

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Video games aren’t necessarily cinema but they’re home to some of the most fascinating performances you’ll ever see. Heavyweights like Nolan North, Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, David Hayter, Jon St. John and many more have done wonders to bring their characters to life. However, there will always be that certain set of characters that are annoying no matter who’s behind the veil. Let’s take a look at the most annoying video game voices that will make you want to scream.

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Slippy (Star Fox)

Would Slippy be as irritating, constantly asking you for help, if he didn’t have that voice? If there’s one thing Slippy taught me, it’s that children seem to be brought on to voice the most annoying characters and I’m a horrible person for wanting to punch them all. But seriously, if you haven’t wanted to mute Slippy and let him die in a Star Fox title, you’re clearly doing something wrong.

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  • Trinity

    This article would’ve been much better IF THEY MENTIONED THE GAMES THE CHARACTERS WERE FOUND IN if I didn’t want to watch the video!!

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