15 Reasons Why All The Criticism Towards The Order 1886 Is Unjustified

Why The Order could go on to define a new genre of gaming.

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There are plenty of games coming and going as the days pass by. It’s almost a lazing lull if you look at it that way. In that tranquil moment when you’re hazily moving over one title and the other comes a sprightly one that catches your fancy like never before and enraptures you with it’s splendour. The Order: 1886 was one such title that was announced at the E3 2013. Not much was known about it back then – not that a lot is even now – but the fact that such an obscure amount of information was able to create such a buzz and made an entry with a different kind of elan altogether says a lot about what a game’s developers have put into making something of such calibre.

Now of course games like these are subjected to the criticism and appreciation like other games are, but such games manage to receive all the good and the bad in isolation. The become more than just a passing title that catches someone’s fancy; they tend to become something very definite and striking. What makes us think that The Order: 1886 is capable of such an upheaval, while filling Sony’s cradle with goodies and manage to be the sole most staggering title of 2015? Well, here are 15 things that we managed to spot. Even so, only time will tell if “The work which has become a genre unto itself shall be called: The Order 1886 ” applies to the said game.

15. The Game’s Set In Victorian England

the order 1886

It’s common talk that the game has drawn oodles of fascinated eyes to it sheerly of the fact that the game is based in Victorian England. One reason for such hype over the setting of the game is that no other game has taken to this particular historical timeline on such a big scale and moulded it to fit their view, to make a game of this sort. The time also was that of the Industrial Revolution, so there’ll be plethora of things to explore and dote upon. It’s not a bad reason to look forward to the game. At all.

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  • doom guy

    My biggest worry is that they have already downgraded [a overused term I agree] the graphics somewhat. Mainly the polygons on the characters.

    • d0x360

      It’s most likely that they disabled tesselation to help boost the frame rate but I wouldn’t worry too much they still have time to optimize things like that before release.

    • Batnut1992

      That is not a downgrade. All they really did was switch the outfits that were utilized in the earlier build, those are suits they use for more stealth-based missions which makes sense, not to mention the upper build actually looks better. http://i1.wp.com/gearnuke.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/the-order-comp-1.png?resize=788%2C530

  • d0x360

    I think most criticism is directed at the fact that the gameplay itself looks very generic. The graphics are absolutely stunning, the setting is great the creature design is great but gameplay wise it doesn’t appear to bring anything new to the table.

    That being said I’ll still buy it lol.

    • demfax

      Most Playstation gamers love story heavy cover shooters like Uncharted and Last of Us. It’s just the usual blind hate towards an exclusive game.

  • Mark

    Running, brain hungry zombies is more scary than a talking monster imo. Lol. It’s that much worse when u can’t bargain with a creature to quit biting u.

  • Richard Terry Clark

    LOL…You people seriously are delusional about motion capture and it’s results.


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