15 Reasons Why PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn Has The Potential To Be The Horror Game of the Generation

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Horror games in the recent past have seen an almost relentless recycling of the same concepts over and over again which has resulted in gamers all around turning a sore eye to even new launches. Very few have managed to garner enough interest of the gaming community to be worthy of discussions on forums and otherwise.

Until Dawn had started its journey as a PS3 game but had largely been treated with a tepid response. It was then that the developers had decided to go back to mangling their hair some more to come up with an enrapturing and thrilling experience. It is out of that effort that we were presented with a PS4 title with the same name as before, but with much more in store for us. Using generic themes in an ingenuous manner, the developers may very well have come up with a definitive horror title that would be there to stay for a while. Here’s why.

15. Shadow Fall Engine

Until Dawn

Until Dawn looks excellent in every graphical aspect, and this the game owes to the Shadow Fall engine that it utilises. Creating the right ambience is one of the primal tasks for a horror game to be successful and that, the game manages to do nicely.

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  • Starman

    Give me a break , …not one , not 2 but , all PS4 /PS3 games are waaaaaay over hyped , stop it already , every game that’s exclusive to sony … is all mighty … i’m sick of it .

    • Gaikai

      because sony makes amazing games most of the time at least, That’s why they tend to be a bit over hyped and Unlike others console manufactures sony isn’t afaird to take risks and try new things that’s why PS4/PS3 has such a big diversity of exclusive games

    • Knightly Crusade

      I’m sorry but the truth can’t be stopped.

    • thecman25

      um they are not over hyped they are all amazing

  • d0x360

    I think this looks incredibly boring. First there is no discovery. Everything in the environment that you can interact with is highlighted. It also looks like it uses tired tropes for its scares. Worst of all the characters already are annoying as ****. Last but not least it’s a movie game like beyond two souls.

    When reading about this I was pretty excited. Then I started watching gameplay videos and I quickly decided I’ll be passing. If the graphics weren’t so good looking nobody would give this game a single moments attention.

  • spideynut71

    So….apparently the author doesn’t think Silent Hills will release this generation. >.>

  • mph23

    You won’t know s**t until it comes out. I seem to remember a game being hyped a while back that was all about ‘the butterfly effect’ with tons of role-playing and how every decision mattered…It was called Fable. We all know what happened there. It was still an OK game, but it couldn’t and didn’t come close to the hype or promises made by the developer.

    Also, Ouija boards are stupid.

  • oskamikey

    Terrible grammar in this article…

  • greyzeb

    hmph. not really convinced. I doubt if we are being entertained when we have to choose between dumb options (“explore the really dark shack alone” vs “explore the really mysterious swamp, and yes alone”) as most of the teenager thriller movies seem to do. but still maybe it is worthy to just wait.

  • ZeaLocKe

    Friday the 13th the videogame? :O

  • Razzfazz87

    Potential Spoilers, skip entire post, ya crybabies.
    15. Engines get better during a generation. Games later have a lot of potential to surpass this. (Besides, while great in design, the graphics of the background aren’t too good under scrutiny.)
    14. Makes it pretty much annoying for anyone past puberty to listen to the characters.
    13. – 11. are actually one single point stretched out and while well done and lending the game replayability large sections still will be the same. This kills the “best horror” part of the argument.
    10. It’s more the “snowy woods” that make it fresh. You don’t get the feeling of being on a mountain and a lot of the more unsettling settings are actually a mental institution and caves. Not very novel at all.
    9. Really? REALLY? A cliche as a reason this horror game will beat all other horror games coming in the next 4-6 years?
    8. Well okay, I agree that the story is more intense when you get to see more views on it BUT it breaks the tension because you get disconnected from the characters a lot and often enough with a cliffhanger so cheesy I checked whether I had some stale foods.
    7. Can be viewed as a single point but it’s a direct result from 13-11 so this is just a bit more stretching. Though I like the concept.
    6. Basically a statement that it’s not a failure and also like any other horror game that isn’t a failure.. So the argument is a failure because we just gave any other horror game to come that doesn’t fail the same one.
    5. Industry standard. Has been for quite a while. While it’s done extremely well, we are “next” gen, remember?
    4. Fair point and I fully agree.
    3. The point made is weak. But the game sound is great. You just pressed the wrong *cough*iphoneisexpensivesoitsbest*cough* aspect of it.
    2. It’s a teen horror trope. It’s been in TV for decades and outside of the USA it’s pretty much not interesting at all. Though it did open up the aspect of supernatural events just to point to the fake ones. Nice misdirection from the developers.
    1. Jump scare, jump scare, jump scare, jump scare.. we don’t get to the psychological part until the last third of the game and it’s quickly replaced by action horror, where you need to make quick decisions. It actually didn’t feel like a horror game at all until after the Ouija scene. The long walks and the frequent empty discoveries let my pulse drop down to a comfortable 70 and the jump scares don’t get my pulse up since they are so frequent, not getting one is actually scarier but not many obvious occasions were left out.

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