15 Reasons Why Sony And Microsoft Need To Launch PS4 And Xbox One Slim

Technological rivalry galore!

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Innovation and technology these days is very transient. It doesn’t take an awful while for something new to become obsolete. But things don’t necessarily have to be obsolete; sometimes just a smidgen of improvement is needed to set the pace of things. In light of Microsoft and Sony went about coming out with the Slim versions of their consoles, there seems to be no cause for them to not do the same for the current generation of consoles.

But why would we need a slimmer version of the Xbox One and the PS4 anyway? There are more than a handful of reasons.

15. Lightweight

Mini Xbox One 3D print

Oh look! A Penny!

The logic behind a slimmer version of consoles is to not only to flatter it out more, but to reduce component sizes or component placement or even changing the components used themselves. In any case, a lighter console using different materials is desired since toting it about would be much easier, no matter how trivial the travel distance.

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  • iMan Vious

    hmm, I wonder why my earlier comment is being held for approval.

  • iMan Vious

    very childish on your part.

  • LGK

    The part where you said MS could make a more powerful console, yeah that won’t happen. If MS made a change on the hardware it would make all previous XO games unusable on the new Xbox, and all new games would be useless on the old hardware.

    • Guest

      Actually NO, not at all. MS sure as h3ll CAN (Xbox Two) make a new console and keep it completely compatible with the Xbox One software. Their OS is already basically Windows OS x86 and their APIs have no specifics that can’t make them compatible with different hardware. As long as they keep software being released mandatorily backwards compatible with lower settings on the Xbox One, then there wouldn’t be any problem.

    • LGK

      That would basically mean that devs would have to make two different console versions for a game (xbox one and two) to match the different specs. Also, if MS made a new console that would be like backstabbing all those who bought the XO.

      It would have been devastating for the Xbox brand if MS pulled a stunt like this.

  • jacksjus

    With Sony selling at a record pace they don’t need to do anything with the system now. I would prefer they reinforce the build quality on the controller if anything.

    • Chris Harrison

      1TB Console has been released, I guess that’s going to be the only update for a while other than price reductions.

    • jacksjus

      I’m still waiting on that new controller considering I just picked up my 4th replacement DS4.

      By the way 1TB is now just half the headache when you think about it. Haha!


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