15 Reasons Why Star Citizen Needs To Launch On PS4 And Xbox One

It could be the biggest game ever. Here’s why it needs be on consoles.

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Cloud Imperium Games’ founder, Christopher Roberts has repeatedly made it clear that Star Citizen would hold on to no compromises when it comes to the game’s experience. But considering the ambitious scale of the game and what the creators mean to deliver, the game’s requirements are may be beyond the realm of even mid-range PC games.

In the scenario where Star Citizen manages to relent and actually mean to accommodate the not so hard-core gamers and above average PC users, here are a few reasons as to why Star Citizen should be on the new gen consoles.

15. Console market is huge


The new gen consoles have a huge fan base as of now and that has to work in favour of a game that is on to tackle such an immense audience.

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  • Bjørn Sandåker

    Star Citizen on cosoles won’t happen. Period. And it’s not CIG’s fault, it’s not San Andreas fault either, but primarily Sony’s and Microsoft’s platform policies.

    These policies don’t allow CIG to release the game and updates as CIG want, and to the price they want, and they won’t allow CIG to communicate with their customers the way they want.

    Second, it’s the fact that console hardware isn’t up to playing the game. Chris Roberts isn’t interested to nerf the game’s quality so it can be played on consoles.

    Third, CIG doesn’t want to use development resources and money on a console port, when it can use these resources and money on developing the PC version further.

    Chris Roberts has not ruled out consoles entirely. He’s said that some restrictions can be overcomed. If Sony and/or Microsoft pays him to port the console, allow CIG to manage releases and updates to the prices they want, and allow CIG to communicate with their customers the way they want, then he’s willing to consider it.


    PC port for consoles? Sure.

    But do it with YOUR money, not mine. Set up a Pledge for an independent studio to do it.

    Also: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/2k3cs3/peasants_are_getting_desperate_repost_from/

  • JJtoob

    “Star Citizen is essentially a PC game.”
    No. It is a PC game.


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