15 Reasons Why VR Gaming Is Setting Itself Up For Failure

VR may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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The big fad at the moment seems to be trending around Virtual Reality such as Oculus Rift and Sony’s VR headset. Behind these works of scientific accomplishment lie decades of research through these fields even before these devices. From the perspective of the collective audiences who’ve had a chance to demo these devices, it seems nothing short of praise and a promising virtual-filled future we are bound to visit often.

However, before a single leap forward there are always several steps back. From faulty visors, to heavy wires, even glitch filled software and a community all for these that is still very niche; this is our list of our top 15 reasons on how or why our promised virtual future could simply not exist.


British television presenter Rachel Riley shows a virtual-reality headset called Gear VR during an unpacked event of Samsung ahead of the consumer electronic fair IFA in Berlin, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

This will more than likely be the largest benefactor in this race to VR. A strategic price point where anyone can jump in (to an extent) is crucial for getting VR off the ground. Technology in general is tricky to price. Often times, prices are set very high (for example 4K TVs were ranging from $10,000 to nearly $100,000 in their first year) and often left only for early adopters to determine how much it’s worth. This trend has been established throughout this current high tech era with TVs, DVD players and their movies, etc. Ultimately, this running start could be a stumble and fall.

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  • Avinash Tyagi

    VR will fail for the Price, lack of games and the fact that it’s one goggle per player

    It won’t attract families, since each kid will want to play and the price will be too high to justify getting each kid their own

    • nikademus

      just like the price of a Playstation/Nintendo/xBox stopped people from playing games and families didn’t buy one because both their kids would want to play at the same time.

    • Avinash Tyagi

      Your argument is deeply flawed

      Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo are all Multiplayer systems (you can have multiple controllers per console)

      And they aren’t addons, they are complete systems on their own, no need for extra hardware.

      VR goggles are neither

      You need a goggle for each person, two people can’t play at the same time on one.

      And VR goggles require either a computer or a Console, meaning they are an added price, which most parents will not shell out for (heck most adults won’t shell out for the addon price).

    • nikademus

      They are no different than buying a new monitor or TV. It is a display, nothing else. More advanced than others sure, but it is a display unit. Until you have tried one on and played a game designed around VR you will not understand. If you do try on and still do not fall in love with it, fine. Nobody is saying you HAVE to buy one. Plenty of people will purchase the Occulus or one of its competitors.

      If you want split screen co-op then play a game on a console, PC games for the most part are NOT designed with people watching in mind. The person PLAYING the game is the only one that the devs care about. Do you really thing they code their game with someone else watching in mind?

      And i am sure that once the occulus comes out there will be hardware or software to allow you to send the image to another monitor for others to watch what you are seeing/doing, but again that is secondary to what the PLAYER sees. Price for ANY new tech is always high for the early adopters. But just like everything else it will drop in price after a year or so and be closer to what the average person might be willing to spend on one.

    • Avinash Tyagi

      Only one person can view through the goggles

      Lots of people can watch one TV.

      So the two things are different

      It may do okay on the PC, but most of Gaming’s big games are made for console these days.

      This isn’t about loving or hating it, it’s about how successful it will be

      Just like 3D TV, it will fail because of its limitations and price

      It will only drop in price enough if it becomes a huge success, that is unlikely

  • RawBlare

    Well, Project Morpheus deals away with price & wire problems, not sure about weight, and appearance/size isn’t that bad. Graphic intensive & engaging games are also rolling out (see: London Heist). Lessons we learned this century include the fact that things can develop at a much faster pace than we anticipate.

    Thinking of the possible (likely) virtual world addiction, maybe AR, like what Microsoft displayed in E3, would be a more worthwhile endeavor: it could encourage you to step away from your chair and either have your fun on the go (along with work or exercise) or share your still relatively private experience with select people anywhere (imagine only you and your friends can see a fighting match your game characters are having on an empty sidewalk, or study your carefully designed custom character in lifesize 3D.) It also has more potential use outside of gaming.

    I don’t think appearance matters that much in this regard. I doubt any VR headset was designed with “the outside” in mind, and frankly, using any form of controller to play games looks like you’re playing with a toy (and you technically are), not a very dignified look :/

    Interesting points though.

  • nikademus

    VR is about as dead as Slideshow articles….

  • Artus Sharpe

    I had to check the date on this article several times simply because it seemed like I was reading something that had been written a year ago not a month ago. Honestly if you want to properly assess if something is going to die you might want to actually get your information about the technology updated and in several cases, correct.

  • Higgens

    It will remain niche for a looong while yet.

  • Hitchslapped

    “I wear a stereo headset when playing a game to keep noise down. What is most aggravating is not only how hot it gets over my ears during summer time, but how heavy it begins to feel over my head.” So you not only are unable to buy a good set of headphones that don’t cook your ears, you also have the strength of a toddler.

  • Hitchslapped

    Jesus, what a truly moronic article. A lot of this is just asking questions that have been answered if you took some bloody time to research this sh*t.

    • The problem here I see is not really the budget, but something that has been on my mind for a while and that is only for first person. I understand the reason why, but without topdown third person or any other angle that is not first person it gets kinda dull as time goes on knowing that you can Only make first person games (I have just looked at page six now. I thought it didn’t any other pages at first.) however there is a way to solve and that is simply make the headset a camera.

    • Hitchslapped

      Are you sure this reply was meant for me?

    • I didn’t look at all the pages when I was starting that comment. It was meant to be for you and the developers.

  • Old Man Grump

    I think the author remembers Virtual Boy and thinks its still 1990.
    Im old too. but I saw how my age class “elders react to VR” on youtube. and what samples we saw of Playstation VR, you my author friend are more ignorant than I am. lol

  • chris9465

    VR is the next generation kinect no games and no real reason to exist….but its cool isn’t? no not really….VR is a 100yrs away….

  • sol666 .

    My view on VR sets in no particular order:
    1) I don’t see VR as very useful tools…not for gamers and ordinary digital consumer anyway.
    2) In an age when people are scrambling to get their own 4k display that are finally affordable, VR sets is a step back both technologically and from a consumer point of view.
    3)VR is a bulky power hungry display with loads of wires between it and the gaming rig (normal PC don’t meet system req.) that u strap to ur face only to feel not only claustrophobic but also realize it is not as sharp as ur 1440p or 4k display (this matters a lot my next point will explain)…..u might feel more comfortable strapping 27 inch monitor to ur face….more graphical fidelity.

    4) Anyone ever play the game “Murdered:Soul suspect”? well if u have u will know what I am talking about. The game was beautiful in every way until u played it for a few minutes and then the nausea and stabbing pain in the eye kicks in! no! it wasn’t flashing lights or a low fps….the basic problem with the game was the graphic it self which felt blurry to the eyes no matter how far u sat from the display (some moron thought blurry outlines on the character made him look more ghost like). Hence we move to high def displays to reduce stress on the eyes (The eyes automatically compensate for jaggies and blurred graphics but there is only so much the eyes can handle). But VR for some reason are all 1080p max and if that isn’t disappointing then imagine staring at it up close…..blurs, jags and all.

    5) It is true that VR is not all that bad…..heck we remember when no one could afford 4k and now almost everyone can buy it. VR will eventually get within reach of the consumer but for that to happen it must have a massive demand. I can see those few Niche gamers with money to burn buying it but thats about it…it is too bulky and too primitive technologically to compel most mainstream gamers to get it.

    6) Consider ur 4k display could move camera around if u moved ur head from side to side…..would u do it?….gamers are not thrilled with the idea of using their mental stamina for unnecessary physical movements. The matter is not even up for debate when u have a 1 pound device strapped to ur face. My idea of a good VR device is a 4k display on my eyes and no physical movement of the neck required to move camera…..I wonder if the developers get that!

    7) I play all genre of games as long as they are entertaining but what genre does VR do best….answer: only one….First person! it is good for airship dogfights and maybe first person shooters and survivals…..other then that it is useless trash. Other games can’t really gain any advantage in a VR that runs on 1080p. so it has very limited applications for a gamer unless u are a super airship simulator fan. I can totally imagine someone using it in NASA for a realtime mars mission safari….but I find no reason for a gamer to use something like this.

    8)Finally the biggest reason…in business and technology there is a saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” well that phrase applies almost anywhere, the point is currently veteran game developers and those that are fresh out of the university all know how to program for a normal monitor display…basically it does not even require much programming anymore as the display system programming has been perfected and streamlined over the last 20 years. This is not the first time VR has been out in the market but it was shelved because of all the reasons above so now it is being added to the list of programmable devices from scratch…people have to build codes for it from the ground up….and that generally means a lot of errors, glitches and bad scripts. I can only see a few programmers (John Carmack being one of them) willing to risk their reputation on it but for most others they will wait for the masters to pave the yellow brick road before they try coding these monstrosities.

    It may have been too soon to release VR to public, it wasn’t given enough though by the companies or they would not have released it with tech that is decades behind current conventional monitor displays.

  • Dave

    VR is total garbage, no amount of PR / free games will deal with the biggest flaw of wearing a huge display on your head !

    imagine that for a moment cause I remember people just said no to 3d Glasses and now we have no glasses 3d tv and people still ignoring them,

    also people are still not over the garbage games that come for the wii and that stupid motion controller,

    when PS5 comes out watch how it will not support VR just like PS4 did not support 3D games after PS3,

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