15 Video Game Endings That Teased Sequels Which Never Happened

Some game endings just left us wanting more but didn’t deliver.

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Ever played a game with a great story that looked like it would continue into the future but just didn’t? We’ve all been there, wondering when our favourite game would get a sequel. Sadly, some games tease and end up never seeing a continuation. Let’s take a look at 15 such titles.

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Half Life 2: Episode 2

We might as well get the big one out of the way. Half-Life 2: Episode 2 saw the resistance creating a rocket that ultimately closed the Combine portal, thus limiting the aliens from calling reinforcements. As Gordon and Alyx are setting out for the Borealis, two Advisors suddenly arrive and kill Eli Vance. Though our heroes are ultimately saved by D0g, the episode ends with a cliff-hanger. All these years and some artwork teasing the Borealis but still no Episode 3, forget Half-Life 3.

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