20 Graphically Insane Games to Look Forward to in 2012

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Games get more daring and intelligent each year, and I don’t just mean in terms of AI and technical innovations. Having written a series of features already on what to expect from 2012, I approached this particular feature with a sense of dread, expecting nothing more than coining a list of highly similar games where graphics become more of a contest than a method of expression. 2012 is lifting my spirits though, as my research has reminded me of the wealth of intriguing and visually original titles that await us in new year. Here’s 20 of them for your perusal.


The original Warhawk was fun but as a purely multiplayer experience, it lacked the polish and sheen that other contemporary titles were receiving. Starhawk looks set to be a different case however, with a full single player component, buttery smooth visuals and, of course, the same awesome multiplayer that Warhawk was renowned for.

Touch My Katamari

The wacky and disproportionate worlds of Katamari have been absent from our lives for too long, (in the west at least) prompting glee at the recent news that Touch My Katamari will be a PS Vita launch title in the US and Europe. There are going to be some flashier games on release day that may better use the system’s capabilities but, if you fancy a bit of colour and life in your games, then Katamari can do no wrong.

Mass Effect 3

Not a lot of people rant and rave about the awesome graphics of the Mass Effect series, most likely because they’re too busy getting sucked into the game’s gripping story. Though people are mainly looking forward to Mass Effect 3 so they can put the epic trilogy to rest, don’t think that it won’t look the part as well. Expect the world of Mass Effect to be brought to life just as well as last time.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands surprised a lot of people when it hit stores back in 2009. It seemingly came out of nowhere and grabbed gamers with its addictive gameplay and quirky cel-shaded visuals. With Boarderlands 2 ready to ravish our time once more next year, expect the graphics to get even more impressive and creative. And there’ll be a lot more loot along the way of course.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII was linear, and a decided step down from previous iterations of the Final Fantasy series, but lord did it look good. If XIII-2 can correct the flaws of its predecessor, then it will hopefully make the graphics stand out even more as part of a well rounded package. If the graphics can get even better as well, then I can’t even begin to imagine the visual feast we’ll have waiting for us in 2012.

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  • How can you make such a list and not include Metro: Last Light, a game which will absolutely destroy at least 90% of the games on your list in terms of graphics?

  • Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Fez, GTA5 and Bioshock Infinite will be the true jewels on that list. Maybe Far Cry 3 will impress me as well. The rest we will have to see.

  • You forgot Hitman Absolution.

  • no metro = instant fail

    simple as that

  • apart from all the trash list:

    Maxy Payn 3
    Far Cry 3
    Kuni no Kuni
    Last of Us
    Bioshock inifn

    the rest are just average graphical looking game:/

    but holy damn! That game Fez shows a NEW way of playing Side Scroller!
    Wow…this is something i like to see all the time, innovative way of changing game genres.

    Side scrollers always pitching you going to the right while the whole stage and platforms are 2d static. But in this game you can shift the position of the platform as well as stage and get a different side view!

    Its such a shame the devs will not get recogonised for coming up with a ground breaking feature nor other devs using this unique new method.

  • almost all of those look bad. doesn’t mean they will be bad, but they look meh
    mass effect has terrible graphics, it always had, but you know its a bandwagon game, it should look amazing the the lack of content in the game.
    farcry 3 looks good, but will suck just like farcry 2

  • ME

    @Xino – Someone hasn’t played Crush… or Echochrome… or even Super Paper Mario… have they…. ? While not done EXACTLY like this, the idea of playing with perspective isn’t exactly new.

  • The list is indeed way too much.
    Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Max Payne 3, Far Cry 3, GTA5 and Bioshock Infinite will be the graphical games that have good gameplay as well.
    Those Sony games are overhype and will underdeliver once again.
    Fez will be downloadable game of the year no doubt and only on XBLA.

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