2017 Declared ‘Year of Scorpio’ By Microsoft Execs

Sounds like they’re pretty excited about it.

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xbox scorpio

2017 promises to be a major year for fans of video games, with not one but two new brand new system launches lined up for this year. And while Nintendo are being typically inscrutably quiet about the Switch until the January 12/13 event that will shed more light on the system, Microsoft are going all in on hyping Scorpio, due for a launch in the Holiday season this year.

Speaking on Twitter, multiple Xbox executives and representatives dubbed 2017 the ‘Year of Scorpio.’ “It is 2017, the year of PROJECT SCORPIO, are you ready for the beast!?” Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg exulted, while Josh Stein posted, “Welcome to the year of the Scorpio! Are you excited,” before throwing in a GIF of everything trembling as the dinosaurs move in from the original Jurassic Park movie.

So… yeah, needless to say, Microsoft is fairly excited about the Scorpio. I am too, conceptually, though I have many questions about the system that remain to be answered- and until they are, I will remain more reserved with my hype for it.

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  • StarkyLuv

    Of course you’re “reserved”, it’s no a Sony console.

  • Code Geass Season3!!

    It would have been if they released it at the start of 2017, not at the end of it.

  • Michael

    I’m ready. Scorpio is the most powerful console ever built. Yes, even more powerful than ps4 and ps4 pro. Phil Spencer is doing it the right way

  • crazy_black_man-

    A more powerful multiplayer focused console that was specifically built around just multiplatform games and Xbox Live subscriptions, but STILL has no outstanding single player exclusives, which is a large part of what has been helping the PS4 stay on top?

    As of right now, amidst all the false hype from MS, the Scorpio just sounds like a regular midrange PC made just for multiplats, but one that is a closed system, and can’t play any Steam games.

    Where are the big single player exclusive Xbox games like “The Last of Us 2” or “God of War” that would make Scorpio a true next gen console successor worthy of dethroning even the base PS4 model?

    Why don’t you ask Aaron Greenberg exactly how they plan on marketing the Scorpio without any big exclusives to showcase exactly what sets it apart from the PS4, besides just the power and resolution difference?

    I remember that after the whole “all in one tv/console/entertainment set top box” vision for the Xbox failed, that Phil Spencer said “from here on out the Xbox One would be all about games, games, games”. So I as a potential Scorpio buyer, I have just 3 questions for Microsoft?

    1) Where are all the games?
    2) Where are all the games?
    3) Where are all the games?

    Did he really mean that the Xbox would now only be all about those old backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, games, games? It sure is starting to look like he was just telling lies again. The 2017 roster of Xbox One games looks a whole lot worse than the crap they released in 2016. Where are all the games?

    • jayblazer

      I hate when he’s right..

    • STRIKE

      “So I as a potential Scorpio buyer…not really I only say that so my post can have some sort of credibility and so I can say something negative about Microsoft, their console and games since I really don’t care what they do unless is go bankrupt or drop out of the console business.” Now that makes more sense coming from you.

      So Microsoft is hyping up their next gaming hardware as being the strongest gaming console and being all about games. A console that will play a variety of already released games and new ones like Sea of Thieves, Scalebound, Crackdown 3, Halo Wars 2, Cuphead, State of Decay 2, Gigantic etc all with their own single player and multiplayer experience with great precision and resolution.
      Yet for you this is false and not enough? Shocking. While also making a false flag of single player games being this big driving force of the consoles when in reality that isn’t the truth as seen by how multiplayer games dominate console over single player games. PS has good or the best single player only games but those are too few to make this big impact you are trying to make people believe.

    • quantum

      You are 100% correct. This joker has spent the past year saying nothing matters except power, the xbox is a weak and is becoming obsolete. Now all of a sudden “but but exclusives” Lmao hilariousness.
      I don’t know which is the most pathetic, the hypocritical blatant embarrassing u-turn or the fact that he is starting these transparent predictable tatics 11 months before the scorpio is even out.

    • Danny Pollard

      Worried? Haha

    • Danny Pollard

      Ps4 is a remaster station, it’s a terrible console. Xbox and even the wii u are far better, Scorpio is gonna smash anything Nintendo or Sony can throw at it.

    • Nintengods #SWITCHDOMINATION

      LMAO $onycucks think The Last Of Cucks is a good game and are looking forward to the bastardisation of God Of War: My Wife’s Son edition to play on their cucked Quarter Step P$4 Prolapse

      8 Days till Nintendomination


  • Mr Xrat

    They mean the year of the Switch.

    A half-step with no exclusives in November won’t cut the mustard for that title, but then I remember there’s only three months in the year for Xgimps.

  • Dougdec92

    Well another console and a beast at that, last gen was xbox’s, this gen has mostly been Sony’s..Sony has had the upper hand in terms of power and great but few exclusives, looking at the projected lineup of Sony this year and beyond, they’ve the fuel(exclusives ) to show off the power of pro and all…back to MS, they had a troubled start to this gen and did good by their userbase by concentrating on how to pick up the pieces from their poor trek…now theyre bringing in the Scorpio, as to whether it is going to be their year depends on how well it does. By raw power they leave all ps4 systems in the dust but if they don’t have the fuel that is exclusives, then Comparisons would still be made, no matter how advanced a videogame console , it will always be the games that matter especially the one of a kind experiences called exclusives.



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