21 Super Cool Xbox 360 Case Mods

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Geeknaut: When you had bought the Xbox 360 first, you may have liked its looks. But after having seen it in the same design for more than a year can become boring. It becomes like a sore in your eye and you want to replace it with some other better Gaming console. While you can’t buy a Gaming console every now and then, you can try out the mods that make the old console look like a new one and unique (I mean how many people own an Xbox 360 today, with the same White box and a green switch-on light). These mods that I have collected are the best ones you can find anywhere. You will surely love most of them. So, here is the list of best Microsoft Xbox 360 Mods available out there. The numbering is completely rapid and is not based on any kind of ranking.

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  • Haroids

    ROFL! Best article ever…

  • Retro

    loving the HL2 case mod

  • name

    wow some people seriously have to much time and money to waste.

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  • David Macphail

    LMAO at the reason given for the Tissue Machine and Alarm Clock mod.

    I have to wonder though……if you did turn your 360 into a tissue machine but it overheated…………would it start spitting out flaming tissues all over the place?

  • Mubarak Marafa

    HAHA this article is GREAT! 😀 very well written 🙂

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  • Rich

    I think that just proves that people who mod Xbox 360s are actually just PC modders in disguise. I mean, just look at how many window mods have been put in!

  • jordan brand

    wow these mods are really amazing!!! i would just like to know how i would go about puchasing a cool one like theses, i dont want an over the top expencive one but i would like to have something where if i have a friend over to play a game they think wow that really cool !!!

  • Thepaperhero

    I seriously want the car mod. I am having this done

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  • to the ps3 junkie who’s talkin smack about 360,, dude ps3 has a blue ray player, and thats it on 360. as far as I know ps3 has only one game with superior graphics that accually uses the spu that a ps3 has, its got good graphics but not that much better and when ps3 has the game selection that 360 has I might consider one. untill then, I want a game system, not a “media center”, thats what computers are for, I didnt buy a ps3 for that reason alone, I dont give a dam if I can watch blue-ray movies on my GAME SYSTEM, the systems are so close to even compare when you break everything down. on the pro 360 sites they talk all the crap about how 360 is better and on the pro ps3 sites talk all the crap about how the ps3 is better. WHO CARES!! why do you devote your life to worrying about what other people think. I waited 4 years for both systems prices to come down, played same games on both systems, and as far as I can tell the 360’s games move smoother, Graphics look the same, only saw one ps3 game with slightly better graphics, its a shooter game, looks good, but not good enuf for me to buy a system over,-smooth game play and a far better online play, and if I wanted I could just watch high-def movies online with a 360,yeah you gotta pay for it, but what the hell is 20 bucks every 3 months..if you cant afford that than why get a system in the first place. but it would be sweet to have a 360 tissue holder. maybe upgrade to a ps3,, heard they’re better for watchin movies on- and if you got a chick flick to watch with the old lady, shes got tissue at the ready!!

  • Code Name Mario

    In reply to chuck’s post…. I own more than 3 of each console and ps3 is far superior to the xbox360 console….. High Def… isn’t really displayed on a xbox 360 because it uses an outdated hdmi port which doesn’t allow it to use all the pins which enable “1080p” …. Just wanted to correct you on that… But I do love my xboxssssss and my PS3sssss

    • chuck

      Nice name by the way Mario,, just got thru the new mario bros wii!! awesome game. on your comment about 360 1080i is plenty, whats the big deal I played the same games on both systems and they are identicle, the ps3 may support better graphics but I dont see them. like i said only 1 ps3 title utilizes the spu’s of the ps3, if they wanted all games to do that they would launch like 2 months later than 360 titles and to serious gamers that is a HUGE deal so game makers stay away from that due to potential loss of sales. ps3 is not “far” superior when it comes to online play and game selection, graphics-personal experience has shown me they are equals on 100% of games that are available on both consoles If their is a difference I cant see it and my buddy who had both these “test” systems I played had them both on hdmi cables into same tv which was a plasma screen couldn’t tell the difference either, he used the ps3 for gran torismo, modern warfare and grand theft auto, and blue-ray movies. we played all but torismo on 360 and could not find a dam difference. far superior ps3 ,, I dont think so. I think ps3 is the shiz, but far superior to 360 no way, if anything they are equal, each has pros and cons.

  • FalleN

    That last one with the clock and the tissues made me LOL soooo hard that shit funny!

  • were do u buy the cases i want 1 so bad and ps3 is better

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  • Idrc

    Play games like Battlefield 3 on both systems and you’ll see there’s not a damn difference in game play.
    And it doesn’t really matter if the 360 has a blue ray player or not, you got what you payed for at release (and today) because the Ps3 was 100 dollars more at release then the 360. (Oh isn’t that what a blue ray player costs?).


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