25 Strongest And Stunning Pokemon Trainers Of All Time

We have a fantastic feature for you which showcases the 25 best Pokemon trainers of all time. Pokemon trainers are someone who you encounter in the game that can be considered as rivals. There have been plenty of awesome ones who contain a lot of good ones that you must defeat to obtain the specific Pokemon. These are called Pokemon battles where you have to defeat a rival trainer.

There are different type of trainers like a gym leader, An Elite Four Trainer, A Pokémon League Champion and A “Pokémon Master”. Each player can become a trainer if he owns at least one Pokemon.

If he manages to complete the Pokedex, he can achieve the title of Pokemon master. This is, however, time consuming but also quite thrilling. As mentioned above there have been plenty of Pokemon games, so check out our list below which showcases the best ones.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Note: All characters and images in this gallery belong to their respective owners.

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  • Jerkel

    Gotta say this has got to be the absolute worst list I have ever seen.

  • OtherKirby

    best trainer ever: depends on who’s asking. that question is incredibly hard to answer without getting some disagreement. however, we can all agree that Ash Ketchum is not the strongest trainer. He is a stunning Pokemon trainer as he has such willpower and can connect with pokemon unlike any other trainer. Red may have him beat in a battle, but when they are both old men, Ash would have more stories to tell than Red. Red may have beat the Pokemon league, but Ash went through five. He sucks as a trainer but he made it pretty far. Farther than any other Pokemon trainer I’ve heard of.

  • Mitchell Kru

    OK OK, Red is SO much better than Ash, since he can do more in less than 12 hours than Ash can do in a lifetime. However, Ethan (Gold) destroyed Red on top of Mt. Silver, so technically, Ethan should be 1, but he’s 22!!!

  • Aidan Boyce

    Where’s Cynthia? I mean if you’re going to put someone like Cilan of all people on your list then why isn’t she there? She arguably the strongest champion, just saying. I also really hope that this list isn’t in any particular order, because Ash is really quite weak…

  • Nyancat

    ¨Shouldn’t Gold be on the top 10? He beat Red so isn’t he stronger? …i’m acctually suprised this list is so bad,There is no chance that Dawn/platinum/hikari is stronger than Gold/Hibiki and Silver. I like all Pokemon generations but this article/list is completley wrong!!

  • pissed

    Cleary written by a ten year old who knows nothing

  • hja

    where is red

  • …….

    What about Steven Stone, he is the super boss of pokemon emerald, How about Red, he is definitely not Ash as some people thought. If May is on there so should Brendan, they are rivals and are at about the same level. What about Wallace, the champion of Hoenn?

  • VonAnka

    Ash as nr1 …Oh u must have done the title wrong. 25 worst pokemon trainers of all time Ash nr 25-1 !

  • Pokemaniac

    hey replace mewtwo with Red.FYI Red is like Ash and Red owned Mewtwo and Articuno!!!!
    Mewtwo is a Pokemon!

  • Guest

    Dawn is the best no matter what

  • Mawille

    So much is wrong with this I can barely comment

  • Takun

    How did May get here? Dawn beats May on one of the episodes of diamond and pearl… now tell me how she’s one of the strongest? May was the 1st one to become a trainer but still Dawn beats her… how can May be one of the stronges?

  • kaoknight

    strongest trainers? probably every elite four, champion and main character/rival from each game. outside of that the other strongest would probably be Red in Mt.silver and whitney’s miltank…

  • Guest

    Where’s Sabrina?

  • jose

    ahs sucks suht the ufck up and suck mym dicks

  • Amanda

    Please don’t use harsh cussy words.

  • Professor Dulinberger

    don’t use offensive language on impressionable femalse plz

  • Jose

    ok I love to understand my faults

  • Pope Francis XIV


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