25 Video Games That Are Terrible, Offensive, Controversial And Shouldn’t Exist

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Sometimes people make really bad games and sometimes one that simple shouldn’t have been made. These range from taboo ones, to ones with horrible game design and with absolutely no thought put into it. The bad games are fine to an extent because there are a lot of factors for that ranging from, budget to developer skill.

We have a list of 25 games that simply shouldn’t have been made and you will be bewildered to know that they exist. Thankfully, all these games have been panned by the critics and the word-of-mouth is pretty poor as well.

In this list, you will find games with racist titles, to names that can only be devised by a 10 year old. Then there are games that borrow the movie name that they were based on but contain absolutely nothing from the movie and can be described as completely different.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Ethnic Cleansing (video game) had the honor of being ranked as the number racist game of all time by UGO. The game was developed by Resistance Records. The game features the player killing black people and latinos. A sequel White Law was later released which had a similar background.

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  • Andor

    “Many news publishing sites stated that this article was only for annoying and confounding people, without no reason whatsoever. Most readers have stated that Kartik Mudgal should be ashamed.”

  • Xxxx

    What, no “Custer’s Revenge”
    That deserves it, as you dodge arrows to rape an Indian tied to a cactus

    • Lyra Ylliel

      That sounds like a seriously WTF game.

  • sum yung gai

    i lol’d at Fight Club: the game being on the list. sure, the game “devolved into beating the shit out of each other”, but what was the author expecting, a slowly-going-schizophrenic simulator? if this is an issue of taste, how is mindlessly beating up 1’s and 0’s less tasteless than watching ed norton destroy the face of the lead singer from 30 Seconds to Mars while saying he “wanted to put a bullet in the head of every panda that wouldn’t screw to save it’s own species”? that’s like comparing a hockey fight to roman gladiators fighting to the death. there is a difference. and the only thing insulting or offensive about WWE Crush Hour is Vince McMahon’s lack of faith in public intelligence (ie he thinks we’re too dumb to notice)

  • Socks

    The quality of this article is far more offensive than any of the games that were listed. An accurate description of the plot of each game and the elements that made it “offensive” would have been nice. Instead, I saw 25 slides all summing up to what was basically “this game sucks, oh and this one does too.” And that’s not even mentioning the grammatical errors which appear on the very first page! You would think an article written on what is supposed to be a “professional” site about games and the gaming industry would have at the very least received a bit of proofreading before being published.


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