5 Mistakes Sony Cannot Afford In 2017

As we go into 2017, these are the mistakes Sony simply cannot afford.

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A new year brings with it the promise of a fresh start, the chance to redo things one might have done wrong, the opportunity to learn from mistakes and to not repeat them again. As the gaming industry, too, moves into a brand new year, it must ensure that it seizes this opportunity, and that it learns from its mistakes. Because Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all three perched upon a precipice as they enter what promises to be the most important year they have had in a very long time. If we want them to do well – and we need them all to do well for the health of the industry – then they have to ensure they don’t fall into the same traps that have almost done them in and spelled disaster for them in the past.

Going into 2017, then, right in the wake of the launch of a new console, a potentially paradigm shifting new piece of hardware, and the impending launches of several major games? It is imperative that Sony not make these mistakes in this coming year.


horizon zero dawn

"Everything, from Bloodborne, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, DriveClub, The Order, inFamous, Horizon, The Last Guardian, and Gran Turismo Sport, has been delayed at least once."

Let’s get started with the elephant in the room. There has so far not been a single major PS4 first party release that didn’t get delayed. Everything, from Bloodborne, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, DriveClub, The Order, inFamous, Horizon, The Last Guardian, and Gran Turismo Sport, has been delayed at least once. Going into 2017, Sony need to ensure that they remedy this- especially since every year for the last three years, they have failed to have any major exclusive in the all important Holiday season. Although these delays don’t delay matter in the longer run (given Sony’s high quality line up of exclusives), but Sony could do more work in getting their release schedule on track.


For the last few years, Sony have been announcing games way out in advance, leaving gamers to salivate over them, while they spend months and years trying to get them right. Sony taking their time with their games isn’t a problem- in fact, they should do that. But just… make sure they aren’t announced so early, so there are less delays? May be they need to limit this practice in 2017 unless they clear their back log.

"Sony are on top right now because they pitched themselves as the pro gamer alternative, someone with a gamer’s interests in mind. Sony’s actions on some matters over the last year have indicated anything but."

Be For The Players

Making gamers pay again for their PS2 Classics purchases. Disallowing mods. Raising the price of PS Plus without any reason or explanation. Blocking cross platform play. These are just among the very many annoying policies that Sony have been pushing over the last year or so- it’s honestly getting a bit irritating. Sony are on top right now because they pitched themselves as the pro gamer alternative, someone with a gamer’s interests in mind. Sony’s actions on the above matters over the last year have indicated anything but. Going into 2017, Sony needs to ensure that it doesn’t keep going down this path- or it could end up losing all of the goodwill that it amassed.


15 Things You Need To Know About PlayStation VR

"Sony have a bad tendency to release brand new hardware and peripherals, and then let them die a slow, painful death by the wayside."

Sony have a bad tendency to release brand new hardware and peripherals, and then let them die a slow, painful death by the wayside. Usually they do this right after hyping these peripherals and systems up as ‘the next major PlayStation launch.’ But then, they refuse to support them with their flagship games and primary first party studios, and then watch in bewilderment and confusion as sales dry. This was the case for the PS Move, the PS Vita, and to a lesser extent, the PSP- and this is a fate that could very well await the PSVR. The early warning signs are all there- not much notable support from Sony, not a whole lot of marketing, and no follow up on the product after it launched. In 2017, Sony needs to stop doing this- primarily with the PSVR. The PSVR is a major new product that could create an all new market and paradigm, and it is also a product that asked customers to spend at least $400 on it upfront. Sony failing to support this product would lead to long term ripples, not only for the faith their customers put in them, but also for the burgeoning VR industry.


The PS4 Pro is the most powerful console in the world, but Sony has done a confusing job of explaining that. From trying to push it as a 4K machine (when it can’t play most games in native 4K, and lacks a 4K Blu Ray drive to play 4K media), to pushing its HDR capabilities (which are available on all PS4 systems), Sony should work on its messaging for the Pro. If Sony wants its iterative console model to succeed, it needs to do better with differentiating the PS4 Pro, and explaining its benefits to the average customer, in 2017.

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  • Gamez Rule

    “The PS4 Pro is the most powerful console in the world, but Sony has done a confusing job of explaining that” Play PS4 games on 4k TVs, steam 4k content, better hardware, new controller, etc etc. It’s not as bad as what’s made out by the media.

    To be fair when looking at Xbone I would have thought if any console lost it’s identity and didn’t hold true to what MS stated what their console was all about as well as confusing everyone before / after and during policy changes Xbone should hold that crown of shame not Sony with PS4-Pro.

    • kma99

      Nothing was said about Microsoft yet here you go again with your stupid tirades. Give it a rest. No matter what they write about sony, your rebuttal is always something negative to Microsoft. Different day, same clown.

    • Gamez Rule

      WOW! Troll on Mr Stalker☺

      You stated “”Nothing as said about Microsoft”..You was wrong as the article stated..”Because Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all three perched upon a precipice as they enter what promises to be the most important year they have had in a very long time”

      IF you read on the *Nintendo article* you’ll also see what I wrote which shows opinions on ALL consoles which showed MS and the Xbone in good light for gamers needs while putting Sony down for charging to much for game streaming. ( below is the post ) so troll on kid we all know you’re an xbone fankid hence your posts☺

      “Hopefully Nintendo when recruiting third parties retain them this time while they listen to gamers needs like MS did with the Xbone when they changed the policies to help gamers.

      Truth is all console makers need to step up in many ways while keeping what they do best for each brand. Example Sony IMO needs to stop charging high prices for streaming games, MS needs IMO to keep console exclusives, and nintendo needs more powerful hardware to keep up with current gen needs”

    • kma99

      I dont need to stalk your goofy a $$. I have been reading and commenting on this site long before you. You are like a bipolar female. You always whining and complaining about unnecessary crap 24/7. Dont you get tired of being that type of lady? Grow a pair.

    • Gamez Rule

      And no matter what is stated by you I have shown everyone that you’re a MS troll and a fankid at best, and that you pretend to own everything in life but proven when called out that you don’t even own a PS4 let alone anything else LMAO! ( Show ya PS4 with my name on it kid with the date then? )

      Insult me as much as you like as all you’re doing is throwing your toys out the pram making yourself look sad once more.

      I own both Xbone and PS4/Pro as well as older 360’s PS3’s, and even the older XBOX, PS2, PSone, and you call me a fanboy LMAO!

    • kma99

      Hey dummy, dummy look who’s looking st a grown man’s profile. Has it ever occurred to you that i might have been signed in as a guest? Of course not that would be too easy for your complicated brain lol. So again there you go crying again.

      P.S. i dont care what you own and how many pictures you take that doesn’t make your strupid opinion about a console valid. You will be here crying anytime anyone says something negative about sony and deflecting everything back to Microsoft. 2017 is around the corner. Find a girlfriend you sissy.

    • Gamez Rule

      PMSL! I have posted negative about Sony ( see above ) BUT like always you jump in and only read what ya want to read to defend Xbone/MS ☺ You stated you’ve been reading and commenting on this site long before me so I showed once more how wrong you are, and just like always when shown incorrect you start with insults☺ Classic. Carry on trolling kid, meanwhile I’ll be enjoying the consoles I own☺

    • kma99

      P.S you cry when they post anything negative whether it be true or an opinion. You feel that its your place to complain about everything. You just wont let anything go period. If you did it part of the time it wouldn’t matter but u do it every time. You have become that one kid on the block who if he doesnt get his way he takes his ball and runs home.

    • Gamez Rule

      Yeah ok mate. Carry on with your stupid posts which always mentions about crying, dummies, and men LMAO! You have issues not me kid☺

      I’ll make this my last post on the matter otherwise with you it will never end until you have the last word☺

    • kma99

      Cause you cry. Typical female behavior .

    • Riggybro

      “Typical female behaviour”

      I think this proves this guy has been commenting on here the longest… sounds like he could be at least 75 years old and probably wrote his first comment around the 1950s (which he sent by pigeon post).

    • kma99

      Shut up woman.

    • Riggybro

      Nice try.

      Next time perhaps use something less common to 3.5 billion of the worlds population.

      The “shut up” bit was good though.

    • Gamez Rule


    • Gamez Rule

      lol true.

    • Gamez Rule

      ps: “I have been reading and commenting on this site long before you”

      No you ain’t lmao!


    • quantum

      Lol busted 🙂

    • Dougdec92

      Lol, that’s some data mining right there

  • quantum

    Sony doesn’t need to worry about any of this stuff. They have Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, NieR:Automata and Zero Horizon Dawn coming out in the first quarter alone.

    • Gamez Rule

      I agree about Sony announcing games way out in advance, only to put games back to another date due to delays, IMO they need to stop that. But also reduce the prices of their game streaming service they offer. None of the console makers are perfect but things hopefully can only get better.

    • quantum

      I agree with the early announcements. I don’t think people seem to realise that the death stranding and tlou 2 are years away. I don’t use the streaming service because it is a rip-off.

    • Moofarbubu

      I disagree they have to decrease the price of their streaming service (well maybe for the short term rentals). I mean we pay $60+ for new video games. I get that these games aren’t new, but I think what they really need to do is start putting PS4 games on there. Right now everyone thinks it’s a really bad backwards compatibility service. It’s not. Put PS4 games on there and gamers will rethink how they view the service. And for $100 for one year of service that’s a steal. In fact if they put new PS4 games on here they will most likely have to raise that price. That’s less than 2 new PS4 games or even new 3DS games. The service might not be there yet to completely replacing quick twitch games and regular consoles, but the tradeoffs put it in a very favorable and marketable position imo. It works well enough on my setup that I would sell my PS4 if the service offered new ps4 games on it.

      Additionally, I think they should market it better and expand their audience. With the low barrier to entry (for people with the right internet setup), they could start introducing more games to people without PS4’s, especially the cord-cutters which are already flocking to PS VUE. At some point, I expect them to start bundling the service with ps vue and ps music/spotify and impliment them on to chrome sticks, new tv’s, phones, tablets, etc. Consumers are usually put off by large price tags and the price of consoles unfortunately presents a large barrier to entry. Yet phone games have proven that there’s a lot of non-gamers out there that like to play games. I still think PS Vue has a lot of potential behind it.

    • Gamez Rule

      PlayStation Now subscription costs £12.99 per month, with access to approx-300 PS3 games in the UK. I know people may not see it like I do but that asking price to play last gen games is not good at all. That’s over £150 a year to play old games.

      PS Now is a separate service from PS Plus but IMO maybe adding a total service option to PS+ with added game streaming could be a good idea ( say £80 per year ) for both PS+ and PS-Now.

    • Moofarbubu

      Forgive me, I think I didn’t make my point all that clear. What I mean is that rather than lowering the cost I think they have the potential to add a lot more value to it. I think that’s what they should do instead. I do think it provides good value to the right people (I’m one of those people) right now, but not for most due to all the limitations I’ve already talked about. I think if they fix those problems than it will make a lot more sense for people to spend the money on it. I think you and a lot more people would be willing to spend that £12.99 per month if it offered more.

    • Gamez Rule

      Add a much larger game selection and newer games from current gen ( PS4 ) and yes it would be a good service for that asking price, but at the moment it’s not IMO as when looking at the games listed on PS-Now most of the offerings I’ve already played years ago.

      Just think Sony needs to either lower the price or add much more content as otherwise it’s just another wasted service when compared to the amount of gamers using PS-consoles, etc

    • txlatin

      Nier: Automata coming out on PC too Sheep.

    • quantum

      Yes I know, but what has that got to do with calling me a sheep?
      Those games are due to come out then.

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      Enough for Microsoft to cry about exclusive’s been unfair.

      Last of us 2
      Detroit Been Human
      Days Gone

      Not been held back with forced parity with a TV first media box is great

    • quantum

      Er I don’t understand your comment? I was talking about what games I am looking forward to next year.
      tlou 2 is made by a Sony owned studio and won’t be seen until late 2018 or 2019 by the earliest. I don’t know about the other two.
      MS didn’t cry about exclusives being unfair, Phil Spencer said something about criticiing third-party exclusive content.

    • Mark

      He’s trolling dude lmao

    • quantum

      That’s all he does.

    • Nintengods

      Last of us 2 – 2019
      Detroit Been Human – 2018
      Days Gone – Lol it looks garbage and will be cancelled before it comes out

      $ony always made garbage in comparison to Nintendo 🙂


    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      Still trying to name one 4k game on Nintendo?
      Days Gone couldn’t be done on the weak Nintendo Hardware.

      Nintendo are gone, iOS and Android games are their future

    • Nintengods #SWITCHDOMINATION

      $onycucks so desperate they can only name PS3 remasters

      Name a new game that’s not upscaled and can do native 4K that is not a PS3 remaster, a sports game or an indie

      No wait, you can’t 🙂



      Wow, so many restrictions. Name one Nintendo game that can do above 1080! Any one, AAA, sports, indie, remaster… No restriction for you, just make one… No, you can’t 🙂

      Bum! So easy to destroy your comments.

      Nintendholes so desperate to receive $onycucks with open legs!

    • Weisse

      Garbage like Star Fox Zero and Metroid Federation Force in 2016 or hardware like the PowerGlove and Virtual Boy.

      How do you screw up Star Fox and Metroid? Ask Nintendo, they know how.

      Maybe with the Switch Nintendo will come into 1999 and have an actual useful online service.

    • Nintengods #SWITCHDOMINATION

      Already better than PSN since you don’t have to pay a $60 fee for a service that doesn’t work 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3dfb3b987ace1710fd138384e56c3c820605b41d61bd3c13c5a08f437a9cf5ff.jpg


      Says the Nintendumb STILL waiting for Zelda… And he doesn’t even have a release date.

      Sad troll

    • Nintengods #SWITCHDOMINATION

      Zelda will be out in March and will curbstomp Horizon into dust 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/19c3c9b4c5a9d926ef1c95459e44bbf1212d095d5399bfa368b7cff602cb0516.png


      Keep dreaming troll! Do you have a confirmation for that? If course not.
      But watching your ugly cartoons instead of gaming all 2016 has killed your brain cells.

      When you finally get something worth playing, then you can talk.

    • Nintengods #SWITCHDOMINATION

      Excellent! I find you exactly : “when you have something worth playing, then you can talk”.
      Your response?… Not a single word. Meaning you still have nothing worth playing.

      Damn Nintendo! How can you be so cruel /ineffective /incompetent that you have this poor children without a decent console game for more than two years?

      I appreciate your honesty Nintendumb! I know it’s extremely hard for you to be honest.

    • kee1haul

      None of those games are coming in 2017. Yoshida even said it was a mistake lol

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      Perfect timing, don’t need them anyway to release in 2017 anyway

    • kee1haul

      You’re right. Those games are much more worrying lol

    • Nintengods
    • quantum

      You are completely right but I don’t own a gaming PC so I will play them on my PS4. I sure can’t play them on a Nintendo console can I?

    • Weisse

      I look forward to playing Nier and Nioh on the Switch……oh wait.

  • kee1haul

    They’ve already broken all of these. They will continue to do so, and inexplicably continue to be hero worshipped.

    • Tactical Lag-fighting tips

      Play your boyband Kinect dancing games and snap-in TV

    • Luke Skywalker

    • Mark


  • Mr Xrat

    This sure looks like articles I read this time last year.

    Keep the games coming and the hardware competitively priced and reliable.

  • One The One

    Nice list, reminds us why Sony is the most anti-consumerist company in the gaming world.

  • Nintengods
  • Russland Nachrichten

    Gamingbolt is pure garbage and Xbox Propaganda lately

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