7 Video Game Death Animations That Will Make You Puke

Violence and conflict are two themes that (for better or worse) seem to dominate the gaming industry. Nearly all games seem to reflect thanatos, a cultural drive toward an inevitable death. Whether it is a scripted event where a beloved ally or loathed enemy must perish, or whether it is a player mistake that causes the death of a hero, these deaths in games are sometimes gratuitous and often visceral. Some may even be potent enough to cause full blown nausea. Here’s a list of seven death animations in games that are so grotesque, they may actually induce vomiting. If you’re a real glutton for punishment, then read on. Some of the videos below may offend and disgust some readers.

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  • turn those goddamn ads off!

  • … 2

    Yup, quit watching before the second one. Ads = ridiculous.

  • Lameshit

    Fuck the ads, those are probably the lamest vids ever.

    Look at Dead Space or else. The only cool stuff was Max Payne 3. The rest was SHIT!

  • UrPathetic

    How fucking pathetic are you that graphics from a video game make you physically ill enough to make you want to puke?

  • Gentlemen!

    Make me puke? I think not, sir. It just sold me Max Payne 3.

  • ThisGuy

    How does this make you want to puke?? Plus, there’s no Dead Island headshot montage so, this one fails.

  • Frank

    Unfortunately, this game was tediously unplayable and boring. Tiptoeing and sneaking around were all you did. The deaths were pre-prepared cutscenes, so there was no immersion whatsoever and no sense that it was a violent game at all. Runescape is more violent than Manhunt. Those who banned it are clueless.

  • Rina

    the death animations in Requiem: memento mori is worse than these and not even that makes me(or any of us) twitch an eye.. -_-

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003916920069 John Miller

    people in the orginal Gears of War tended to explode in a fountain of blood and body parts… a lot

  • nived xilo

    wolfenstein. hit a guy in the throat with my bayonet… turned off the ps3 and stopped playing for few days.

  • adddddddddddd

    where`s the dead space montage?

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