8 Most Amazing Headshots Ever

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Headshots are an amazing way to murder your enemies (in games, of course). And while headshots may not be easy for people to pull off, they are just too awesome to look at.

Below, we have compiled a list of the eight best headshots we have ever seen. Remember, they have been listed out in no specific order, though you’ll immediately recognize upon seeing the videos which have the upper hand over the others.

Enjoy the list!

Fallout 3- V.A.T.S Sniper Headshot

A guy walks over to the foot of a tall building, looks up, and sees a mutant on the roof. Using Fallout 3’s V.A.T.S system, he then snipes his foe, to watch him get thrust of the building as he falls some distance away. Cool to look at, easy to pull off- simply brilliant.

Team Fortress 2- Mid-Air Sniper Headshot

A guy swaps from his knife to his Sniper Rifle, walks over to the roof of a building and makes the jump onto a ship below. Mid-air, he zooms in on a guy running on the ship below him, shoots him in the head, and lands safely. How cool is that? If it’s so cool to just look at, how awesome would it have been to pull off?

Sniper Elite- Headshot From A Distance Of 1 KM

Sniper Elite is an awesome game, especially for headshot lovers. I cannot remember the number of times I shot people in the face from huge distances. This is another such video. This guy shoots his enemy from a distance of 1 KM using his Sniper, and thirty five seconds later, the bullets crashed right into the poor target’s head. A WTF video, but in a good way, I guess.

Halo: Reach- Multiplayer Headshot

The guy playing in this video runs across the length of the map, looking for a target, and ultimately reaches an indoor bridge kind of thing. Below, he finds the target, jumps right behind him, whacks him with the butt of his gun in the head, then shoots him in the head, and gains the title of “Head-Hunter.” Believe me, it’s as cool as it sounds, if not more.

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  • I’m actually suprised at how un-amazing these shots actually are, i’ve seen better shots from a 12 year old. the reach headshots suck, i’ve had more epic shit than that, the last one was easy, i think the only impressive one is the long distance one, which still was stupid easy, do some more research before posting something like this please, you really showed poor playing of each of these games.

  • As trolly as the guy before me sounded, these were all pretty terrible. The CoD one? Was that not the entire point of that level? Reach? Punch and shoot OMFGWUTCRAZI.

    a·maz·ing [uh-mey-zing]
    – adj, the act of not just typing “headshots” into YouTube

  • Oh shit guys, a really gory game got really gory, omg Gears omg

  • You must not play console games much.
    Those Halo headshots were absolutely terrible. The first one had to be a joke. That happens in every game. There are better ones. There 4-6 kills with one sniper bullets in both Halo and Call of Duty.

    How’s this?

    Here is an okay one in Gears of War

  • Gears of War has the most satisfying head shots. I used a boom shot when a guy stood up and popped his head out. It looked like his body spontaneuosly combusted.

    But, I agree that many of these head shots were not too impressive.

  • This one trumps all of them on the list


  • rak33n

    fallouts headshots should make the game rated “A” lmao they were really gorey !

  • tareq salah

    that team fortress is insane wow what skills.


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