8 PS4 Features That Sony Still Need To Clarify

Worst-case scenario is that we will just find out on release.

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The closer we get to the release of Sony’s new console the more questions we seem to still have about it. Sony has been pretty forthcoming with information about the games, its network and all the new services it’s boasting; but we can’t help but still try to dig every bit of information out of them as we possibly can.

There are plenty of questions people would like Sony to clarify for them, or maybe share a few ideas they’ve explored. There seems to be no shortage of people wanting to know more about the upcoming console. The PS4 is still ways off, so the company could still come forward with new information about the console.

Video Sharing – Managing And Length:

We know for sure that we’re getting an option to share video and other game content that’s been created by players and it’s going to be at our  fingertips. With the long-used select button going the way of the dinosaur we’re getting a share feature. What we don’t really know about this share feature is how it’s going to be managed and used. Will it be limited to 15 minutes only? What if I want to record a puzzle which say lasts for 25 minutes?

Limitations will be there and we shouldn’t expect to be able to go willy-nilly and upload whatever we feel like. Sony or the developers could go the route of limit sharing content within games. This could easily be something that’s different from developer to developer, and probably game to game. There is no doubt that the sharing feature is a powerful tool that’s never been available to console gamers before and it will be interesting to watch this play out and how Sony as well as the developers decide to manage sharing.

Revamped Trophy System:

Sony has teased about a new trophy system, but for the most part not all that much is known about it. There is definitely room for improvement with the current system in place. With issues like long load times and a very simple sorting system, they were an obvious afterthought on the PS3.

From the E3 reveal we do know that there can be multiple accounts all earning trophies simultaneously. The Xbox One will have dynamic achievements but at this point there is not much information on how trophies will play out on the PS4.

Cross Chat Integration:

The PS4 is getting cross chat for the platform. Not only that, but it’s a feature that will not require PSN Plus network either.

Sony is being kind of vague on this one though, and while we’ve seen some of it in action in promotions but how it’s going to work and be controlled is still missing. Some folks are even curious about group or party chats, how many people they will hold and if this will function the same as the standard cross chat system. Sony just hasn’t gone into specifics about it. Worst-case scenario is that we will just find out on release.

The DualShock 4’s Six Axis support and PS Move:

With those lights blazing on the backsides of the controllers and the addition of share button are the biggest changes Sony have made to their controller since the adoption of the DualShock design.

But do you know that the new controller also includes a sensitive, six-axis motion system? Sony have stated that DualShock 4’s Sixaxis will be “Significantly More Accurate” and that it is supposed to also couple with the camera for better detection. Sony has also said the PS MOVE is not going anywhere, so what are the improvement’s we’re supposed to see?

Friends List size:

With all the extra social options that are going to be available on the PS4, hopefully we’ll see a fairly substantial jump in the number of friends someone has. As it stands, the PS3 currently allows up to 100 friends. While it may seem like a lot right now, the new social focus may change all of that. With MMO’s moving to the consoles and plenty of cooperative games that are on their way, Sony should probably plan on giving the maximum available friends a bit of a bump. Sony has confirmed that the number will be raised but by how much is still unknown.

The extend of interactivity with 3rd party devices like the iPAD:

So we know that we are going to be at least partially connect to the PS4 from other electronic devices like tablets. Games like The Division have shown that there are going to be features for the game that are playable from those devices.

What we don’t know is if the tablet will be connected to the console itself in a pairing fashion, the way the controllers do or if it will be connecting to a 3rd party website that is set up by the developers.

Sony is also releasing the PlayStation App that is compatible to iOS and Android which is great news but we don’t really know to what extent the devices interact with the console.

Digital sharing:

As it currently stands the PS3 can share digitally downloaded games upto two different consoles. Sony has confirmed that users can play all their digital games on anyone’s PS4, but the questions is: What is the maximum number of PS4 consoles from which your account can be accessed from?


Although Sony have confirmed that Gaikai will be available for the PS4 in 2014 and will support wide range of titles, there is no clear indication of how it is actually going to work and what can one expect the titles to be.

Gaikai is a powerful distribution system for older, smaller indie titles but Sony is keeping tight-lipped about what we are going to be seeing from this cloud-based gaming service. Recently Sony released a video stating that Gaikai will support the ‘best’ PS3 games but again that is a pretty vague statement.

Closing Note:

We’ve got a ways to go to get our hands on Sony’s new golden child. The Holiday season is closer than most of us think though, and with more information that Sony appears to be giving us all the time about the console there’s really not much more we can ask for while we wait. It’s going to be exciting to see some of these questions answered, though I am sure we’re just going to have to wait and see with some of these features. There is plenty to look forward to and the wait will be well worth it.

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  • Jack Lindsey

    What i want to know is will the PS4 support NTFS External Hdd’s which is a Microsoft owned file format but its pretty much essential! If PS4 doesnt have this id be tempted to have a faggy Xbone aswell just so i can watch Blu Ray movies i’ve downloaded

    • GribbleGrunger

      Also, Gaikai streaming servers will not copy the Azure’s “cloud computing” technology, the patent is owned by Microsoft.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Well first off way to admit that you just steal movies and secondly they already confirmed several times that external HDDs are supported…Chances are it’s the same fat32 format thats been compatible for the last 7 years

    • Tyler

      “steal movies”?
      Fuck you! 😀

    • Jack Lindsey

      Loool so you assume that becuase i have a film downloaded i stole it? you do realise you cna download blu rays from itunes to name one…. also i can rip Blu rays i have bought.. but yeah i did steal em most of them! obviously External HDD’s are supported but Fat32 is a dead format when it cant even hold over 4gb files I’ll be cracking my PS4 if this is the case

    • Guest

      NTSC? Hahaha, LOL! You N4Gtard PS fanboys and your low IQ’s.

    • saintfighteraqua

      I would say the one using made up words and insults like N4Gtards was the one with the low IQ.

    • Homoneedsdeath

      Ahh, look guys, another N4G pauper to follow.

    • Jack Lindsey

      NTFS looooool

    • Jack Lindsey

      What’s wrong with using N4G? it has all the trending news in one place instead of getting news filtered to reflect a certain company’s viewpoint or energy focus i get all the information and can disassociate accordingly and be objective. In the end iv’e decided fuck Xbox/PS4 I’ll stick to my PC maybe a PS4 + Boomerang for Uncharted and other exclusives

  • Bub

    Didn’t they say already that the PS4 is constantly recording the last 15 minutes of gameplay? I would imagine that this would be the max length you could show unless they include a special mode for longer…

    • GribbleGrunger

      Yes, I’d guess that too. There may be an editing tool, as there was on the PS3, that allows you to exceed the 15 minute limit because all we’ve seen so far is it in use with the share button. Not long now before we can test this beauty out!

    • M$ $ony

      They lied about constantly recording 15 minutes of your game and it is now down to 7 minutes and $ony keeps contradicting themselves and now it’s in question, because the script $ony was reading from when they said this actually only said several minutes.

    • Brian

      That could just be an automated feature as well though. It is possible that you have the option to choose to record manually to have longer videos. No telling until they make a statement on it or the console is released though. Guess we’ll just have to see.

  • Luke Tinius

    Azure cloud computing is nothing more than dedicated servers. Microsoft doesn’t own a parent on that.

    • Guest

      Cloud rendering with local variation computation like Autodesk 360 does is certainly a very real option for MS. Sorry to burst PS fanboys’ bubble again. I know it hurts to support the company going off the cliff.

    • Luke Tinius

      It’s still nothing more than dedicated servers. Any and all games have access to that technology. Microsoft is just assuming billions of dollars into its massive server project to sell it off to companies cheaper than anyone else. This cloud computing will not be free to game companies, just cheaper that regular dedicated servers. That’s all it is. Period. Does the truth really hurt that bad that you have to resort to slandering me as a SONY fanboy, when I currently play my 360 more than my ps3?

    • Homoneedsdeath

      Then you should read on what Autodesk 360 does. Poor paupers, Gaykai is such a weak PoS platform. Dave Perry was right in selling that junk and $0ny fell for it.

    • Michelasso

      Autodesk can receive the Cloud output 1 or 2 seconds later that nothing happens. Do the same in a videogame and the gamers get a nervous breakdown.

    • Homoneedsdeath

      Hahaha, WRONG! Poor paupers.

    • Luke Tinius

      You’re a fool. You need to do some reading on Azure really is.

    • M$ $ony

      M$ did say there was 300,000 dedicated servers for the Xbox One with the creation of “Project Mountain”. They are not shared servers just for anything. They are dedicated for use for the Xbox One. What they do with those servers can be a game changer once it’s explored and figured out.

  • GribbleGrunger

    As far as Gaikai goes, I think Sony will probably use it primarily for streaming content such as games, music and films. As Cerny recently said, ‘cloud can’t be used to improve graphical capabilities’, so that won’t be a focus either. The MOVE will automatically be improved due to the new PSEye2. The MOVE controller itself is robust and as accurate as it can be. Having two cameras means the PSEye2 will be able to track the light on the MOVE far more easily and give you true 1:1 immersion. It’s not something I’m particularly interested in but there are many people who are.

    • Guest

      Mark Cernobyl is an fool. He knows that with their poor 9000 Gaikai servers that they have nothing on Windows Azure’s 600 million high end Xeon ones with a much larger coverage, just like your PoS Eye has nothing on Kinect and $0ny had to pull it to undercut MS’s price. Now that they did it will garner even poorer support than the Move, which was DOA and now the DS4 has useless features.

    • saintfighteraqua

      How much does MS pay you to post all this crap?
      Also, he pretty much was a “Cernobyl” for MS, he destroyed them….then again, they more self destructed I guess.

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      he is just an xbox fanboy that believes in the almighty power of the “Unlimited Cloud” and i guess “Unlimited Download Speed”, and, “Unlimited Data Allocations.” Reality is that cloud computing on next-gen is the exact same as cloud computing on current-gen, match-making, dedicated servers, etc. It’s not like cloud computing only gets improved every 7 years like consoles, it’s not going to have a huge jump overnight on the release of PS4 and Xbox One. And as mark Cerny said in a recent interview:

      “PS4 can do computing in the cloud…trying to boost the quality of the graphics won’t work well in the cloud” – Mark Cerny

      Sorry Xbox Fanboys.

    • M$ $ony

      I don’t think you get the purpose of the cloud. The cloud is meant to take as much stress as it can off the Xbox One to free up the system to produce more beautiful games that can accomplish more without having to break the consumer bank for a super high end console. Especially, since Kinect 2 is mandatory for the Xbox One. If the Xbox One didn’t have kinect 2 I believe $ony would have been at a huge disadvantage with the Xbox One having the more powerful hardware and cloud computing, but sadly that is not the case. M$ is taking different steps than $ony and is broadening it’s console into a entertainment center with three main functions that include: Gaming, OS, and Windows that support way more features than the PS4 can ever hope to have. This is just base level hardware of the Xbox One.

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      haha that was one of the funniest things I ever read about xbox one. its called google, go use it.

      and by the way

      “with the Xbox One having the more powerful hardware and cloud computing”

      check your facts,
      PS4 has more powerful hardware, and whatever the xbox one can do in the cloud the PS4 can aswell.

    • Michelasso

      A multiprocessor Unix server, like the ones of Gaikai since they must have Cell CPUs to run the PS3 code, is magnitudes more powerful than a stupid single processor X86_64 blade running Windows…

      You must count the TFlops, the number of server means F. nothing.

    • M$ $ony

      Gaikai will only be supporting the most popular PS3 games and they will likely be changed.

    • Brian

      The number of servers may be an advantage. But all Sony did was buy Gaikai. There’s nothing to prevent them from adding more servers to it. I don’t really have any comments as far as PS Move or PS Eye myself though. I never really cared for that. Kinect either. Motion detecting capabilities aren’t really a major thing in my opinion. Gameplay, social features, online capabilities, etc are the deciding factor. Video, movie, and song apps are all nice features and all but when it comes down to it, these are all game consoles. Really, I’m not gonna say which one is gonna be better or worse cuz they could both be great. I personally am getting a PS4 though just because I’ve had PS3. If I had the money, I might fork out the extra cash for an Xbox One now that they removed all the negative features they originally had.

  • Michelasso

    You can strip the thing about the sixaxis. You already answered your question. The motion control in the DS4, like in the PS Move, has a dual nature. It can operate alone, like in the DS3 or in team with the PS4 Eye. It just will be more precise, being a more updated technology.


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