8 Sequels That Won’t Get Released in 2011

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So, you want to slice and dice the Patriots and insane looking mechs? Not Happening. You want to bring the world at peace by defeating those mean looking aliens? Not happening. And you also want to run and jump like crazy over sky scrapers? Not happening in 2011.

Today we take a look at eight such anticipated sequels which unfortunately will not be released in 2011.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Thinking of slicing a mech in numerous pieces...not going to happen in 2011.

It’s been over two years since Guns of the Patriots was unleashed on the PlayStation 3 and given by recent release dates of Metal Gear Solid games, 2011 does not seem to be the year where Raiden will rise. Normally it takes anywhere from three to four years for a Metal Gear Solid game to be developed. MGS1 was released in 1998 followed by MGS2 in 2001 followed by MGS3 in 2004 and then with MGS4 in 2008. So ideally Metal Gear Solid Rising is easily a 2012 title. Yeah we know, you guys can’t wait…but good things take time to happen.

Grand Theft Auto V

Well I was expecting this to at least get announced in 2010 but that never happened.

I am quite surprised that Grand Theft Auto V was not even mentioned, let alone officially announced in 2010. I was expecting something of a grand reveal at the VGA’s but that did not happened either.  Judging by previous game’s release schedules, GTA V should have at least been announced. E3 2011 seems the event that will be dying to hear Rockstar’s next game.

Resident Evil 6

Ye, we know...we have all been waiting for years...be ready to wait for 2-3 more.

Just like many games in the list, Resident Evil 6 has also been teased on a couple of times. But just like its amazing predecessor, Resident Evil 6 will probably take two to three years more before it is released. Or maybe this game might actually get released on next generation consoles, who know? 2011 seems a distant dream.

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  • I think you forgot one that we really but really know its not going to come out this year…..

    Half Life 2: Episode 3

  • Tom

    The Mass Effect one was wrong, of course releaasing 3 of your games in a year might seem stupid but when you look at it closer it makes sense, points being:

    -Mass Effect 2 comes out soon for PS3ers, this means that they will have an expanded audience to sell to making the sequel come quickly guarantees great sales before these newcomers forget about it.

    -Dragon Age 2 is out in March, allowing time before the next release, this gives great numbers for the yearly financial figures as by the time ME3 comes around gamers will be able to afford it and not only that but it will be Christmas aswell, so some people might not even need to afford it.

    -Releasing it this year allows them to focus on future products within the ME and indeed the DA universes, including the rumoured multiplayer ME game, not to mention the time and space to release any other new IP’s without the massive competition from any other games they are releasing.

    So, while it is quite possible that it could be released in 2012, I personally don’t see why it would be because GOTY games DO NOT have to worry about when their sequels are released.

    Also, i lol’d at the Resident Evil 6 quote of the sequel being any good, having only played the start of 4 and completed 5 i can tell you, without being a raving fan, that was not a good addition to the Resi franchise.
    4 scared the s**t out of me! 5 did not…

  • GTA V better be announced this year. It’s been too long.

  • You forgot the old republic which is supposed to drop from bioware this year.. I feel the old republic is the game more likely to slip to 2012, I think it would be in Bioware’s and EA’s benefit to release ME3 in time for the holidays… The only issue is that there will be so many big name titles releasing in that time frame (at least scheduled to be released so far) but I think Bioware and the ME series has a built in fan base eagerly anticipating the game and could survive the cutthroat christmas 11 scene more than most other games. Not to mention a million plus new fans the the series is sure to garner from 360less ps3 owners who have not yet had the opportunity to witness this brilliant gaming experience. ME2 is the only game I have bothered to buy a collector’s edition for and I have been gaming since the mid to late 80’s… so needless to say it is my most anticipated game for 2011 blowing my anticipation for any other game (including uncharted 3, killzone 3, gears of war 3, batman, rage, etc. etc.) out of the water by far.

  • Borderlands 2 and Prototype 2 are two other sequels that wont be released this year.

  • Just gonna say right now, Mass Effect 3 will be released this year, and make Bioware a shit ton of money. I just hope it is less Third-person-action and more RPG, if I wanted to run around shooting weird looking things and not worrying about stats I would play gears again. The first Mass Effect was a masterpiece and the second fell short. I feel sorry for PS3 owners that only get to experience that one.

  • game stop.com shows that rising comes out on November 11 2011

  • rak33n

    every single game in this list im looking forward to especally gta omg

  • lukepc92

    I figure itl be a good few years before we see gta V we might get another city title like san andreas though. Mirrors edge 2 is unfortunately not happening 🙁

  • tareq salah

    why residnet evil has to be hard to make and take too long. i want it every year. i want to know the end.


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