8GB RAM Sufficient To Last For An Entire Generation, Developing On Xbox One Is Easier Than Xbox 360

‘We already have some room for manoeuvre.’

Posted By | On 01st, Sep. 2014 Under News

xbox one amd

Styx Master of Shadows is a current gen exclusive title which means it will most likely take full advantage of the processing power that the new consoles offer. Continuing our coverage of the game, GamingBolt asked Cyanide Studios about their thoughts on the 8GB of RAM in the new consoles and whether they think it will be sufficient to last an entire generation.

Cyanide Studios believes that the amount of RAM should be sufficient. “Yes I think it will be sufficient. We already have some room for manoeuvre,” he said. And whether they faced any issue while developing on the Xbox One version, they said, “No, on the contrary, we found it easier than with the last gen. The PS4 and Xbox One are more similar to each other in terms of development process, and the developers are very happy with that.”

Styx Master of Shadows is due sometime this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • GHz

    “whether they faced any issue while developing on the Xbox One version, they said, “No, on the contrary, we found it easier than with the last gen.”

    It’s great that 3rd party devs are getting better @ creating games on the XB1. The faster parity is achieved the faster all this pixel counting will be laid to rest. 😀

    • demfax

      Full parity can’t happen unless the PS4’s stronger hardware is held back. It will always have a slight advantage.

    • GHz

      try telling that to Guerilla Games. Just look at the limitations they faced when creating KZSF and end results with them having to cut corners in either frame rate or resolution. Then explain to me how 343i can do for HALO MCCE edition on XB1 which GG couldn’t do for KZSF on the ps4. 343i Got it locked at true 1080p ( I mean the kind of 1080p we all expect, across the board) and buttery smooth.60fps across the board.

      I’ll listen to devs on this one. 3rd party multi games are looking near identical on both plats compare to the early months, thanks to software improvements. And if Sony 1st party cant even do justice on the ps4 hardware when MS 1st party is obviously demonstrating more power on the XB1, then we have to start wondering about what exactly Sony was talking about. Most are starting to agree that this parity war was blown way out of proportion early on and the power differences most likely is a just a little “bit” like 4A says.

    • demfax

      No software update is going to let the weaker Xbox close a hardware gap, they can call it DX99, it doesn’t matter.

      Sony’s ICE team, Naughty Dog, and Santa Monica Studios will fully utilize PS4’s stronger hardware, so it will remain ahead in graphics performance.

      Xbox will still get some good looking games though.

    • GHz

      I don’t know man. The evidence so far prove otherwise.

      2013 Ryse won for best real-time graphics in a game beating all 1080p 1st on the ps4. Quantum Break > The Order. FH2 > DC. and it looks like HALO MCCE will blow KZSF out the water.

      No games on the ps4 seems to competing in overall presentation than those of MS 1st party. MS is winning in regards to games.

      The only argument ppl like you have now is parity will never be reached. Before that, it was XB1 will never achieve 1080p on demanding 3rd party games. Devs just keep proving you guys wrong. I agree with 4A the ps4 is just a “bit” powerful, and in the end, all 3rd party games will be identical for the most part. @ least you wont be able to tell the differences unless told.

    • demfax

      Every console or gaming device has a power budget that can be put towards resolution, framerate, or visual effects. PS4 has a higher total budget than Xbox, and good PCs have an even higher budget.

      Forza 5 or Horizon 2 would run better on PS4, and Driveclub would run worse on Xbox. Quantum Break would run better on PS4, and The Order would run worse on Xbox.

      We don’t know who actually entered the 41st Siggraph Computer Animation Festival contest. It’s impossible to tell what Ryse “won over”, or whether PS4 games were even submitted. The award is for Ryse, not “Ryse on Xbox One”. It’s a near certainty that they applied to the contest using footage from the upcoming PC version running at 4k resolution and ultra settings.

      The award states “Ryse is an eight hour game with an additional 110-minutes of linear storytelling content. The submission shows gameplay and cutscenes, both utilize the same assets and can be rendered in real-time.” Despite claiming the gameplay and cutscenes use the same assets, the cutscenes are almost all pre-rendered movies at least in the Xbox version.

      In other words, this award is more about an unleashed PC version of Ryse than the Xbox version running at 900p and 25 FPS average with lower visual quality settings.

      PS4 is the more powerful console, thus it has the potential for more computationally intensive visual calculations, that will generally be perceived as better by most. Ryse would obviously run better on PS4.

    • GHz

      That’s sounds nice and all, but for your argument to be valid, Sony needs to prove it and they haven’t. Sorry. The proof are in the games. All games, not just 3rd party. XB1 comes off as the more powerful console right now cause Sony wont step up. And if what you claim is true, DC should be running at 60fps being its a corridor racer. But instead It has FH2 outclassing it on all terms. Why? Why would Sony make the ps4 suffer like that? Maybe its time to face facts. The ps4 is a “bit” more powerful like 4A said, and the differences in the end are negligible.

    • demfax
    • GHz

      Yeah I all that tech talk sounds great. And We all know what the games look like and more importantly play like across both platforms. And the consensus is XB1 seems to be the console which delivers in the end on the technical end. MS 1st party games show that the XB1 can do everything you say the ps4 is capable of doing but haven’t actually done yet. Where is PS4’s ver. of QB?
      To make a long story short, FH2 already looks like it’ll turn out to be the next best true next gen driving game on a technical level. And as good as the order looks, QB already got it beat in overall technical presentation. Again the proof are in the actual games. If this power you want to exaggerate is real, wouldn’t Sony 1st party titles shut everyone up? But yet people walk out of GC talking about QB being the most next gen game they’ve ever seen. What happened there? Not to hurt your feelings, but real world experience vs forum babble and belief: Real life experience wins hands down. A tech sheet wont change that.

    • demfax

      QB would run better on PS4, with higher resolution or framerate, or by using it’s stronger GPGPU compute abilities. Games like KZ: Shadowfall, The Order, Infamous, and Driveclub are using the same kinds of graphical techniques in QB.

      You’re pretending your biased opinions on what subjectively looks better equals stronger hardware, which is nonsense. The numbers and performance measurements aren’t biased.

    • Psionicinversion

      you do realise the more stuff that shunted to the compute units for processing the less gfx rendering power it has cus its eating up cycles which is prolly why physics heavy games like watchdogs and witcher cant do 1080p or really struggling to hit it cus the CPU is basically a life support unit cus its not powerful enough to do much of anything except the bare minimum also as i understand stuff like physics can eaty up a lot of memory bandwidth so that can be another factor. like ive said before ps4 may have more TFLOP’s available but its a measely amount when there gunning for 5TFLOP GPU’s.

      KZ SF looks terrible at time, ive seen the outside shots when your flying over the good looking part that looks like the buildings have bin rubbed with sand paper. its not as good looking as ya think.

    • demfax

      One of the things AMD’s GCN ACEs are good at is finding idle CU cycles to do GPU compute work, with minimal impact on graphics rendering. That’s why there are 8 of them in the PS4.

      PS4’s CPU is reasonable given the rest of the system specs. Watch Dogs is a launch multiplatform game.

      There are some good looking KZ Shadowfall screenshots and footage. It looks good for a launch game. Better looking games are coming.

    • Psionicinversion

      screw the KZ screenshots ive bin playing the game i know exactly how it looks. the outside areas look good most of the time, sometimes its rough.

      with the physics its ok if its just doing cloth simulation etc but when the whole enviroment is laden with physics it could place a strain, definately on memory bandwidth more than anything.. that also a reason they cant do MSAA because it takes it alot memory bandwidth or GPU power which they cant spare in a full 1080p scene

    • GHz

      You can assume and make up stories all you want. The reality of the situation got nothing to do with what you wish it to be. Remedy haven’t discussed their bespoke XB1 engine so I don’t know how you can even make such an assumption. Oh wait you are a die hard ps4 only fan and the internet and a spec sheet backs up your assumptions. Logic don’t apply to you. There are enough who think like you do. They upvote you and let you feel good about yourself. But the reality is, QB is on XB1, FH2 is on XB1, Ryse is on XB1, Halo MCE is on XB1 and 4A said what they said, just like the devs in this article…see the pattern. We can cite them, we see the evidence. See that’s real, that’s fact, you cant avoid that no matter how hard you want to pretend.

    • demfax

      Anyone with technical knowledge knew PS4’s game graphics performance would be better for the entire generation as soon as the specs were official. That was well over a year ago. Apparently it’s taking some people a LONG time to come to terms with reality. It’s going to be a very long generation for you. That’s reality. Remedy have discussed their engine in some interviews.

      You know well you’d get laughed at and banned for your delusional nonsense on any tech forum like beyond3d. That’s why you slum around disqus and misterxmedia pretending down is up. Your subjective opinions on what “looks better” do not equal “Xbox must be more powerful”.

      PS4 is the more powerful console for games performance, and in more than just raw teraflops.









    • GHz

      You’re a straaaaange dude and love to run around in circles in your convos. You’re desperately trying to turn this into something else.
      The ps4 is more powerful. End of story. By how much? according to 4A, its just a “bit” more powerful. So far 3rd party games supports this revelation with metro being the latest one. Destiny will join this list just like Diablo already have. Going by the evidence (games) and not your internet babble, I think 4A might be right. That’s all. And that’s just concerning the 3rd party games.
      1stparty is whole different story. XB1 is killing it with superior looking games coming up this holiday and beyond. Sony indeed need to step up to prove once and for all that spec sheet is legitimate by creating superior games. FH2 > DC, QB > The Order. HMCE > KZSF and SSO looks just as good as ISS and it does a whole lot more onscreen than that game. That’s facts. Sorry dude. That’s the reality and not assumption of the situation as it stands. Sony needs to step up. Take it all in and then try to live a happy life. Happy gaming!

    • demfax

      PS4 is exactly as powerful as the numbers say they are. Driveclub, The Order, and Infamous are technically superior as they’re running on more powerful hardware. They would have to be downgraded to run on the weaker Xbox hardware.

      Unbiased gamers will look at Driveclub and Horizon 2 and say Driveclub looks better. The Order impressions are filled with people who get confused because they didn’t tell when a cutscene ended and gameplay began. PS4 games already look superior to Xbox, and Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studios will do even more.

      The reality is your extreme minority opinions mean nothing to the wider world where PS4’s games are widely considered to have superior visuals, which is backed up by real world numbers and performance. You can pretend down is up all day long, nobody reasonable gives it credibility.

      Your opinions will never be facts or proof of anything related to the hardware.

    • James

      See here you go again. You are just throwing out the standard internet chatter like Tflops and gpgpu. You do know tflops are the measurement of the total math output of the compute units. You know the shader cores. Any Gpgpu functions will be done on the compute units. Yet you act like they are 2 different things. Both consoles were designed with gpu compute in mind. The Ps4 has extra Aces that the XB1 doesnt have but you still need bandwidth to use gpgpu. You also need spare cpu cycles to pass those commands to the gpu. The gpu is always feed by the cpu. So you have 2 consoles where one console has a beefier gpu but they both have the exact same cpu.
      So please tell me how you are going to extract 100% performance from the ps4 gpu on a constant basis when you have to constantly contend with free cpu cycles and memory bandwidth? Yes the Ps4 is more powerful and most likely will out perform the XB1on multiplat games but it wont on every game because not every game is gpu bound.

    • Failz

      Sony Defence Force at work once again. You still believe this day and age is all about physical hardware? Lol man oh man. Where is the education for the kids.

    • GHz

      That guy is looney and I’m pretty sure he’s that Derp dude that lives in the muddy bottom of the internet forums only coming out to feed when pple are happy about good XB1 news. Talking about, ” Full parity can’t happen unless the PS4’s stronger hardware is held back.” He has the guts to say that even after the whole Killzone incident. GG must be gimping their own games then to make 343i and XB1 games look better.

      Those guys who made The Order must be gimping their games too because according to numerous sources who’ve had access to that game, most think in exchange for all that sweet graphical content you’re forced to play in a restrictive state where almost everything is done for you and so limiting your overall control & interaction with the environment of the game. Duck Hunt!? o_O….No thank you. I don’t care how good that game looks. I’m not supporting that. IGN are the latest to confirm this and those guys are pro Sony.

      Not saying the ps4 don’t have great games, because it does, but is it this mythical powerhouse the internet make it out to be? At this point in time..NOPE! Not according to the actual games. Derp/demfax or w/e ever his split personalities refer to his elves these days can run around the internet with ps4 spec sheet as his cape, attacking pple with their POV, but in the end he still have to face the real world. That is if he’s actually capable.

      This whole 1080p thing got out of hand, thanks to the media (they have to make their money) and it was the ps4’s claim to fame, the extra pixel count. And now 4A blatantly said,

      ” Counting pixel output probably isn’t the best way to measure the difference”

      ” There are plenty of other (and more important factors) that affect image quality besides resolution. We may push 40 per cent more pixels per frame on PS4, but it’s not 40 per cent better as a result… your own eyes can tell you that.”

      And shot holes in their ps4 1080p religion.

      But Derp here who’s under another guise has a Masters degree on internet hearsay, trolling, and forum BS. And he’s out to prove everyone wrong. 😀

    • Failz

      Demfax is a good mate of mine, we have great convos together especially when his other mates come to play. They love to tell me how much 1080p matters and how much MS are evil and Sony are goddesses. Yet iv always tried to tell him that umm… I game on PC… Anyway those spec sheets really make those games good.

      The Order – linear (Just like Ryse) all visuals no gameplay.
      Drive Club – linear track racer, again visuals no gameplay.
      Killzone SF – another visuals over gameplay
      Knack… well that doesn’t need an explanation
      Infamous SS – visuals over gameplay but probably Sonys best PS4 game, yet its the worse Infamous game ever made judging by metacritic (80).

      No wonder the team at ND are separating, They want to make games with good gameplay but seems like Sonys trend this gen is to only make a good looking games and forget the rest. And the sad truth is the games always look better on PC so kind of defeats the purpose of having the best looking games when in fact they never are.

    • James

      You dont seem to understand how everything works.
      Yes the Ps4 is more powerful everyone knows that.
      If parity is achieved on a title it is because both systems meet the technological need of the software the developer intended. Multiplat devs are not going to spend extra time and money adding extra graphics to the ps4 versions of games just cuz it can take it.
      Another thing you need to understand is that just because the Ps4 gpu has 6 more compute units doesnt mean thy are always freely available to use. Every part of the gpu pipeline requires available memory bandwidth to be used. If the system is bandwidth bound by a software title that is using 16 cus you cant use the other 2 without freeing up memory bandwidth.

    • GHz

      I never looked @ that way. Budget is a huge factor in game development, especially 3rd party cross platform games. Thanks for that input!

    • BarleyD

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    • Michael Norris

      You always comment on pro Xbox shit,he said both consoles are easy to develop for.Both consoles are the same,just one of them has better hardware and uses Open GL/PSSL.


    • Mark

      I agree with u on the nitpicking that goes on with pixel quantity GHZ, BUT, there’s no good reason to argue about why these systems should have parity. People r gonna argue about this all year, even next year. I defenitely see parity amongst multiplats in most cases now. But u know what, if a game sucks, it sucks regardless. Again I hear u, but ur only gonna pick a fight with this. Imo

    • GHz

      Yeah. I’m not allowed to acknowledge progress on XB1. Some ppl get emotional. I’m like wow.

    • Mark

      Lol. U know, the best way to recognize a zealot (regardless of platform) is they usually show their emotions quite easy. I see plenty of statements I disagree with on these forums, but I only occasionally jump in the pool. This “war” is consuming a huge chunk of some gamers’ time everyday. It can also take away our enjoyment of these games, where if we calmed down, our discussions could be alot more constructive and cool.

      For example, if this power argument was in reverse, I could care less about reminding people what’s in the Xbox, and how many more pixels it pumps. Regardless of if there’s an important difference or not. I hope PS4 players have alot of fun with BloodBorne. Liking the moody environments. Exclusives r what should motivate a system purchase or not imo.

    • GHz

      The game I’m looking forward to on the ps4 is Wild! It’s not the only one. I’m digging Rime too.

    • Mark

      Yo who the heck is that on ur avatar?! Lol. Looks mysterious. Like a young chick who has strict parents, gettin beatings in Catholic school every week.

    • GHz

      LMAO! Christina Ricci as Wednesday from Adams family.

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