A Look At Gaming In 2011- 360’s Best Year?

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We have established by now that 2010 was a great year for gaming, and even more so for the Xbox 360. Not only did Microsoft’s home console get unforgettable multiplatform titles like Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2, it also got some decent exclusives, like Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction and Fable III, and an exclusive that ranks high amongst the games in 2010- Halo: Reach.

If it’s even possible, 2011 looks to be an even better year for the Xbox 360. Huge titles like Mass Effect 3, The Elder Scrolls V and Batman: Arkham City were recently announced, and others like Gears of War 3 and Child of Eden have been confirmed for a release this year a long time ago.

Below, we will have a look at some of the most notable games coming out on the Xbox 360 next year, and then we will be doing an in-depth analysis of how 2011 will turn out for the system. Sit back and enjoy!


Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly | Release Date: February 22nd

Just. Plain. Awesome.

Of all the First Person Shooters coming out in 2011, Bulletstorm looks to be the craziest, most fun and most innovative. The violence, for once, doesn’t feel unnecessarily tagged on, and the usage of the environment in gameplay seems like a very novel idea. The pulling, kicking, shooting, dismembering looks a hell lot of fun, and should  be even more so to pull off. Add to that the fact that the game is being developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, who have a great track record, and we have a winner on our hands.

Some Notable Stuff About The Game:
The Skillshots, over-the-top action, the huge weapons

Crysis 2

Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Crytek | Release Date: March 22nd

Welcome to the urban jungle.

“Crysis 2 is being consolized” has been a major concern for all fans of the original Crysis. But is it being “consolized?” We do know that the requirements of Crysis 2 are less than the original Crysis, and that it is being somewhat stripped down so that it can fit on the consoles. And if the game is going to be equally good on all three systems, will it be a half-assed sequel to the awesome Crysis back in 2007? And if it is better on the PC, will it be a crappy port on the home consoles, just a way to rake in some cash using a huge brand name? We do not know, but we do know that it looks amazing nonetheless. The awesome gameplay from Crysis is being retained, Nanosuit 2 looks great, the graphics are awesome… what else do you want from a Crysis game?

Some Notable Stuff About The Game:
Nanosuit 2, “Urban Jungle” setting, graphics look better than real life

Portal 2

Publisher: Valve | Developer: Valve | Release Date: April 18th

I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster.

Oh boy, how we have missed you GLaDOS. You and your one-liners that had me in splits. And just one look at the first trailer of Portal 2 had me awaiting its release like crazy. I simply loved the puzzle solving in Portal, and to know that there will be more of that, and even better than that, in Portal 2 just makes me want the game more. Add to that the fact that the game has two separate campaigns, one for co-op and one for single player, each with a different story, and I may even kill to get my hands on Portal 2 as quickly as possible.

Some Notable Stuff About The Game:
Co-op, Two campaigns with different stories, GLaDOS

Gears of War 3

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios | Developer: Epic Games | Release Date: Q4

Marcus is back. He looks angry... well, he always does.

Gears of War is one of the best franchises this generation of gaming has given us. Amongst all the other great franchises released this gen- Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Resistance, Uncharted, Professor Layton- Gears of War will probably remembered the most, for having a game that revolutionized the entire Third Person Shooting genre. Gears of War was an awesome game that introduced the brilliant cover based shooting gameplay to the TPS genre. Gears 2, while a bit disappointing, was an epic installment with a larger focus on story and presentation. Gears 3 looks all set to merge the two together into one single experience, and become the ultimate Gears experience. With its four player co-op, its overhauled online, its great campaign, Gears 3 looks all set to send of the Gears franchise in style.

Some Notable Stuff About The Game:
Four player co-op, four new playable characters, three of them are female, Beast Mode

Duke Nukem Forever

Publisher: GT Interactive (1997-199), Gathering of Developers (1999-2001), Take-Two Interactive (2001-1009), 2K Games (Present) | Developer: 3D Realms (1997-2009), Triptych Games, Gearbox Software, Piranha Games | Release Date: May 3rd (Hopefully)

"What? Did you think I'd be gone forever?" Actually...

Duke Nukem Forever is aptly named. It has taken forever to get released… and it still hasn’t been launched. And in its thirteen years of development, it has had four developers and publishers work on it. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. We’re finally getting Duke Nukem Forever, and this time, it’s official. What is best is that Gearbox are acting like- “We know we took long. We don’t care.” Just have a look at the new trailer, it’ll have you in splits, and it will have you so excited, you’ll want this game right away. And if Gearbox can actually deliver, I see no reason why this game will not be worth the wait.

Some Notable Stuff About The Game:
Every. Freaking. Thing.

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  • This Article claims Grand Turishmo has been “OUT DONE” by Fortza 2???? That is your opionion not fact! in terms opf Graffics and sales and features there is no competition… If you like arcade style racing and customization then fortza is for you… But REAL HARDCORE RACING FANS will always choose GT5! any game with rewind is not a racing sim. Also your entire list is multiplats except 2 games…. this should be a great game gamers not just the 360 you troll! How can you boast about the 350 when most of these games come out on other platforms? One could say that the PS3 exclusives destroy the entire list of games you have on that list! troll….

    • You clearly have never played Forza. Forza is not an arcade game, and there are no flying cars, as there are in Gran Turismo 5.
      In fact, Forza was made by Gran Turismo fans that were unsatisfied with the game.

    • you don’t know what you’re speaking about…

    • Wow, this guy’s an idiot. Microsoft bought 50,000 copies of GT4 and used them to develop Forza. Btw, neither “out-does” the other. Forza has customization, & GT5 has a thousand cars. They both feel almost exactly the same.

  • Most of the decent games on there are multiplatform. This year will be Sony’s year. Just look at all their first-party exclusives (sequels to top-notch games). The Xbox 360 only has Kinect games, which is why i’m selling it soon.

  • 2011 PS3 hardcore exclusive list

    little big planet 2 (1/18)
    killzone 3 (2/22)
    MLB The Show (3/8)
    yakuza 4 (3/15)
    PS Move Heroes (3/22)
    Motorstorm Apocalypse (4/12)
    Socom 4 (april)
    ICO/SOTC HD collection
    Ratcher and Clank All For One
    Infamous 2
    White Knight Chronicles 2
    Ni No Kuni
    Resistance 3 (9/6)
    Uncharted 3 (11/1)
    The Last Guardian (holidays 2011)
    Twisted Metal (holidays 2011)

    (please note how I’m leaving out games like DC Universe Online, The Agency and Final Fantasy 14 because they’re not exclusives because they have PC versions)

    360 2011 hardcore exclusive list

    Gears of War 3 (fall 2011)
    Forza 4

    (in both lists the ones with no dates are TBA2011, but at some point they were announced for 2011)

    • Agreed. PS3 owns 360 this year in the gaming department. Anyone that says different is blind, or just a fankid. Plain and simple.

  • Looks good! 😀

    Its funny how PS3 fanboys always has to come and comment! The title dosn’t say “Best console game year! The 2011 belongs to the 360” So lets keep this a x360 thread!! 😀 ya ya i know its imposible 😀

    • Yeah, it just says it’s the best year for 360 up until now, wich I don’t agree with.

    • OMG anders I just want to punch u right ur fucking face, exclusive games for xbox 360 on 2011: Gears 3, Forza 4, and thats it! ALL the others are MULTIPLATFORM which means that they also are on pc and ps3 u ignorant, retarded son of a motherfucking bitch! Exclusive games for ps3: Little big planet 2, DC Universe Online, Killzone 3, Socom 4, motorstorm apocalypse, twisted metal, infamous 2, uncharted 3, resistance 3, yakuza 4!! Yeah I win.

  • ddd

    ^^^I wont if they author doesnt know sht of what he is saying

    claiming that Forza outdoes Gran Turismo?? PFFff play the game little fuker before doing stpid claims

  • 360’s 2011 line up is vastly inferior to 2007’s, back when Microsoft was tying to still PS2’s audience, unlike now that they’re trying to still Wii’s audience

  • rak33n

    i think 2011 is ps3 year they have r3, uncharted, ngp, k3 and more

  • aquaman22

    You know xbox is in trouble when 97 percent of the titles coming out in 2011 will also be in their competitor’s console (Sony). I’ve always, ALWAYS thought that Sony had the better exclusives. and I will always sacrifice a GREATER internet service (in XBLA) over hardcore exclusive titles. Sony’s free online works JUST fine for me. When it comes to having an unforgettable experience Playstation is where is at. Uncharted, KZ, Resistance, and God of war are and will be amazing titles that 360 owners will never get to experience unless they come to the LIGHT SIDE! I personally can care less about Gears, or Halo, or Forza.

    • Gears 3 will rape all of the PS3 exclusive into the ground. But this year belongs to multi platform games such as BF3 and skyrim in any case. I mainly posted this because i actually can’t handle people saying “i could/can care less”. That makes no sense. think about what you’re saying. The saying is “I couldn’t care less” implying that you are at the pinnacle of not caring.

      p.s Go get hacked some more fan boy ; p

  • Thatruth86

    ok ok this would of been good but best year no bc most of those games are multiplatform so 360 have its year this year maybe next or after that who knows .. but these a good line up of games so many coming out its hard to decide . so all microsoft has is halo and gears of war better think quick

  • 364_legend

    why does marvel vs capcom 3 have a pic of flash (dc not marvel) and sonya (mortal kombat)… seems like a pic from mk vs dc not marvel vs capcom

  • tareq salah

    more like the worst year for xbox 360, i wont even count forza because u have gt5 to counter it on ps3 side. so basically gears of war is the only game xbox 360 fans are looking forward to this year. and to think people are buying xbox 360 this year more than ever is crazy. xbox 360 got lucky with the success of kinect to be honest

  • Gotta agree with most the people above. The 360 has had some great years b4 this and 2011 is not bad, but most of those are mutiplat. One may argue “but they’re better on the 360” but thats either fanboy of either console can say that and have legit arguments.

    The PS3 & 360 have both had years of one having more or better exclusives, but 2011 seems to be Sony’s year. They have too many sequels to good franchises coming out, Gears 3, Forza 4, and Kingdoms will be a typical year for 360, but Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Little Big Planet 2, Resistance 3, Socom 4, and The Guardian are all PS3 exclusives to add to the multiplat list you just made.

    This ‘article’ seemed very fanboyish so i’m a tad disappointed. Not taking any sides here… but just know that i’m disappointed in you writer.

  • The title says “A Look At Gaming In 2011- 360′s Best Year?”

    Even If Ps3’s 2011 may be better… any importance in this topic?
    Do you really need to look stupid posting “exclusive titles” for both sides?

    • B.

      THANK YOU! Seriously fanboys….play your system and be good boys and girls.

  • *yawn* most of these are for PC and are completely superior, 2011 is actually the worst year for the 360 since I sold it in favor of the PS3 since Xbox really doesn’t have anything to offer except fees and an invitation to the Kinect Cult the microsoft is shoving down people’s throats, I go with PS3/PC since I can play my gaes and more importantly Netflix without paying for some mediocre online service that is way overpriced for it quality.

  • I think if u exclude PS3 this will be Good for Xbox for the quality titles being released ie .. Battlefield 3\COD MW3\Gears 3\Elder Scrolls etc.. I think its also good there releasing them before Xmas Instead of making us wait. Ive not gt a PS3 so hard for me to judge…

  • That’s sad when a year that only brings two exclusives to a console is claimed to be “360′s Best Year”

    2011 is an amazing year for gamers but you are actually in a disadvantageous position if you own only an Xbox and miss out on LBP2, inFamous2, Kz3, Uncharted 3 and the rest of PS3 exclusives. Or if you miss out on Dawn of War 2 Retribution, Civ5 or some other PC exclusives that seem to be brought back from the grave after several horrible years.

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