A Plague Tale: Innocence to Run At 4K/30fps On Xbox One X And PS4 Pro, Developer Confirms

Asobo Studios chief creative officer discusses console performance.

Posted By | On 03rd, Jul. 2017 Under News

Asobo Studios was one of many developers to confirm recently that its game A Plague Tale: Innocence (with the city of rats that puts Dunwall to shame) won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It was explained that the hybrid console didn’t have enough power to handle it. On the other hand, what could the developer achieve with the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro? GamingBolt spoke to chief creative officer David Dedeine about the same.

On the subject of Xbox One X specific enhancements and whether 4K/60 FPS was on the cards, Dedeine said that, “Sure. We will be 4K ready.” That includes the PS4 Pro as well. But what about the frame rate on both consoles or the resolution/frame rate on Xbox One and PS4?

Dedeine clarified that, “We aim for 30 FPS on Pro and Xbox One X. On the original systems we don’t know yet.” A Plague Tale: Innocence is out in 2018. What are your thoughts on its performance for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro? Let us know below.

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  • Masyer

    Guess this must be the way they want it wonder if they will have 4k textures

    • Mark

      It really should…but we gotta wait for DigitalFoundry of course to detail what’s actually goin on

  • Hvd

    stop including ps4 crap pro upscale with xbox one x’a true native 4k.

    • Phillip Roccisano

      Developers don’t want to do the extra work.

    • Hvd

      they are lazy ill give you that but its not much hard work as you have herd 1 extra day for some games.

    • Thomas Hannah

      The 1X is not going to do true 4k in all games, just like the PS4 PRO doesn’t do 2160p native in all games. It’ll have more native 4k titles than the PRO, checkerboard or sparse rendering,or temperal injection rendering techniques are not the same as doing a regular upscale, the tv does already when connecting a system to the tv. The differences already have been explain many times. Go back and watch some videos, or research to see the differencs.

    • Hvd

      the ps4 pro cant run any modern AAA title in native 4k,,,#facts

    • Thomas Hannah

      They don’t have to all be AAA titles, but it still have native 4k titles.

  • Marcelo

    “We aim for 30 FPS on Pro and Xbox One X. On the original systems we don’t know yet.”
    So.. for the original systems it possible to be less than 30fps?

    • Gary

      I doubt it. 30fps is minimum for games. They’ll just lower the resolution

    • Thomas Hannah

      It’ll likely be 1080p 30fps for the base PS4 and XB1.

  • Wei Feng

    The Netbook CPU limiting cinematic frame rate is once again very popular

  • Edonus

    I see Gamingbolt is on their Bias Gaming Media(BGM) propaganda push to make it sound like the Ps4Pro and Xbox One X are doing the same things……. The dev never stated what the resolution of the games will be. He just said they will use what they have to get where they can.

    Have you no shame.

    GB has another article doing he samething.

    Its sad when you can use the same comment for two different articles…… it shows their agenda.

  • Mr Xrat

    The power of the Xbollox, ladies and gentlemen.

    • TechGoblin

      The power of lazy developers.

  • Gary

    A true next gen 4K console, this Xbox One X.

  • Jay Hy

    Dam i swear USE da XTRA power da Systemz got how Hard is it?? Make da Reg games 30fp n pro XbX 60fps how Fn hard is dat

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