Aaron Greenberg: DX12 Will Affect Xbox One Provided Devs Use It, Shares Updates On Fable Legends

Aaron Greenberg on the upcoming API, Fable Legends and Xbox One screenshots feature.

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Aaron Greenberg, marketing team lead across 1st & 3rd Party Game Studios at Microsoft has confirmed that DirectX 12 will have a substantial affect on PC as well as Xbox One. Responding to a user query on Twitter, Greenberg stated that both platforms will see effects provided developers make use of it.

This is contrary to what Phil Spencer said a few months ago. “It will help developers on Xbox One. It’s not going to be a massive change but will unlock more capability for devs,” Spencer tweeted back in June last year. It seems that progress has been made since then and Xbox One will apparently get affected substantially by the same.

Greenberg also gave a few updates regarding the upcoming Fable Legends. He stated that the game is turning out to be fun. “Yes I have played and game is really fun. Great game over live and top down villain is ideal for pc side,” he said. He also revealed that Fable Legends is in closed beta right now before they expand on it and begin the beta for  players.

And finally, he provided a small update on screenshot captures by stating that  they are coming ‘soon’.

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  • Will DX12 have a substantial effect on XB1?
    Aaron Greenberg”If Devs Use it” – – Same as what Phil Spencer has stated.
    Unreal Engine 4 & Unity both have DX12 built in now – – So Devs don’t have to go out of their way to use it or take advantage of it. And 100’s of games are being developed with those engines

    • Psionicinversion

      Cryengine has it now to or at least its still being integrated but it will have it

    • melrex

      If your the red dragon on youtube i love your youtube channel 🙂

    • John Doe

      One of biggest Microsoft fanboys has arrived.

      DX12 isn’t going to do much for Xbox One. DX12 is CPU focused, not GPU. DX12 will help with portting and new renderring features for Xbox BUT NOT PERFORMANCE like it will for PCs. PC and console APIs are very different. It takes time to port using DX12 and devs aren’t going to develope games for DX12 if the install base isn’t big enough or if they can’t port. Even then, DX12 isn’t going to be doing much for the Xbox One. In 2 years I’ll say I told you so and laugh.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Yeah, which is why devs are all going to embrace OpenGL or Mantle instead.

      Hold on, my eyes just rolled back into my head so much I have to reset them. Sony fanboys should really stop talking about PC considering DX12 will have additional GPU features being showcased at GDC and the reduction of drawcalls and core usage is also going to be a huge performance boost for GPU’s. You know jack sh*t other than to shill for Sony.

  • Asher Madan

    Excellent. I’m glad Aaron keeps fans updated.

    • Guest

      Its all part of the companies PR campaoign to try and fool the suckers into thinking the Xq is a technically viable system, when its reall just a weak POS. Aaron Greenberg is a super company shill/fanboy. nothing more, I wouldn’t trust anything he says. But fanboys will be fanboys.

  • XanderZane41

    E3 is going to be fun.

    • Guest

      Why cuz of DX? Yeah, ok, kid, then its going to be real fun when Sony further updates their SDK. Pathetic!

    • drjonesjnr

      Yep it sure is Microsoft need to show what there plans for 2015 because the 1st half of the year is barren for triple A exclusives 🙁

  • Guest

    Here we go again with the fanboys making all sorts of stupid assumptions. Just wait and see what it does. Whatever it does do (if anything) I guarantee it wont be noticeable as the PS4 will just match it, thereby nullifying any effects of it. DX12 cant be any better than a API already made for a specific hardware. Just fanboys are dumb, desperate idiots, who wanna believe any nonsense that makes them feel better about their delsuions. Well you’ll only be letting yourselves down. Just like how the X1 was/is a big letdown thus far.

  • The demo at the Microsoft conference was running at 120fps while adding effects using DX12. Now the gaming world knows how powerful the Xbox is and will become even stronger as time goes on.

    • Psionicinversion

      despite the fact that demo was most likely running on a PC yah sure. ill be installing win 10 technical preview when/if i get into Fable legends beta as it should ship with beta DX12

    • It’s running natively in Windows 10. The same results will be across the board including Xbox.

    • Psionicinversion

      no it wont because it depends what GPU and CPU youve got in it. do you think youll see exactly the same results if you got a PC with a 1Ghz processor in compared to a 4Ghz one, which one do you think will be better?

      For all you know that could of been running on a 16thread intel

    • GHz

      Good point!

      So lets use Quantum Break as the base example of what XB1 can do w/o DX12. Then lets Imagine what the games will look like WITH DX12 + Tile Resources =? I won’t even count in cloud compute.


    • Listen because I’m only going to say this once. Stating MS. Xbox is full DX12 ready. That means the hardware is already capable of doing what they showed in the demo. The Xboxs gpu is a custom gpu so we don’t know what’s actually in the box. They will reveal that in March. We do know what it can do as displayed.

    • GHz

      If you listen to what LionHead studios had to say in how they came about with a smarter implementation of Global Illumination, that trumped what epic was doing in their “Elemental” real-time demonstration on PC, you can figure out that XB1 is indeed powerful. Epic ended up embedding that new feature in their Unreal engine by the way. So yup, XB1 design should not be compared to anything else, and for the fact that DX12 was built to show off what the XB1 can do & vice versa, says it all. Like Brad & AMD reps said, XB1 will be the biggest beneficiary, and is like receiving 4 generations leap in hardware. Their words not mine. Are they exaggerating? The games will be the proof in the end.

    • Psionicinversion

      4 generation leap? i cant see that

    • GHz

      Honestly I kinda find it hard to believe too, but I wouldn’t had imagined that MS would have us playing with HOLOLENS so soon either. They designed the everything about the hardware for Pete’s’ sake. How advanced are they really in gaming tech to reveal such progress?
      But like we all know, we’re only talking an upgrade to a better API. We haven’t included what NEXT GENN engines like Unreal Engine 4 and the proper use of Tile resources will add to that mix. We are talking local power not wide area power. Then in regards, non local compute, We saw the NASA demo running on a surface pro 3 shifting some crazy insane physics that would kill a high end PC. XB1 is definitely more powerful than surface pro 3. So What will all this tech achieved when combined?

    • Psionicinversion

      Hmm yeah, i spose they did design the xenos which paved the way for modern GPU tech. I dunno, have to see where they go with it although i would love to see all the PS fanboys cry that there console getting beat by the x1. There might be a few social media suicides going on and youtube vids of people smashing up there PS4’s…. then millions of angry PS4 owners blaming Cerny for being completely crap lol.

      Would to good to see how hard they turn on there sony masters

    • GHz

      I have no prob with Sony. They are a corporation and owe me nothing. Their job was to deliver a great console and they did. It’s dem dumb sony fanatical fans of theirs infesting the web with false info that I hate. Yeah, those zealots need to to find a high window and jump head 1st 😀

    • Psionicinversion

      I cant make my mind up about Quantum Break tbh its looks good but i dont feel its something amazing visually, the ripples and stuff look good but generally its a game id expect X1 to be able to power. depends whats in the future, Youll have to see if halo 5 is running 1080p 60fps on release because that will use DX12, but i think they may have done the demo in DX11 as the system will most likely get upgraded to use DX12 with win 10 when it release on it later in the year as it will only using DX11 atm. Unless they snuck on some beta dx12 drivers on it

    • GHz

      Fair assessment. We are hard to please these days. last gen really spoiled us. 🙂

    • Pops

      Did you see every thing breaking up in that game.it looks like they are using the cloud on this game

    • Exactly. Microsoft kept saying this in the beginning but no one believed them. Now its time for a lot of education for gaming fans.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      I think the demo was only a representation of the efficiency of Dx12 has on hardware. But doubt we’ll see the same results in that demo specifically on XOne because that was a PC and totally different specs and settings of that simulation. But huge difference nonetheless between Dx12 and past APIs. It’s still a game changer for game development. As quoted by the Metro Redux developer a “Paradigm Shift”. ;D

  • d0x360

    It should help by proxy meaning a lot of time devs will code for PC and port to consoles. Doing so depending on budget they might just use dx11 on consoles instead of using console specific api. If they code to dx12 which the xbox is compatible with those optimizations will carry over as they are already similar to those found in Xbox specific api for CPU calls

  • Gene

    Fable Legends

    From an Xbox One exclusive to just another inferior multiplat.

    Xbone is living up to its legacy: inferior multiplats and timed exclusives.

  • GHz

    “It will help developers on Xbox One. It’s not going to be a massive change but will unlock more capability for devs,”

    You should make sure to note that it’s Phils answer to how DX12 will affect games graphically on XB1. That is a very specific question and so he gave a very specific answer.

    Keep in mind that there are other ways to graphically enhance games on a consoles throughout its lifespan. Everyone agree that no matter what, graphical fidelity will increase over time! That is a natural growing process that all consoles throughout history go through as devs get clever with hacks, or the use of middle ware. XB1 will naturally go through this process. What do you think Unreal Engine, Unity engine or Graphine software is for? So again lets NOT take a simple question and answer out of context.

    If XB1 can run a game like QB while looking that good on DX11, what do you think will happen when DX12 games start shipping? And this is only the 2nd year. Exciting times ahead because we’re only talking LOCAL compute! AND we haven’t even touched on adding Tile Resources to the mix! Things are going to crazy.

    • Kidd

      Soon I think Microsoft will own a lot more game studio’s maybe even be coding there own games have game engines the whole works. And Franchise kind of like Nintendo be more 1st party and exclusive even on windows 10!! I don’t know why they are not opening up more positions Phil Spencer is going to need all the help he can get.

    • GHz

      They did open up a few more 1st party game studios that aren’t talked about much. All focus is on Rare, Turn10, The Coalition & 343i. well lets hope that we get a few surprises in the future. I see momentum building with Phils focus with investing more in 1st party.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    Who is surprised by this? Oh yeah, Sony fanboys.This was a known fact since when, but Sony fanboys took point from some claims and twisted it. Very sad.

  • GHz

    BIG UPDATE….Phil just confirmed AGAIN that DX12 was designed with XB1 in mind and vice versa. So what does that mean about XB1 GPU? What does it mean when AMD and NVIDIA have yet to release graphic cards than can fully exploit all of DX12? How does that make the XB1 look, when the competition will release their cards later this year? How modified is XB1 GPU then? So many questions.

    @ExploderMouse We knew what DX12 was doing when we built Xbox One.— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) January 23, 2015

  • Mark

    If people didn’t understand DX12, now they should. The Win10 demo of the 2 scenes (one on DX11, the other DX12) expressed the fact that; using the same hardware, DX12 could run such a complex scene at playable frames, vs hitting a stand still on DX11.

    The point here for devs is; for new games built with Mantle or DX12, they’ll use all the benefits (frame rate gains, new rendering features, parallelization of cpu cores etc) to render amazing real time scenes. They WILL NOT, push just for higher frame (eg. 60-80 fps or something). They want to produce scenes movie-like. They’ll need all they can get to achieve that. It’s not about hitting higher than 30fps for these guys. Lol. It isn’t. They want to awe people. People keep thinking along the lines of “1080p 60fps”. Haha. Nope

    • Kidd

      I agree Xbox One will have C.G.I. like game’s!! Brad Wardell expressed the idea on T.I.C a you tube channel dedicated to Xbox One Gamers.

  • Mark

    Yeah I think Aaron’s referring to graphics engines. There’s only a handful of engines confirming support atm. UE, Unity, Crytek etc. Question is, if the PS4 doesn’t have the same new features DX12 has, then will any studios make a multi-plat using it at all? Fable looks gorgeous too

  • Pops

    The xbox one already got a 30 percent boost.so with dx12 it going to give xbox another 50 percent boost.so it makes xbox 30 percent more powerful than ps4

    • Kidd

      I think Microsoft said Xbox One would have or be as powerful as 32-34 Xbox 360’s that’s probably with the cloud. Before the Xbox One was launched.

  • hvd hvd

    i read they made it soooo easy for the by giving them a one button program to optimize
    the esram for them.it was called pix i believe.one press auto optimize they should be able to use it better now..lolthe esram i mean.


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