Aaron Greenberg On Why Xbox One And Windows 10 Comparison Makes No Sense, Gold Offers Great Value

Head of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft explains the value of Xbox One and Xbox Live.

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xbox one amd

Microsoft has been making some drastic changes in their gaming initiatives in the the few weeks. It all started when they announced Quantum Break, once a Xbox One exclusive, will also be coming to Windows 10 PC.  Then earlier this week, the company announced that Forza will also be coming to Windows 10. In short, Microsoft views Xbox One and Windows 10 as a singular platform and it won’t be a big surprise if Gears of War 4 also launches on both platforms.

This has apparently made some Xbox One fans unhappy. The PC platform offers free multiplayer gaming compared to the paid model on Xbox Live. Although this debate can be subjective and it depends on what kind of features appeal to you, some fans have began started to question the purpose behind Xbox Live when according to them they can engage in multiplayer matches for free on Windows 10. This has also led Xbox fans to draw comparisons between the console and Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg recently took to Twitter to defend against such claims. When asked why one should pay for Xbox Live when one can essentially play MP matches for free on Windows 10, Greenberg explained that it’s the case of different business model, cost of ownership and essentially two different markets in PC and Xbox, while emphasizing that Xbox Live Gold memberhsip “offers an incredible value on the console” and “it’s a matter of choice.” Aaron then explained that buying a PC as powerful as the Xbox One will require three times the Xbox One’s cost but did specify that cost models of hardware vary quite differently. To sum it up it does not make any sense to compare Xbox One and Windows 10 in terms of online functionality and hardware capability. One is a static platform (for now) and other can be updated as per the user’s budget.

If Aaron’s answers are anything to go by, then Microsoft have truly embraced Windows 10 platform in a really big way. The idea of a unified eco-system sounds exciting but opinions can vary. What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Mark

    Ok here’s a question; if Phil’s already stated he “fully expects there to be another Xbox”, what is there to be so angry about, or fear? In years to come, this means there’ll be more PC games comin to the One. The fact that the X1 and PC will now run Win10 OS and DirectX 12, pretty much empowers devs to write the same code for 2 platforms….ahh nevermind. But when Microsoft starts announcing more PC games comin to the One, I’m just gonna roll ma eyes at my fellow Xbots who’s gonna be happy with this direction in hindsight..

    • Hvd

      isnt he going against what phill said im confused here.phil is all about xbox win 10 and isnt this against xbox and win 10?

    • Mark

      You mean Rashid, the author of this article? Well I think he was just paraphrasing Aaron concerning the questions he recieved. Rashid stated this topic “varies depending on opinions”. As for what I wrote, my question and comment was toward those on Xbox who diasgrees with this Win10/Xbox universal apps (games) direction Phil is taking us on.

    • Mark

      Oh crap u mean Aaron? My bad. Whatever he’s saying, it won’t go against what Phil’s doing, GUARANTEED. That’s his boss, so 100% some people will misinterpret this. I ignore most of this…we’ll see the fruits of this whole thing in the future and, then everyone will understand. In the meantime, I just see a bunch of people arguing for nothin. This is where Microsoft’s going, so Xbox gamers can continue the ride, or just get off tha boat. That simple, no need to waste ur time telling Phil and Aaron they’re stupid, lol.

    • theduckofdeath

      People are rash and quick to panic. A person with a gaming-capable PC isn’t going to buy an XB1 for one game at this point. Third party games are the real value to most game machines. If the XB1 is not going to be your primary game device, then MS isn’t losing if you buy the PC version. Microsoft is maxing out sales of their 1st & 2nd party games.

      I have an XB1 and upgrade my PC(s) every two years or so (making new builds when necessary). The QB deal is…ideal for me. This is a situation I have been waiting for. A console’s nature is to fall behind a this option keeps more games’ performance up to snuff.

    • red2k

      It’s a RIP for gamers, for day one buyers, for people that sustain Microsoft in the critical moments. It’s a backstab for the people in general but I’m sure that they will lose in this project as always.

    • Cenk Algu

      no my friend.People keep buying Cell Phones every year and do they feel like they were betrayed? lol No!

    • Mark


    • Mark

      Red I respect ur opinion brother, always do. But u have ZILCH, to fear. If, Microsoft ever goes the modular/upgradeable console route, they wouldn’t leave day one buyers out to dry, with them not being able to play some games. Why? Because Microsoft understands that the true power of selling hardware and software is, the developers! If u think they don’t realize they’d fragment the Xbox console market by selling different Xbox versions, then u should rethink that. Basically they want every dev possible to code for PC and Xbox, and by segmenting the install base and potential buyers, they’d dissuade many devs from coming to Win10 and Xbox. So yes, day one buyers would be able to play EVERY game that releases on the One, albeit lower settings. There’s no RIP for any gamer man. I used to think like you on this topic, but I understand now. We’re fine

  • Gene


    Suddenly, the Xbone warriors woke up after some announcements of W10 games. Cry more babies.

    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      We asked for this.
      Xbox is a service and we have supported this.

      +12 and we game on

  • Riggybro

    Thing is – PC games are phenomenally cheaper. I mean consistently cheaper and not in a “fell off the back of truck way”.

    At launch for example Witcher 3 (in my currency) if you hunted around you could get it on console for around $80 – this was considered a bargain (don’t forget to add your monthly subscription).

    On PC I didn’t even have to hunt around. I got an email advertising it for $40 at launch.

    Same with GTA V, Dying Light, AC unity, Far cry etc… all at launch.

    So it’s not quite as simple as “consoles are cheaper”
    – PC is playing the “long game” financially. Big cost up front low ongoing cost. Consoles cheap up front high ongoing cost.

  • Alistein

    He didn’t give a reliable point for why Xbox live is free on pc but not on console. He shouldn’t have attempted to even answer the question when the answers are obvious. The only reason it’s free on pc is because pc gamers spoke with their wallets, they refused to pay for Xbox live. I think attempting to answer the question this way could hurt them again especially if game sites begin to run with this blunder.

  • lagann

    I’ll have to disagree with Greenberg on this.

    XBL should be tiered with the base sub being free since its free for our PC counterparts. Steam never charged me in order to access their networks….ever.

    XBL offering “free” games in order to “build” value into the paid service is a different matter. This offer should not be tied into being able to play mp. The “value” of XBL should be tied, not into forcing players to get it because otherwise they can’t play online, but into real value that stands on its own – again, not forced.

    The truth of the matter is that Greenberg can’t justify the cost of XBL because you can’t justify it (for now at least). Steam literally does everything XBL can do at no charge at all – Yes, that includes access to their games sales the store has year round.

    Here’s an idea. MS has all these services and products right now. Groove music, TV&Music store, Surface devices, Phones, Skype, Office, etc. Why not include things like a sub to Groove music, 1 free movie rental a month, and some coupons for your hardware in the XBL paid sub? Give it real value…not forced value. It’s time to leverage all your other products ms!

  • Mr Xrat

    You know things are bad when they have to drag out Greenie to do damage control.

    • Cenk Algu

      ohhh poor Rat he is always there where the XO articles are.Poor guy.I am worrying about you haha

    • Cypher-Unknown

      And here you are as well. Looks like the fangirls are out.

    • Cenk Algu

      and what you are?

    • Cypher-Unknown

      What do you think I am? I imagine that because I think you talk garbage whilst displaying an obvious bias towards a certain system, in your mind I must favour the other “side”, yes? Silly fangirl! 🙂

    • Cenk Algu


    • Truth™

      Ruggarell your complete meltdown over PC gaming winning the generation has been absolutely hilarious to behold. Especially since Uncharted 4 is downgraded and broken and Sony wants $60 for No Man’s Spore even after the Street Fighter V disaster. We can assume Horizon is being delayed and downgraded into 2017 in at this moment considering last time it was shown it struggled to get above 20FPS

      Can’t wait till you end it all once Persona 5 gets announced for PC at E3 🙂


    • Mr Xrat

      “Bu bu bu but!”

      Stay mad, rscottyg. :^)

    • Truth™

      More memes, Ruggarell? This is getting more pathetic than your tiny peenus 🙂


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  • textomatic

    Been on XBL for 12 years. This might be my last Xbox console reason being that financially it is probably wiser to go the PC route if I can play all the Microsoft Games on PC and not have to pay for Xbox Live and still get the same features through the Xbox PC app. The “Free Games with Gold” is not enough to justify the yearly subscription rate. The only other reason to stick with console gaming is that gaming on PC also means more chances to game against hackers and cheaters. But if Windows 10 can get this under control (it’s suppose to be harder to hack) then building my own PC and connecting it to my big screen TV and essentially making it a “console” is probably the way to go. Save myself that XBL subscription and get the best of both worlds, plus Steam.


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