Albert Penello Further Details Forza 6 On Scorpio, Clarifies Comments On Existing Game Improvements

An update on Forza 6 optimization on Scorpio and a clarification regarding improved AA on existing games.

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The Xbox One Scorpio is going to be insanely powerful- it is at least powerful enough over the base Xbox One, which was rather weak hardware, that it should be able to run all of its games in 4K natively. More importantly, it apparently is extremely developer friendly, too- in fact, we recently reported that it took Turn 10 just two days to port Forza 6 to Scorpio.

Responding to these discussions, Microsoft’s Albert Penello took to NeoGAF to clarify some things about the ease of porting to Scorpio. Penello confirmed that Forza 6 on Scorpio that Digital Foundry saw had only about a week or two’s worth or so of optimizations done- the engine work had been done in early January, but the final hardware arrived only a few weeks ago, which was when the final optimizations were done.

“They got the tech up-and-running on basically a box of parts in Mid-January. It was not a fully functioning box (which is probably where the rumors around the early kits not hitting full perf),” Penello said. “The kits with near-final perf only arrived a few weeks ago. That was when the team started really playing around with settings. So not to be pedantic, but you’re correct the version he saw did not represent two days of work. It also did not represent two months of optimizations. It was maybe a week or two.”

This suggests that it will require trivial effort on the developers’ part to achieve high performance on the Scorpio, then. Finally, Penello also clarified an earlier comment he had made, noting that while he had said that Scorpio adds anti aliasing for all Xbox One games, he had meant anisotropic filtering, and gotten confused.

The Xbox One Scorpio is due to launch later this year. More details about the system will be coming this E3.

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  • Gamez Rule


    This is why it’s best to wait and see the games ourselves running on the hardware as DF and Penello got it wrong regarding information on Scorpio.

    • Living While Alive

      They were wrong and the news regarding backwards compatibility games is still good.

    • Cenk Algu

      salty wait for tomorrow.

    • Gamez Rule

      Why would I be salty as I already on Xbone and PC with Windows 10 as well as a PS4, but yet I’m still waiting for these great exclusive games with a tonne of developer support that was stated by Penello for Xbone.

      We are now four months into 2017 …And nothing. Now he has also been shown to be incorrect with his statements regarding Scorpio which IMO isn’t looking too promising is it now.

      It is what it is I’m afraid.

  • Mr Xrat

    Porky Penello got caught telling fibs again and now he’s on the backpedal. Makes you wonder what else in that marketing article by DF isn’t guff.

    • Gamez Rule

      I’m still waiting for what Albert Penello state ages ago…….”We have a great exclusive games lineup. We’re getting tonnes of developer support”

      This was posted by him ages ago, so where are these *great exclusive games & games lineup with dev-support*? I’m now not trusting a word this bloke states as still nothing on the games front and now misleading gamers with incorrect Scorpio news = not good

    • Sherrymwilliams

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    • MiamiBeachMedMan

      I think Penello and Pachter were separated at birth.

    • Gamez Rule


  • Cenk Algu

    Scorpio deep dive coming tomorrow from DF.Please prepare the napkins because there will be alot of salty Sony fans around lol.


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