Always Online Xbox 720 is a “Horrible Conceptual Shift Like iTunes” – Creative Director, thechineseroom

‘ Pure marketing and DRM exercise.’

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Thechineseroom, developers of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, have shared their thoughts on DRM and always online connection for the next Xbox, in a yet to be published interview on GamingBolt.

We asked Dan Pinchbeck, Creative Director of the studio about what he thought about the rumors surrounding Microsoft’s next Xbox like no used games and always online internet connection requirement.

“I’m ambivalent about used games – a used game makes the developers no money, which means you are hurting developers buying them,” he told us.

“Especially given you can pick up older games really quickly and easily on sales, where the developers actually get a cut, I think if you love games as a medium, you should be doing that wherever you can. I think blocking is not so good though, I think it’s better to work on the basis that most people are basically honest and do the right thing than to over-police it.

He also finds the always online requirement really intrusive and says it’s a DRM exercise.

“Always on.. Well, unless its a multi-player game there’s no reason for it, it seems like a pure marketing and DRM exercise, and I think it’s really intrusive. If I buy a game, I want to own it, so I can transfer it to any of my devices, play when I want, where I want, on or offline. It’s part of this horrible conceptual shift like iTunes where although it looks like you are buying media, actually you only really are renting access to it, and I have a pretty big problem with that.”

Ian Livingstone, life president of Eidos, said something similar in our interview with him which you can read over here.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for the full interview and more information about Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

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  • Till it comes From those in charge of Xbox or those well aware of the on goings, this more hearsay from no one truly involved or from people just grasping at air .

    • John

      Dude, you have obviously not seen the manual they have sent out to the devs – its online, go read it for yourself. Xbox is bullshit and for kids anyways, I couldn’t care less – you on the other hand……

    • Johnny

      I smell a pauperstation fanboy… poor YOU!

    • Mister Sinister

      I smell a kid that still uses the word “Fanboy” grow up

    • Calum Sutherland

      You probably didn’t know what ‘pauper’ meant before you looked it up after reading this and learning that it is totally fucking stupid.

    • PS4 is Bullshit and for kid also anyway , I never cared for the PS brand .

  • Always on connection is a no buy for me. Game Over Microsoft

  • we420

    Ok so im guessing its gonna be like this
    Xbox 720: Developers will side with the 720 because of no used games.Angry Fans. Less console sales because of no used games

    PS4: Developers may not side with the PS4 because it will play used games. More console sales because of ability to play used games.

    Its good and bad for both consoles.

    • John

      Devs will side with ANYONE who will make them money – if not enough people buy the xbox, you will see a flurry of studios making exclusive or timed exclusive games for the PS4

  • dakan45

    Oh yes because x360 did not fail all the time due to overheating, becasue the electricity bill is not expensive enough as it is, because internet and always on drm is so fucking reliable these days, this better be a pile of bullshit, or the next xbox is finished.

    • John

      Sorry dude, its not! Says so on their dev pack… was is before and will be shit again, its made by m$ so what do you expect! users are going to PAY to have their machine on and online 24/7, its fucking hilarious! “hey, wait while I pay you to spy on me”! They’re taking the piss, and patriotic idiots are going to fall for it

    • dakan45

      Honestly that comment should be facepalm worthy or just pure commedy, but sadly what you said applies to million if not billions of people the stupidty and constant wish to accept the shit they are fed with adn then ask for more, is trully staggering.

      You could argue that most are clueles and just dont care becuase they dont reallize what the reprecautions are… but at the same time the are so many idiots who will try to defend this, like patriots as you said.

    • John

      In a normal world my comment would be pure comedy – but sadly it is not! I still never understood people that bought the xbox (unless it was for exclusives, which is sad) why would you buy a clearly inferior product for?!

    • dakan45

      well the first xbox was a good alternative to the ps2, it wasnt japanese made. The second xbox came at a low price and was by far the best platform for multiplats where everything was made for, but had no games and it was fulll of failures.

      I dont agree with the “inferior” part. Ps3 was prasied and hyped to hell and back for each precious 8 cores but it was a pain to develop so most games looked worse on ps3.

      if they buy the next xbox provided what i read here is true, then they are truly retarded.

      Still i remember reading a thread in gamespot

      “Why would a REAL american buy a ps3?”

      “Opinions” like this as well as questions make me want to leave gaming and pursue the more intelligent field of stamp collecting


    • preference, like the features offered , better value for their dollar & maybe a bit of Patriotism seeing its an American company in a field dominated by the far east , so why not show support

  • Anonymous developer

    You guys are making a mistake in assuming it’s always online. Always-online is not the same as always on.

    The development system is always on in low power states, has been from the first model, but not always connected. It pings the net twice a day for updates if a network connection is detected and checks for updates and new content, but the device can be disconnected and the games/apps/etc. will still work, though not be up-to-date.
    It’s true about the installations though and the drive is now a BD-XL 6x drive in the latest kit, so it could still stream games from OD if MS will allow it. People will still own their games, this is not a rental/streaming DRM in any form.

    But there’s a lot more wrong assumptions about the next Xbox on the internet and it’s up to Microsoft to disclose information.

    • John

      Makes no diff mate – ‘always on’ is not the issue here – ‘always online’ is!! What a load of fucking horse shit!

    • gfysan

      Its not always online “mate” learn to read

    • Calum Sutherland

      No, I think you need to learn how to take in information; the article clearly says ‘always online requirement’.

  • John

    Now I really feel sorry for all those xbot kids – poor fucking bastards!! ‘Always On’ is just a way of them spying on you 24/7 – that shit can go suck a dick!!

  • fujohn

    plz stfu john you cant think for yourself and you cant read either… Al it says is the machine is powered at all times. No drm always-online… bashing ms or sony is for 8 year olds

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  • willhe

    apparently the idiot class that is PS4 fanchicks and article writers cant see the similarity between PS4 suspend mode and durangos always on geesh are all of you stupid americans or just stupid


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