AMD: ‘Choosing AMD Over Nvidia Was An Obvious Choice’ For PS4 And Xbox One

Robert Hallock explains why AMD was the definite choice for next generation consoles.

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AMD has been at the forefront of technology for the last few years and given the fact that they are the only CPU/GPU provider for PS4 and Xbox One puts them into a dominant position compared to Nvidia.

We caught up with Robert Hallock who is the PR Lead for Gaming and Enthusiast Graphics at AMD. We asked him how deeply was AMD involved in building/suggesting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s architecture. To which he replied:

“Choosing AMD over NVIDIA is an obvious choice for a consumer electronic device. We offer x86 and powerful state-of-the-art GPU solutions in a single chip with our Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). This is what the console makers demanded, and only AMD has the ability to deliver on that demand. With respect to our level of involvement, the design of the APUs in these consoles was collaborative,” he said.

We also asked him about difficulties in creating a custom solution that catered to Microsoft and Sony’s different hardware needs.

“I can’t personally speculate on the difficulty of creating such solutions, and I’m sure Sony, Nintendo Microsoft would like to tell their own story. But what I can say is that AMD’s semi-custom business is an excellent example of our engineering prowess, our world-class IP portfolio, and our dedication to our customers. We were able to collaboratively design and bring up several unique solutions that, as you say, catered to their needs. Nobody else in our space is offering this manner of flexibility, and our full house of design wins is proof that this strategy is working,” he added.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for our complete interview with AMD before the weekend.

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  • Wow, He is so confident !

    • jl120

      Too confident and he can’t even see the writing on the wall!!!!

  • Jack Slater

    One can argue nvidia have better drivers and more powerful chips, but,
    Being the company that is/will be powering the Wii u and both ps4 and xbox one, is really a good thing for amd.
    While Intel and nvidia have been in ‘we are the leaders, whe don’t need to make new powerful processors, amd is far behind’ mode, amd, have been doing their best to release the best tech as possible. OK, their stuff eats a fucktone of watts. But between a 85W and 140W, maybe your bill will be 2-3$ less expensive.
    The fx 8350 is 70% less expensive than a 4770k, and it performs as well or even better in 90% of the apps/benchmarks. Too bad people often underestimate these kind of products .

    I think amd deserve we trust them a little more. I am sure next processors will be really good,despite the 150w consumption 🙂

    Good luck, amd, really.

    • jl120

      Nope AMD sucks EGGS!!!

    • Matt


      Remember if AMD goes then so does the affordable gaming PC market.

    • jl120

      It doesn’t matter if I want AMD to go down IT WILL HAPPEN!!!! AMD’s done too much wrong for it NOT to happen!!!!!

    • Matt

      Why this point of view?

    • jl120

      Because it doesn’t matter if I want AMD to go down for their crappy products or you and the AMD fanbois want AMD to live AMD is a causality in the new era of computing. Don’t worry M$ will soon be joining AMD. Besides AMD makes inferior products and can’t do low power worth crap. So what iF AMD tries to do ARM SoC’s it’s already far too late to help them. But AMD making ARM SoC’s will only hasten AMD’s demise because AMD is entering an already over-saturated market with competitors that will EAT AMD alive because AMD like Intel is too slow to adapt.

    • Matt

      So you hate both AMD and Intel? Arm is strictly mobile and in a position to fail more than any other chip maker at the moment. I’m not taking sides… I clearly see the need for every chip maker to continue business as usual otherwise the market will stagnate. AMD isn’t going out of business anytime soon nor will Intel or Nvidia… but then again a stock crash could kill the entire industry.

    • jl120

      Nah I like Intel and what they are doing. ARM is okay by me but they would be much better if their chips didn’t use so much power. Wrong AMD is about to go out of business FANBOI!!!!! I’ll say it again AMD is a causality of new era of computing!!!! Intel has a lot of money and great fabs so they won’t be going anytime soon. However AMD has NO money and uses Glofo which is terrible.

    • Matt

      I own the 8350 and I paired it with a 680… I don’t like ATI drivers or the heat but the processors are a good deal compared to Intel.

    • jl120

      And they suck down power like nobody’s business!!!!! Face it AMD IS HISTORY!!!! Also Intel is far faster than AMD will ever BE!!!!!!

  • Paul

    Amd is not far behind Nvidia, look how long it took Nvidia to catch up with hd7000 series. The gtx600 series barely matched them, only the recent Gtx700 series are comfortably ahead. If you also look at opencl compute performance AMD is still miles ahead of Nvidia. As for the bad drivers that honour goes to Nvidia, they have released drivers that have actually damaged peoples video cards.

    • jl120

      Compute performance means SQUAT to me and most gamers. Nvidia has what we want and need and that’s MOAR FPS. Wrong that honor goes to AMD. Terrible Linux Drivers and ZERO bsd support which both AMD has. Nvidia has GREAT drivers all around. Intel is closing the gap quickly in opencl with Haswell. All in all AMD is going to be out of business VERY SOON and I can NOT wait!!!

    • Hobblegood

      Intel/Nvidia must be getting pretty desperate to pay so many shills to post online for them.

    • Matt

      AMD drivers cause BSOD and CTD a lot not to mention their cards double as space heaters… Nvidia also gives out lifetime warranties so regardless if you fry it from overclocking or they fry it from their beta drivers you’ll be reimbursed.

    • woodscrews

      Nvidia released the Geforce 300 series that was “designed to run at 100 Celsius” and you have the nerve to call AMD space heaters?

    • Matt

      Geforce 300 series from years ago vs every ATI card ever.

  • jl120


    • Paul

      Lol at the butthurt Nvidia fanboy!

    • jl120

      Nah I am not a fanboi!!!!!

  • Matt

    AMD: Choosing us was the best choice. NOT!

    Choosing Intel/Nvidia was the best choice but not if you wanted to make money after the fact.

    • hopskotch

      Yes, because multi-billion dollar companies blatantly want to choose the worst performer for components in their products.
      It’s not like Nvidia is creating a competing device and siding with them would be a conflict of interests or anything.
      -cough- Shield -cough-
      Or that Intel’s GPU offerings are lukewarm at best.
      HD 2000-3000 struggles to play 5-10 year old games at max settings, let alone current releases at medium.
      HD 4000+ is only marginally better.

    • Matt

      Best performance per watt wouldn’t be what I consider the “Worst performer” which is where both Nvidia and Intel excel in. No one cares about the integrated graphics on the intel chips… it’s just another reason for them to raise the price. I don’t personally care about the Shield either but Nvidia is heading into the mobile market which means you could see PS4/XB1 quality graphics on tablets and phones within the next couple of years.

    • lel

      I doubt Sony or Microsoft are looking to have their systems catch fire after 1 hour of gaming.

  • Suicidemonkey

    Well done AMD its great to know that the new consoles will have the best CPU & GPU architecture on the planet, you will be inside everything soon AMD… manwhores!!

  • Luka Preradović
    • jl120

      It doesn’t matter if AMD has all three consoles this time around AMD is DONE FOR!!!! AMD is Another Major Delay and as such its about time that their crappy products be put down FOR GOOD!!

  • Kingy

    AMD found a way


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