Among The Sleep PS4 Interview: Xbox One Parity Clause, Resolution/Frame Rate Debate And More

Krillbite talks about bringing its fantasy horror drama to the PS4.

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Krillbite’s Among the Sleep isn’t your traditional psychological horror title – in fact, in many places it comes across as more dark fantasy than horror. Nonetheless, the frights that come with controlling a two year old child stuck between separated parents is chronicled in a most unorthodox way. After releasing for PC, Among the Sleep will be making its way to the PS4 soon and GamingBolt got in touch with the developer to learn more. We also learned about the reason for choosing PS4 over the Xbox One, the resolution and frame rate on the PS4 version and the initial critical reception to the game. Luckily, Krillbite PR and graphic designer Adrian Tingstad Husby has provided us with everything we need to know about the game in preparation for its current gen console release.

Rashid K. Sayed: Among The Sleep is not scheduled for the Xbox One. Is there a specific reason behind the same?

It’s mostly a question about resources. As a small indie team, developing for consoles can be very demanding, so we decided to focus our attention at the PS4 for now. Also, Sony have been very eager and pleasant to deal with, and just as the Oculus Rift, we find Project Morpheus a perfect match for Among the Sleep!


"Simultaneously shipping is very challenging, especially for small indie teams. The clause (if enforced) means it might not be possible for us to release on Xbox One, even though we wanted to."

Rashid K. Sayed: The game has received mixed reviews so far. What are your thoughts on this?

As expected! Many people seem to really like the game, while others not so much, we’re perfectly fine with that. There are aspects of the game we really like, but there’s definitely room for improvement as well. As our first game ever, straight out of University College, just getting reviews is almost reward enough! Being covered in basically every major outlet on the other hand, is just absurd.

Rashid K. Sayed: Can you tell us about the difference between the PS4 and PC versions of the game?

There are basically no differences in content, except from the Morpheus support. The differences are mostly technical.

Rashid K. Sayed: Is the PS4 version running at 60fps for and 1080p?

That’s the target! But the PS4 version is still in development, so this is not definite.

Rashid K. Sayed: What are your thoughts on the Xbox One parity clause for indie games. One can think this will actually allow for better games on Xbox Live as the user won’t be simply overload with indie games good or bad. What is your take on this?

Well, as a small developer working to release our first game, it’s rather brutal. Simultaneously shipping is very challenging, especially for small indie teams. The clause (if enforced) means it might not be possible for us to release on Xbox One, even though we wanted to.

Rashid K. Sayed: Tell us how you decided to bring the game on the PlayStation 4?

I guess this is answered in the first question!

Among the Sleep

"Porting the game to PS4 is more about making our systems work with the PS4 architecture."

Rashid K. Sayed: What are your thoughts on the resolution and frame rate debate that is going on? What do you prefer; a higher resolution or higher frame rate?

For me it’s dependant on the game, but in general I’m not an advocate for either above the other. If anything is terrible, it will of course impact your experience, but I care much more about gameplay, aesthetics, and the game itself. As long as the game is good, I won’t care about subtle variations in resolution or frame rate.

Rashid K. Sayed: What is one technical aspect about the PS4 which is not talked about a lot but you liked the most?

Ironically, they have some cool tools for developers that we can’t talk about! As a gamer though, Project Morpheus both looks and feels really promising.

Rashid K. Sayed: Generally speaking gaming PC don’t come loaded with 8GB of RAM. When you started working on the PS4 version were you overwhelmed by the amount of memory it offered?

It didn’t really change that much for us, we’ve not really been close to these restrictions on PC either, so for us, porting the game to PS4 is more about making our systems work with the PS4 architecture.

Rashid K. Sayed: What are you guys currently working on?

Currently we’re finishing the PS4 version of Among the Sleep and developing a free DLC in collaboration with our Kickstarter backers (which was one of our Stretch goals). In addition we’re deep into planning our next project! More on that later.

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  • Starman

    LOL it’s a shame when DEV’S turn fanboys , … it’s an INDIE game for Christ sake …

    • Right, because choosing functionality makes you a fanboy.

    • demfax

      There’s a reason a lot more indie devs are porting to PS4 first, and don’t like the Xbox parity clause, and it’s not because they’re fanboys.

    • Mark

      This may be the first and only time I thumbs u up. Lol!

    • albatrosMyster

      You know what makes gaming possible, people who develop the games. If they tell you doing business with one company can be a problem in a rational way, and many people have the same kind of stories (and the reasons make sense, he didn’t come out and say Phil’s haircut sucked and he refused to publish on xb1 until he fixed his air) you should understand that the parity clause is bad for you, bad for the devs (if they can’t release the game on two or 3 platform simultanously because they cannot go a few months/weeks without revenue (it makes sense this is a 2 people company, they need to eat/pay the rent) so they need to ship ASAP everywhere they can, but not necessarily at the same time.

  • Israel Lopez

    Crazy considering how easy it seems to port apps and games between Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One. Every dev that justifies Ps4 exclusivity like this article has been “$$$$ed” by Sony.

    • demfax

      Ignorant nonsense.

    • Israel Lopez

      STFU Sony phony. Come back to the real world and reality before posting empty comments.

    • Psionicinversion

      AC Unity PS4 downgrade to 900p because both cpu’s suck lmao

    • Mellow_Butch


      …it all comes down to ESRAM being garbage and an insurmountable obstacle that would force devs to do 10x more work to get 80% of the performance we get on PS4 with no optimization and then still have to dumb down the PS4 version to meet the clause. Screw that! It’s not fanboyism it’s pragmatism.

      Most Indie devs could just do a straight port without a lot of optimization to the XBone and it would be 60%-75% graphically what the PS4 version is maybe more in some cases. In some cases the difference would probably be barely perceptible without direct comparison in others they would still be Dead Rising/TitanFall fidelity for the most part but MS won’t allow it.

      MS could create a division specifically for re-coding third-party games for ESRAM, which a lot devs wouldn’t open their code up for. Or MS could pay the Indie devs essentially the number of salaries it would take the devs to hire specialists to do the conversions in-house and MS isn’t willing to do that in many cases. Hence…PS4 exclusivity for a good number of forthcoming Indie games.

    • Israel Lopez

      Nonsense is what you spit out of your hands with your long post. 3-D heavy games run fine on ARM tablets, phones and x-86 and x-64 laptops and powerful PCs from the Windows 8 Store. The dev is a Sony/Ps4 fanboy who doesn’t want to port the game to Xbox One by the Universal App model and uses other excuses, like you, to justify their fanboyism. It isn’t an issue of power, it is an issue of how deep they are in Sony’s pocket, because otherwise, an universal app that requires little code work, would guarantee a much larger base of customers among PCs, phones, tablets and the Xbox.

  • Mark

    I think Morpheus with this game could be very scary and fun. But personally I just don’t know if I’m ready to wear a VR helmet for 4-7 hours straight. And that’s a requirement for me to stay immersed. “Playstation 4 has some tools we can’t speak about”. Uh ohh, the PS4 got secret sauce! Lol. Be funny if it had stacked 3D HBM memory like the R9 390X…….bustin out 500GB/s.


    Another victory for ps4. I dunno what I was thinking when I was considering buying a Xbox one

  • LoveAnimation

    This seems like an awesome game and i really want to buy it and play it so i hope the PS4 version will get a release date soon.
    Feels like its been forever since it was announced that Among The Sleep was coming to the PS4 now.


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