Anonymous carrying out a DDOS attack on Sony’s websites

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After posting a threat that Sony’s got the unwanted attention from elite internet hacker group, Anonymous, it looks like they’ve decided to unleash an attack on them right away.

The official Sony website and also the Playstation website seems to be under a DDOS attack as of now and it’s definitely being carried out by the group.

The group had warned Sony yesterday, to be prepared to face the consquences for suing their fellow hackers, GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo.

We can only wait and watch how this progresses, but as of now, Sony’s definitely found themselves in the firing range of one of the worst possible opponents.

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  • what the Fu*k is wrong with people?! Don’t these good for nothing hackers have anything better to do that to try and bring down one of the best gaming companies. Hacking is getting out of hand these days and Sony is getting attacked for trying to prevent it. Developers lose money all the time because people are too cheap to pay for games. It is a disservice to the developers who work so hard to create such amazing games. These hackers should be jailed.

    • Do you even know WHY these hackers are attacking Sony? It’s because Sony is persecuting customers for using their products in ways Sony “doesn’t approve of”\

      Further, Sony has acquired personal information about people who simply VISITED Geohot’s (one of the gamers who “jailbreaked” the PS3) website. To live in a society in which you can be persecuted for simply READING something is Orwell’s Thought Police from 1984 come true.

    • They don’t have a problem with what you do with your PS3. The main problem started when Geohot made the codes PUBLIC. Everything Sony is doing is to prevent hacking of any sort. People who work hard for their money would support Sony.
      I understand that this has gotten a little out of hand but hacking has too. Games in my country cost me a lot of money, but i am always happy to have contributed to the developers, thanx to Sony. Unilke PS3 games, XBox and Wii games literally cost just 1 Dollar.

  • the PS3 hacking started when they removed the otherOS. Why Sony removed the otherOS? It wasn’t because of hacking (they told that to IGN) cus the otherOS has a completely different boot procedure to the actual OS that the PS3 uses to play games. They removed it cus the Airforce and other companies were using the PS3 to make cheap super computers and computer clusters instead of buying the overpriced products from IBM.

    First they removed the PS2 BC and then the otherOS with the excuse of reducing cost when it has been proven than the otherOS is possible on the slim version of the PS3. The consumer are getting screwed but for the Sony Fanboys Sony can’t do no wrong.

    Let the hacker do their thing, Sony’s a corporation and I think they can defend themselves from these attacks. So please, stop flooding N4G with these kind of unnecessary articles full of bullshit and misinformation.

  • bip

    What do you do if Sony doesn’t like hackers? You attack their website, which results in Sony hating hackers even more. Intelligent people.


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