Apple iPhone 6 Specs “On Par With Next-Gen Consoles” – EA

Frank Gibeau, ladies and gentlemen.

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Apple and EA executives are both known to make some ridiculous statements. One claims micro-transactions not taking off are due to the stubbornness of consumers, the other believes that its cloud storage platform is completely secure. Of course, Apple also said that its iPhone 6 was capable of running games at higher resolutions than the Xbox One and PS4 (which itself is a dicey statement).

We didn’t expect EA’s mobile division executive Frank Gibeau to follow it up by saying that the iPhone 6’s specs compare to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Speaking to Games Industry International, Gibeau said, “With the retina display and the improved processor, combined with the Metal [graphics] capabilities and 128 GB of memory, that gets you to a device that’s on par [sic] with next-generation consoles. That’s moving perfectly into our strike zone.”

Is he talking about the same consoles that have 8 GB of RAM apiece and custom eight core AMD CPUs within? What are your thoughts on this madness? Let us know below.

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  • Thank you for sharing! Daily iPhone 6 updates at:

  • Hey, the iPhone 6 has 128gb of memory! PS4 only has 8gb 😉

    Now I’m waiting for articles like ________ game will run at 4k on iPhone, only 1080p on PS4 and XBox One

    • Mark

      Wait, what does he mean 128GB of memory? Is that the highest end model? If so it isn’t like mobile programmers will be using it, because the games and apps have to accomodate the lower end models right? Hahaa. I’m a fool. What does he mean dude? I guess we’ll see what EA means.

    • Maurício Avellar

      iPhone 6 has 128GB of storage memory while the PS4 has 500GB, iPhone 6 has 2GB of RAM memory (only the 5.5″ model – others 1GB) while the PS4 has has 8 GB of ram DDR5 (much faster). PS4 costs $400 and the iPhone 6 will cost around $1.000. So, not even close. Games will never run at 4k on the iPhone because the highest model has a 1080p display (physically impossible) They will run at 1080p tops while PC games are already running at 4k.


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