Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: We Needed The Power of PS4/Xbox One To Do The Setting Justice

It just has to be better than Unity … right?

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The next installment of the long running Assassin’s Creed series, Syndicate is the first to be set in Victorian London and there have been a number of people who are wanting to ask Ubisoft questions like “what took you so long?” In fact, the official Xbox Magazine specifically asked whether or not the company needed the new consoles, the Xbox One and the PS4 in order to pull off this setting in a way that did it justice.

The game’s creative director Marc-Alexis Côté sat down with the publication. Asked about whether or not the company did indeed need the better consoles in order to do it, he said he felt they  did and pointed to a number of factors that only the current generation of consoles could handle running. “Victorian London has much wider streets. It’s got a long field of view, as well. I think we needed to wait and have the power of next-gen to showcase it in a way that would do the setting justice. And you just have to take a look at the Thames as well… The Thames was filled with boats which is something I’m really excited for our players to see because they are as exciting as all the other vehicles.” He said.

The company seems to be working really hard to make Assassin’s Creed Syndicate a game it can be proud of. Ubisoft had previously talked about the amount of investment the company made in getting London up and running. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate will launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 23.

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  • *Also On PC

    Not sure 27FPS on consoles is “Life”.

    • Psionicinversion

      27fps…. dude thats not cinematic 24fps or gtfo 😀

    • Demetrius Radford

      Ac Unity was unoptimized, The amount of NPC’s was insane though

  • Psionicinversion

    Power of the PS4 and X1 hahahahaha more like they needed hardware that wasnt 10 years old to make a modern game!!

    • Demetrius Radford

      Compared to last gen. Its a huge hardware leap

    • Psionicinversion

      well the last hardware was 8 years befor that abnd in computer terms its ALOT. the x1 and ps4 werew behind anyway this gen but wed have far more powerful hardware if it wasnt so hard to actually manufacture the chips.

      Its geting increasingly harder and harder the lower the nm gets…. intel were going to launch 14nm skylake last year but hit delays, but its coming out this year and 10nm CPU cannonlake wont be next year will 2017/18

      But apparently intels 10nm is real 10nm, when samsung for instance bring out 10nm its apparently = to intels 14nm cus of finfet tech so its not the same

      next step down from that is 7nm and thats going be really hard. then after that………. need new materials to make the chips because it all screws up at that low level. insulators become conductors and conductors become insulators

      while it maybe good to have a board made out of gold… i dont think people will pay £10,000 for a mothrboard

    • d0x360

      The issue isn’t difficulty in making chips the problem is both sony and Microsoft decided to use laptop APU’S from AMD instead of something with more punch. AMD still doesn’t make a apu that can compete on a visual level with discreet solutions.

      Why did they buy this low power part? It was cheap! Sony said add some extra core’s to our gpu to make up for the less system rambut then they got insane lucky and yields on the gddr5 chips hit the mark right as Sony started building. The rest is history

    • Psionicinversion

      do you know what the REAL problem is??? got an APU with HSA… there isnt a HSA compatble architecture for the PC nvidisa and intwkl are supposed to be wokring on it. nvidia can have it BUT intel CPU’s need to thave the hardware for a full kind of virtual HSA environement, maybe that was coming with cannonlake or the architcture after

    • justerthought

      None of you guys genuinely understand the issue. The PS4 was built to hit a budget that console gamers could afford and provide a huge leap forwards from the previous gen. Sony succeeded perfectly and have been rewarded with sales.

      You PC guys keep touting expensive tech claiming Sony should have used it without any consideration for the budget. You cannot build a PC that performs as good as a PS4 with the money a PS4 costs. Remember that before doing your stupid comparisons

    • Psionicinversion

      Not for exactly the cost no because its hard to compete with a point set with no profit attached. Extra 100 though and the battlefield changes

    • druout1944 .

      Yes indeed. GTA V on 360 vs Xbox One is a bigger difference imo than Xbox One vs PC.

  • d0x360

    Nope sorry guys not buying this day 1…week 1 anything with a 1. Been too many burns from ubi soft and im wagering you have the game we want the game with new ideas and mechanics just waiting for sales to start falling. Unity was broken on every platform and still is. Unforgivable.

    Now with busted PC batman you studios have taken a gamer who bought EVERY major release a year on day 1 and turned him cautious. Nope sorry from now on I’ll be waiting until the hype trains rolls away and real feelings start to get posted and then I’ll wait longer not buying till the game runs and plays as it should.

    No more supporting broken games from this guy. I can wait a few weeks for a game if it means sending a message and playing games that aren’t busted.

  • justerthought

    They said that for AC Unity and totally crushed the PS4 by spamming the game with ridiculous numbers of NPC causing the CPU to overload, resulting in 900p. stuttering frame rates and truly awful control latency with buttons not doing what they should when you actually press them.

    This is too early. I’m still stinging from the last one.

    AC Unity was over ambitious. Yes it had impressive graphics and great swordplay, but the frustrating control latency persisted even after all those excellent updates. The missions were all the same and extremely primitive.

    The Witched 3 puts it to shame, showing how to add variety to quests that are fun and interesting. All the characters in Witcher 3 are memorable. I can only remember the lead character and this girl from AC Unity. The rest where just passing strangers.

    • assassino23

      Totally. I agree with you so much I actually yelled ‘Yes!’ out loud lol. Just compare Napoleon from ACU with Da Vinci or Cesare or Washington or Blackbeard, Bonnet… anyone. SO much better characters in the previous AC games!!

  • Emmanuel Garcia

    Pre-order? NO WAY. Will I buy this game? OF COURSE YES, but only after seeing the reviews and waiting for a few patches. Lesson learnt Ubisoft!

  • Adam Rivera

    I think they learned their lesson in AC Unity as far as making the game too “Connected”. I look forward to a more straight forward experience and because I support UbiSoft’s AC Franchise, my preorder is already in lol.


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