Assassin’s Creed Unity Is Targetting 1080p/60fps On PS4 And Xbox One

Now whether they can deliver on the promise is a different topic.

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Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity looks absolutely gorgeous. Ubisoft showcased the game at last week’s E3 and it seems that the developers will be fully utilizing the power of the next gen consoles. Assassin’s Creed Unity, unlike Black Flag will not be a cross generation title and will only release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

GamingBolt caught up with Bruno St. Andre who is the level designer of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Although at first, Bruno was not sure what the resolution and frame rate targets were, but he eventually revealed to GamingBolt that they are indeed targeting 1080p resolution and 60fps for both consoles. It will be interesting to see whether they will be able to deliver on this promise as the game only has a few months remaining before its October launch. Last year’s Assassin’s Creed Black Flag managed to reach 1080p on the PlayStation 4 via a patch and was sub 1080p on the Xbox One. So may be the latest SDK update will help matters for the Xbox One version.

We will have more coverage on Assassin’s Creed Unity in the coming days so stay tuned to GamingBolt for more news and updates.

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  • d0x360

    It’s a mix of the GPU performance update as well as devs figuring out how to use esram. Devs had the same issue at first on 360. Most of them used it for frame buffer and anti aliasing. It wasn’t until about the year 2 mark when they started figuring out ways to properly use it. That’s why halo 4 makes halo 3 looks like an original Xbox title by comparison.

    It was the same with the ps3. Devs didn’t quite understand how to use the spe’s on cell but once they found out it could help with some geometry, AI and physics the quality of games took a massive leap.

    Xbox one will never be as powerful out of the box as ps4 but multiplatform games are going to get really close. In the end the differences will be things like strong ambient occlusion or more particle effects. Although if this cloud experiment with crackdown works like microsoft says and devs can unlock certain things to a server freeing up in the box resources we might see game parity with zero differences.

    • Guest

      Yes, or even a bigger advantage for the Xbox One. None of the consoles can process locally what was shown in that Crackdown physics demo and it doesn’t stop at just physics calculations. To h*ll with resolution. If games can be that interactive when connected to the Azure service, then that’s a whole lot better than 1080p over 900p upscaled.

    • chrisredfield31

      power of the cloud nonsense

    • Guest

      Poor loser at real life. Sucks that you can’t afford anything else.

    • chrisredfield31

      You don’t even know who I am. I have a gaming PC, PS4, PSV, PS3, 3DS, Wii U. The only ones I don’t have are the 360 (I had one, it broke 2 times) and the X1. With all the stuff I have, there’s no point to own a X1. I’m not poor b/c I don’t own a MS console.

    • All that tells everyone is your life revolves only around gaming and nothing else. No wonder all you do is troll XB1 news, lol…

    • chrisredfield31

      That guy is known for calling people paupers b/c they own PS stuff and not MS stuff. That’s why I responded with the gaming stuff.

    • chrisredfield31

      I also drive a McLaren MP412C. Yeah I’m a real loser. So much of a loser that I drive a supercar LMAO

    • I highly doubt that. You’re all talk with nothing to back it up…

    • chrisredfield31

      you’re a random guy on the internet, what do I have to prove to you? If someone says I don’t have something, I say I have it, that’s end of story right there. I don’t have to prove a thing to you and definitely not in person, b/c 1, my car cost too much for you to look at, and 2, it wouldn’t be safe with me driving at the speeds I drive LOL

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      I couldn’t even upload photos if I tried, the comment won’t get approved by mods since it’ll have a link in it.

    • There you have it folks, another liar identified on the internet.

      And you can embed an image just by clicking on the pic icon on the lower left hand corner of the msg box like this:

    • chrisredfield31

      I didn’t know you can do that. Here, this is one I took some time ago. Yeah yeah bad camera skills who cares. But like I said I’m not going outside and taking a new pic for some poor lowlife whose families I can buy at the drop of a dime.

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      The fact that you always speak so condescendingly is a real charmer btw, you must be a real hit with everyone in life.

    • chrisredfield31

      What’s the point of the drivers license? So I can white out my name/address, signature and license number? I might as well give you a template for my state’s DL cause that’s basically what it’ll be lol

      And hey, I didn’t get to where I wanted to be if I didn’t talk condescendingly and it wasn’t me that started that whole nonsense, it was the pauperstation troll (that GB can’t get rid of) and who you are actively defending.

    • DL with expiration date for timeframe. I could care less about your personal info. Ok, forget the driver’s license – get a newspaper with the date on it and I’ll do the same.

    • chrisredfield31

      You’re asking me to post personal info and that’s where I draw the line. The car is one thing, but the DL was too much. Even if I give you the expiration info, that also reveals my birthdate which could lead to identity theft (they take info from multiple sources and combine together). While the expiration year is in the future, it’s linked to the birthdate b/c here, it expires at 65.

      Sorry to say I don’t subscribe to newspapers or any kind of print publication.

    • I just said I could care less about the personal info. If you have a printer you can go to and print the coverpage like this:

    • chrisredfield31

      I don’t see the point of all this.

    • The newspaper or printout of CNN protects everyone’s identity and proves you aren’t a liar. That’s the point of all this. Here’s my car pic with a printout of today’s article which I just posted above which shows I’m not lying. Are you?

    • LGK

      Or he could just write his username on a piece of paper and take a photo of it and his car?

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    • chrisredfield31

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    • chrisredfield31

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    • chrisredfield31

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    • chrisredfield31

      No you haven’t really proven squat. Because any thinking person can dive into my comment history and see that I make truthful, quality comments on the gaming industry. I call it like how I see it.

      Your comment on gaming and the industry tells me that you have no idea what’s going on and you get other fanboys riled up b/c they don’t know any better. That’s what you proved. Another thing you proved is that you use logical fallacies to argue, creating new goalposts when one is reached.

      Because I simply refuse to play your game, because I’m smarter than that, you just state that I’m a liar as a matter of fact when that’s not the truth at all.

    • chrisredfield31

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    • chrisredfield31

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      I’ll tell you right now, they don’t care about proving their integrity to random people. Their integrity is intact, just like mine is. I don’t have anything to prove to you, or to anybody. The work I do in life earns my living, for me and my family. THAT’S who I prove my integrity to. THAT’S the important people I want to prove to. You’re nobody. You’re Jeremiah Locanas. I could care less about who you are.

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    • It takes less than a minute to printout CNN and another minute to take a photo with your cell phone. Not difficult at all.

      But see, you getting personal now also is an indicator that you’re still lying. Just what everyone thought 🙂 Or maybe it’s really your neighbor’s car, lol. Enjoy Diablo RoS. Hope you weren’t just a beta tester in Irvine or Newport Beach b/c right now a lot of people are finding it hard to believe or listen to anything you say 🙂

    • chrisredfield31

      It’s not a hop skip and a jump to get to my car unlike your house. The whole process takes me 30 minutes and that’s 30 minutes I refuse to spend time on a lowlife.

    • chrisredfield31

      and yeah, YOU could care less but there are identity thieves lurking just waiting to steal it. I have assets I have to protect, family to take care of. Can’t just do all this to prove I have money to spend on games.

    • d0x360

      Yea it should be pretty cool. They can do physics, AI, and stuff like calculations for paralax mapping.

      I know the cloud AI in Titanfall is dumb but they are supposed to be fodder. On the other hand the forza drivatars are pretty damn awesome. I had a chance to login as my buddy and raced against my own drivatar and he genuinely played just like me and gave me a good run for my money.

      The future is going to be interesting that’s for sure.

      People are skeptical and i can understand why but you gotta remember for physics and stuff like that it’s just math. The console sends out numbers the server does the math and sends the results back. It won’t require much bandwidth at all. In fact it should require less than your average multiplayer game.

      Server does math that says physics object x will fall here and here then sends the data back in milliseconds then all the console does is draw the pictures. Not that complicated really and since its a system level feature and rolled into the SDK any developers can just use code microsoft already wrote for them in their games.

    • LGK

      Have you read about MS Catapult yet? Very cool stuff.

      Bye bye Moore’s Law

    • d0x360

      I read a brief on it earlier. It can only mean go things as they integrate it into other things. Ms r&d invents some really amazing stuff. They spend more than Sony make in a year on r&d alone.


      Why are people still expecting miracles from this cloud…..?

      Was that crap even talked about at e3? Riiiiiight das power in the clouds……

      People can stay there if they like, but I personally wouldn’t mind to see them all crash back down to earth….

    • chrisredfield31

      you guys do realize you’re upvoting the pauperstation guy right?

    • Michael Norris

      The issue with cloud is latency and your ISP,and what happens when you have no internet.That Crackdown demo was a local connection that does not have the latency.Also if somehow cloud compute works out ”i don’t think it will” but if it does you can expect Sony to take the dip.

    • From a business perspective, Sony will go bankrupt just trying to build up multiple datacenters with 300K servers considering they aren’t making money on anything but Playstations. Better hope cloud doesn’t become a reality…

    • chrisredfield31

      What do you know of business? Really? YOU, DON’T, KNOW, SQUAT, SO, QUIT, ACTING, LIKE, YOU, DO

    • Just because I enjoy demonstrating that you’r a liar to everyone and don’t know much chrisredfield31, here’s a picture of my degree and just some the business awards I’ve won. Enjoy! I have to get back to my life now…

    • chrisredfield31

      LOL You’re a clown. Anybody can go to school and get good at memorizing textbook stuff and get a degree for it.

      Are you suddenly going to become the next Mark Cuban? No. People like Mark Cuban are self-made. Your business awards and degrees aren’t **** in real life. In real application, you have no idea what you’re doing.

    • chrisredfield31

      What I find funny is that you’re schizophrenic and delusional. You had this for a long period of time untreated. While the treatments and medications corrected the major parts about that illness, it hasn’t corrected your behavior, your attitude, your way of thinking or anything like that. That part remains screwed up.

      If it was treated earlier, you may not have turned out this way but it wasn’t. Schooling, awards, work, etc, that gives you a structured mode of life that you need and that’s all you get out of life. If you go out of that, you’re impossibly screwed.

    • Actually I was only diagnosed 3 years ago in 2011. For more facts about mental illness to prevent the stigma, read up at

    • LGK

      Well you certainly don’t act like you know business. If you are telling the truth about your wealth I’m guessing you’re some spoiled brat who has inherited money or got it from your dad or whatever.

      And the fact that you’re saying you don’t want to waste your time on a “low lifer” and yet here you are still arguing with Jeremiah.

    • He actually deleted his account on Disqus so he shows up as guest now. Hahahahaha – if that’s not proof he’s lying what is? Definitely a teenager or college student just trolling everyone. Now we know who ChrisRedfield31 really is. Ok, really got to get back to dinner, cya…

    • LGK

      Chris Redfield is a character on a game called Resident Evil. I googled it.


    • chrisredfield31

      amazing concept right? a gaming fan using a character for a username?

    • Yeah, I noticed that, haha. I just wish people wouldn’t be so arrogant and lie all the time on the ‘net. Literally, people think they have anonymity and it allows them to say whatever they want w/o any consequences.

    • chrisredfield31

      I’m still here. I deleted the comments because I’m better than that. Nobody else needs to read the argument and nobody else needs to respond to the argument. It’s dead, gone. Not because of anything you did. You still didn’t prove me wrong. It’s just that I’m man enough to walk away and focus on the topic at hand.

    • chrisredfield31

      I’m not wealthy like millions wealthy. I’m just a normal business owner, a part of the upper middle class. It doesn’t discount anything that I’ve said up to this point though. I’m self-made by the way. I don’t believe in inheriting wealth. I’ll teach my kids how to succeed like I have so that they can build their own wealth.

      LGK, at this point I’ve gotten roped into participating in his little game, and once he moved his goalposts I just went HAM on him.

      I’m a good guy and I don’t bring status up at all IRL. I came from a poor background so I know how tough things are.

      The way you see me treat Jeremiah and the way I treat normal people are completely different. I was malicious to Jeremiah because A) he was defending the pauperstation guy which is a toxic, cancerous poster on GB, and B) he used logical fallacies to discredit me rather than address the real comment (in which pauperstation guy keeps calling Sony fans poor).

      In fact, Jeremiah has still not addressed that post and my response to it. So as you can see, Jeremiah’s real motivation behind discrediting me is A) fanboyish and B) spiteful/jealous. He had one thing that was on his mind. Discrediting me at all costs and he will say anything to do so, regardless of facts. This is why I posted his twitter with his own admission that he is schizophrenic and delusional.

    • It’s called having a life and picking up dinner for my family, buddy. I think everyone who’s read your post knows who you really are by now. I have nothing to hide and haven’t lied on here. But as someone who is probably a lot older than you and has made his own share of mistakes in life, let me give you a piece of advice. Quit attacking and just not lie anymore — all of this would have been avoided if you took two minutes to snap a pic of the hood of your supposed car. But your actions, antics, deletions and verbal rants screams of immaturity and a lack of sophistication. I don’t doubt your self-made but I highly doubt your upper middle class. Do you even have any idea how much a McLaren costs? It runs close to 300K and with a “house” to go with it as you said, anyone who has a McLaren has a net worth of $1M or more. So don’t talk smack. Just accept that you were proven wrong and move forward and try not to lie anymore.

    • chrisredfield31

      This is just more proof of exactly what I’m saying. One of the very first things I talked about in regards to your post was about pauperstation guy and what he does. You ignored that comment 2 hours later and now you say that you were picking up dinner for your family. That’s a load of BS.

      Instead of focusing on what pauperstation guy said, you immediately went to discredit me just b/c I said I had all that stuff. That shows your true motivation and it was malicious in nature.

    • There are a lot of articles I’ve read here on this site recently where you verbally berate people who disagree with you. Today you just happened to lie big time by saying you own a McLaren and got caught. I’ll leave it at that. Good day.

    • chrisredfield31

      Oh really? If you check my disqus history that’s not the case at all. If i’m not responding to some troll my posts are actually very high quality.

      You can’t catch something if you set someone up for failure and someone refuses to play your game.

    • chrisredfield31

      Like I said. You had in your mind what you wanted me to be. You set that up. You set up that I didn’t have a McLaren, that I was a liar, and that was set in your mind as fact before anything even came out of MY mouth.

      I gave you what you wanted, and realized you were trolling me, so I didn’t play your game, and you continue to say that I’m lying and now using it as definitive proof.

      There’s a reason why I said all those things about you. You’re a lowlife because you do things that are malicious in nature. You didn’t have legal problems because you were schizophrenic, you had legal problems because that’s who you are.

      Like I said, you’re nobody, I don’t care who you are. You’re of low class to me. Even lower than actual low class people, people whom I can respect.

    • LGK

      Hmm, if you say so. There seemed to be a different side of you in that post and I actually find you more credible now.

      Nice ride btw.

      To get one of those here in Norway you would have to pay around 600, 000$

      It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    • LGK
    • Guest

      If they’re both running at the same resolution the Xbox version will have lower framerate and/or visual effects, or the PS4 hardware isn’t being pushed. Any game running on Xbox One can be run with better framerate/resolution/visual effects on PS4.

    • d0x360

      Neither hardware is being pushes right now. The main issue is optimization. Porting to ps4 is simple. Its a straight up part for part PC. The Xbox is a little more custom and no developers are using the capabilities properly.

      Frame rate won’t be a large issue. Certain effects might be toned down in some cases but to an extent that it wouldn’t be noticed without side by side comparison.

      Keep in mind that yes the GPU in ps4 is better and its memory is faster it also has to worry about operating system overhead. The Xbox is using virtual machines to seperate game space from OS space. Resources can be taken from the OS and used in game on the Xbox. The ps4 is running its os in the same setting as its games so resources are constant.

      That means developers have more options to find hidden performance in the Xbox.

      I’m not saying games will ever be perfect 1:1 identical but the gap is going to get smaller and smaller as we go on to the point where its Basically invisible.

      Microsoft isn’t stupid. Yes they went with slower hardware but right up until e3 Sony was using a max of 4 gigs of ram and ms was using 8. Sony got really REALLY lucky that yields of gddr5 were going to allow them to use it. Had that amazing stroke of luck not occurred at the last second the ps4 would have a significant amount of less power compared to the x1.
      It was genius of ms to go with virtual machines as it allows them to allocate resources. Resources that Sony can never free up because it’s os is always going to use the same resources.

      That’s one of the reasons ms has instant game resume and Sony is having a lot of trouble getting it to work on ps4.

      Either way none of it matters for me. I got both of them so if a game is clearly better on a platform that’s the one I’ll buy.

      It’s just going go be an exciting generation and the first time in history that specs aren’t going to matter as much as programming genius.

    • chrisredfield31

      oh geez here it goes again. Secret sauce, hidden chips locked away, none of that is real and none of that will lead to the Xbox magically performing better than hardware that’s literally more powerful than it. Wow. I wish I had hardware like that if that’s the case!

    • d0x360

      Uh no Mr reading comprehension this is nothing about secret hardware.

      Its about performance and efficiency improvements in SOFTWARE. Please learn to read. These improvements has happened every generation since ps2. Which is why we see massive leaps in quality as systems age.

      My god

    • chrisredfield31

      You talk about not being able to read yet you are guilty of the very thing you accuse me of.

      Using the PS2 as an example, no matter how much the PS2 was able to optimize, even at the end of it’s life, the graphics could never outperform those found on an Xbox or Gamecube.

      Like I said. No matter what software improvements they might make, it will not outpace the PS4’s superior hardware and that difference will always be there. Just as MS improves their software, so will Sony. Sony will always have a leg up regardless of what you say.

    • Guest

      Teh sekrit hidden Xbox sauce will close the gap!!1

      Keep dreaming. Anyone with technical knowledge knew PS4’s game graphics performance would be better for the entire generation as soon as the specs were official. That was well over a year ago. Apparently it’s taking some people a LONG time to come to terms with reality.

      It’s going to be a very long gen of delusion, denial, and spinning for you.

    • Guest

      Bu bu bu just wait for the directx 12 cloud low latency ESRAM tiled resources move engine offloading special sauce!!1

      Same old delusional, constantly wrong misterxcultist doomsday prophecies.

      Factual PS4 Hardware Advantages: +6 CUs, +540 GFlops (40% greater) or more, +16 ROPs, +6 ACEs/CQs, better GPGPU support, better performing CPU, faster unified memory, and less OS overhead.

      Xbox has memory size and bandwidth bottlenecks, weaker GPU and GPGPU, only 16 ROPs, and OS virtualization overhead that degrades gaming performance. Take your pick. This is not changing, ever.

    • Guest

      Cry, cry, cry, it’s delicious. Poor loser at life.

    • Guest

      Get mental help. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them.

    • andy

      The only thing that needs to be figured out is how to explain to you that ESRAM IS NOT COMPLICATED. There are devs that are insulted by people like you who claim it is this big complicated to master thing. It is the size of it causing a BOTTLENECK that is the problem. Something that is never going to go away.

    • d0x360

      I never said it was complicated. I was saying figuring out the best way to use it is complicated.

      Easy way. Sticking frame buffer in there.

      Harder way. Using that fast ram for AI routines and constantly swapping out what’s using what.

      Don’t get all high and mighty with me because I was providing a SIMPLIFIED answer.

      Not everyone who visits a website understands how technology works. Jesus Christ.

  • jacksjus

    Good now we won’t have to hear about parity across 5 platforms. No reason this game shouldn’t hit the mark as stated. Hopefully they build the ultimate PC version first and port down. This way we are likely to have the consoles mirror the PC version as closely as possible.


      We can all dream…….. Parity is all these developers seems to want with their games. Completely forgetting the fact that they should program/develop for the highest denominator, but they only look at it as simplicity and cost effectiveness today.

      Why not if you want to make 20 additions to the “original” game you made years ago and still sell them as full fledged games at full price. Not to mention you do this at least every year and sometimes in the same year and still have broken/unbearably horrible gameplay all together because you either rushed the game, or just thought about patching it later….

  • More 1080p for XB1 – Yes!

    • Guest

      Devs keep making claims like this, the reality ends up being different.

    • Not entirely. For the past year since launch most games on XB1 have been targeting sub-1080p but a lot more have been targeting 1080p recently. Probably b/c of the June SDK and growing familiarity with the hardware…

    • Guest

      Uh no.

      There will be plenty of sub-1080p games on Xbox all gen. It’s balanced around 900p.

    • chrisredfield31

      No. As the generation continues, and graphical fidelity goes up, performance goes down and they will have to adjust for that. It gets worse not better.

      Same goes for PC. One or two years you might play something at max settings, then it’s high, then it’s medium, then it’s low and so on.

    • @Guest @chrisredfield31:disqus You guys are a bunch of clowns. You really don’t expect graphical fidelity to improve as the console mature and developers get to know the hardware better? Wow. Why even bother arguing with you both since you don’t even seem to remember the development cycle for games on the PS3 or the PS2 or the XB360? Almost every facet of development gets better as time goes on. Oh wait, forgot, you both aren’t developers. That’s ok, I’m sure you both will keep on nagging others anyway.

    • David

      It really hurts you to see the Xbox doing better doesn’t it lol

    • Guest

      He’s poor and can’t afford anything else.

    • Guest

      Get mental help. It’s not healthy to hate pieces of plastic and people who like playing video games on them.

    • Guest

      You’re really a gullible and ignorant fanboy that believes anything you’re told. DURR WOLFENSTEIN 1080P 60 FPS!!1 PARITY!!1


      Developers need to sell software, they will always downplay differences to sell more games. Gullible delusional fanboys gobble it up every single time.

      “We’re targeting this res and framerate, it should be the same, maybe, possibly, please buy our game.”

      It really hurts you that PS4’s hardware is factually more powerful and will remain that way for the entire generation.

    • David

      Man I feel bad for you lol you won’t even be able to enjoy this enervation because you’ll be crying the whole time. Nobody listens to you dude. The games have looked good all generation. Regardless of resolution and all the other ridiculous things you talk about. And now the xbox had caught up. Just accept it man. It really isn’t that serious.

    • These clowns don’t know jack. I wouldn’t worry about them. They’re self-confidence and sense of self worth and superiority is based on their piece of plastic which tells you all you need to know about them in real life.

    • David

      I already know. I just think it’s funny because this dude trolls on every article that says something positive about the xbox.

    • I was just cracking up b/c his buddy chris was saying he drives a McLaren down below. Hahaha…

    • David

      Lol… He’s a funny guy

    • You should see our conversation now, he’s blowing up, haha…

    • David

      Lol what’s it about

    • He couldn’t prove he owns a McLaren, and now he’s getting personal. Spread the word, he’s more than likely a certified liar willing to say anything on the internet, lol…

    • chrisredfield31

      I posted a picture of my car what more do you want? You’re just moving goalposts which is what you Xbots do. Logical fallacy all the way.

    • You posted a picture of a car but not your car. All this time spent arguing when it takes 2 minutes to printout and take a photo of that printout next to the logo of your car and no one knows your personal details or anything else but proves you have such a fine car in your garage. But no, you chose the hard way arguing petty things and proving that you more than likely don’t own jack squat.

    • chrisredfield31

      Such a fine car also comes with it a fine house. My garage is not like yours. I actually have to get out there, open it up, do all that, then come back to the house. I have a big house I’m not travelling all that distance to prove to some delusional fanboy what I have.

    • David

      Lol that’s hilarious. Why even lie about that

    • Insecurity, who knows. People think they can say anything they want to on the net. I enjoy proving those people wrong if the opportunity presents itself…

    • David

      Yeah people who do that kind of mess over the internet really confuse me

  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    come at me brothers!

  • jent

    I hear the sun is hoping on rising in the next 24 hours or so. I hope it will able to meet its target.

  • Fear Monkey

    60fps is really overrated on a game like this, its great for multiplayer and racing games, but there are games on my PC i play that are 1440p and 30fps and I don’t care if its 60fps. I would rather have the game as lovely as possible at 1080p 30fps than taken down a notch to get that extra 30fps to reach 60.

  • Psionicinversion

    1080p 60 and looking like $h1t and minimal density whereas on PC Ultra settings super mega ultra settings thatll blow the consoles away

    • David

      What is with you PC people? Lol are you that insecure that you have to continually brag about your systems? Nobody is arguing that PCs are stronger. I mean a gaming PC capable of ultra settings can cost up to 4 grand. They should blow 400 dollar consoles out of the water.

    • Psionicinversion

      lol no it doesnt cost 4 grand. Maybe if you were driving 3x 4K monitors, can build ultra setting one for less than £1000. can get 780 for like £350 now that will be the most expensive part

    • David

      Hmmm alright. Touché lol

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    where’s the 50% more power in the PS4?
    and We haven’t even got the full unlock yet!

  • The Wolf 47

    I’m not buying the yearly Assassin’s Creed anymore.
    It’s enough.

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