Assassin’s Creed Unity May Run At 720p On The PS4

The listing on SEN suggests so.

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assassin's creed unity

The official listing for Assassin’s Creed Unity at Sony Entertainment Network currently indicates that the title is expected to run at 720p resolution on the PlayStation 4. As found here, the description clearly indicates that the game outputs 720p HD. This is rather strange since the last game in the series, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag actually ran at 1080p on the PlayStation 4.

Additionally in an interview Ubisoft confirmed to GamingBolt that they are targeting 1080p and 60fps on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now there might be a possibility that this listing may be an error and the developers are still working on the final resolution OR this represents the minimum resolution that is supported by the game. In any case, this should be taken with a grain of salt. On a related note,  upcoming games like Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition have their correct resolutions listed as 1080p.

GamingBolt has reached out to both Sony and Ubisoft regarding this and will update this post when we hear from them. Assassin’s Creed Unity is due this October for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on the game, check out our wiki here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more coverage on Assassin’s Creed Unity.

assassins creed unity 720p ps4

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  • Loghorn

    Anyone who seriously believes this, I just…LOL. You’re all really gullible.

    This is listed as a supported output resolution, not the games native resolution. Look at that back of any current gen game and you will see that as an available resolution. That doesn’t mean that’s the games native resolution, just a supported one for TV’s.

    No way would we have games below 900p so soon. Stop believing everything that you read or hear.

  • OshotOkill

    Whoever believe this is a miracle.

  • supersungin

    oh yes lol

  • Zac

    bait click, so stupid this !@#$

  • Viperbit3

    Really all the Xbox Fan Boys are attacking this site which is most likely giving incorrect information. You guys do know that even if the game really is 720p on the PS4 then it will be 480p on the Xbox one. So stop your lame and pathetic attacks on the PS4. The only reason you are attacking the PS4 is because all of you Xbox owners cannot admit that the PS4 is clearly the better and more superior console and the PS4 will have the better exclusives. The PS4 was build for gamers by gamers.


      You say the PS4 is superior ? But the Xbox One still has the only racer that runs at 1080p natively 60fps, the PS4 was built to play indie games cause that’s all it’s got, it should be called “Indiestation4” lol and the Xbox One clearly has the better games for 2014

    • Ippoletta

      Lol @ this sony employee.

  • Gamerrr

    I think they play it safe because they don’t want to get sued again.

  • Garrison Shields

    Sad thing is, this is the first sniff of good news XBox fanboys have been waiting for since the XBone was announced. The dog piling was bound to happen. *Waves hi to Da-Rooster*


      First sniff of good news? I’ve been injoying the fiasco about Sony getting a class action lawsuit against them for lying about Killzone shadow fall’s resolution and Sony charging custumers insane prices for renting old PS3 games on PlayStation Now
      oh yeah it’s hilarious watching the PS4’s fall from grace


      First sniff of good news? I’ve been injoying the fiasco about Sony getting a class action lawsuit against them for lying about Killzone shadow fall’s resolution and Sony charging consumers insane prices for renting old PS3 games on PlayStation Now, it’s been hilarious watching the PS4’s fall from grace

    • demfax

      They did not lie.
      PSNow will eventually have PS4 games.
      It is disturbing that you “enjoy” any of this.

  • Carl Dav

    Resolution is just a number for fanboy idiots to argue over. I’m more interested in frame rate and graphic fidelity. Watch Dogs ran at 900p and looked great imo. Blacklight ran at 1080p and was pretty bad graphically. Just saying.

  • demfax

    This is a mistake on the PSN store page. They have made this mistake before by listing Trials Fusion and Amazing Spider Man 2 as 720p when they actually ran 1080p.

  • Manoj Varughese

    720p WTH? my 5 year old PC has a competition now.


    Here’s a question to PS4 users only “no PS3 users who wanna be PS4 owners”
    The Xbox One supports 3.0 external hard drives just plug one in into the console and your good to go,the PS4 doesn’t support external hard drives so how do you switch out the PS4’s hard drive while still keeping your game installs/game saves? Please elaborate and no fanboy rants just facts please

  • Don Karam

    I hope you guys realise it is a bit silly to argue about pixel throughput because there are many dodgy ways to raise it easily. For example: lowering the sophistication of the pixel shading, lowering geometric detail, lowering the detail or accuracy or sophistication or amount of physics or AI simulated entities.

    What you really need to know is not the pixel throughput, but which of the 2 new consoles is more powerful computationally. So far, I have not noticed the Xbox One outperform the PlayStation 4 in computational performance although people seem to be acting as though that will be possible someday.


      Some games do run better on the Xbox One vs the PS4, why? I don’t know but this does happen periodically, you can’t argue that

    • Don Karam

      Link please.


      You don’t have to go far Gaming Bolt chose the Xbox One version of EA’s UFC because the Xbox One version has a better frame rate over the PS4 version, Digital foundry said that Strider and Thief looks better on the Xbox One vs the PS4

    • Don Karam

      I’m assuming that sometimes the frame rate is better on the Xbox One only because the PlayStation 4 version of the game is set to a higher screen resolution or something. That doesn’t count because at anytime the game developers can just very easily make a patch to change the screen resolution or make it configurable, and then if the resolutions were set to the same on both consoles, then I’m quite certain you would see that the frame rate is better on the PlayStation 4 version possibly every time.

      You cannot just judge something as better because of a higher frame rate; you have to ask if there were any sacrifices (like I mentioned before) made on one version to achieve that. It doesn’t prove the Xbox One is superior computationally.

      Old PC games now run at a higher frame rate than new PC games. That doesn’t mean old PC games were better programmed or designed.

    • demfax

      PS4 version of UFC has 4x MSAA, better shadow quality, better ambient occlusion, and better motion blur. Very rare framedrops from 30 to 29 FPS (basically unnoticeable unless you’re using a framecounter), which are mostly during cutscenes anyway.


    So far no one who owns a PS4 has answered my question so i’ll repeat it
    PS4 doesn’t support external hard drives so how do you switch out the PS4’s hard drive while still keeping your game installs and saves?

    Please elaborate

    • Geino

      Don’t know the procedure to keep the installs and your game saves back up to online storage automatically.


      Maybe your saves but the installs don’t save in the cloud, so when you switch out the PS4’s internal hard drive you will have to reinstall all your games and your dlc,
      do you even own a PS4?

    • Geino

      I didn’t say the game installs went to the cloud dude do you even read? Lol the game saves go to the cloud. I’m not 100% sure you have to redownload the game installs and DLC, I don’t know the procedure on PS4. It may be similar to how it was on PS3. I haven’t tried or researched that yet.

      Its a cool feature of x1 to be able to plug up an external HDD to update the storage. I personally prefer just swapping out the internal. Yes, we know and understand you want us to know the x1 has something the PS4 doesnt. But guess what? That goes both ways.

      I own a Xbox One and PS4.

    • Guest

      You can’t. Only by manually copying stuff to and from USB sticks. The PoS4!

  • Convergence87

    i blame xb1

  • haXona94

    Psn and Xbox live has always shown the output and not the native resolution and its been like that forever even if the game is a 600p game or 900p. This is BF4 on PS4 for example:

    • haXona94

      Ohh missed the screenshot.

      Either way the guy at Sony who was writing the info probably hit enter to early

  • All I know is they can show up to several thousand characters on screen at once, that’s got to take a toll somewhere. Still 720 seems too low for a next-gen game. I bet this is more than likely just a placeholder…

  • justerthought

    This is wrong. No way should we be going backwards. AC4 was 1080p 30fps and the graphics were awesome. I’m expecting 1080p 30fps with added detail or 1080p 60fps with same detail. Definitely not 720p. Maybe the XB1 has been dropped to 720p so it can display the eye candy they have in mind for Unity. The PS4 should have no problem.

    • Guest

      Sony = lies, overhype and underdeliver.

  • Guest

    Sony PaupRstation Foul. Such next gen. Sony = lies, overhype and underdeliver.

  • BlowinStankBud

    Hahahahaha to all the people that can’t afford both consoles and then bash the one they don’t have to make them feel better that they are to lazy to get off there a**, make some money and buy both. Real gamers play games. The games are on multiple systems. For those who don’t support both systems and claim superiority… enjoy missing out. Also Wii U is a great console also if you like the first party games they offer (the list is getting pretty good). I will continue to enjoy reading and laughing at your ridiculous comments on all these gaming websites while enjoying ALL the exclusive console games. As well as picking and choosing where to play third party games… because ALL the consoles are good. Get over it.

    • Don Karam

      Even if everyone has all 3 consoles, they may still need to come to discussions to know which console is best for multi-platform games. Also, they may need to come to discussions to try to determine if a game will not be exclusive forever, and therefore know if they should wait to get the better version of a currently exclusive game.

    • BlowinStankBud

      Totally agree, need to find out all them things plus more.


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